Author: Jack Burns
Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered the chemical, ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, in the 1930s. One of Vitamin C’s chief advocates, who won twice the Nobel (Chemistry and Peace), was Linus Pauling. Pauling advocated for high doses of Vitamin C to treat various illnesses, including cancer, but was ridiculed by doctors and scientists alike when he claimed it could help prevent cancer. In fact, an essay entitled “The Dark Side of Linus Pauling’s Legacy”, written by psychiatrist and anti-quackery advocate Stephen Barrett, M.D., claimed, “Pauling is largely responsible for the widespread misbelief that high doses of vitamin C are effective against colds and other illnesses.”

 Author: Daily Superfood Love
I know the pain and frustration of carrying around weight you don’t want and how your body rebels against.

 Author: Salman Rafi Sheikh
It ‘says’ a lot yet it ridiculously fails to say enough. A lot of talk following the report has focused on what it says, leaving the people obscure to what it doesn’t say. Interestingly enough, even a cursory look at the joint report of the CIA, FBI and NSA released on January 7, 2017, would suffice to show how deeply flawed and least supported by evidences that document is. While it claims to “assess” Russian involvement in the US presidential elections, it goes onto pass judgement on Russia and finds it, quite conveniently, guilty. A deeper look, however, would show that this report, far from a piece of investigation, serves the purpose of propaganda aimed at defaming Russia. A part of the US “disinformation campaign” as this report is, it equally passes, ironically though, a judgement on how weak, fragile, hollow, vulnerable and easily “hackable” the entire US election process is. Hence, the “death of democracy” in the US—a country that although claims to be the world’s best democracy yet is finding it difficult to come to terms with Trump’s democratic election victory, which is a direct result of Obama’s extremely poor performance as the US president.

 Author: Brandon Turbeville
It is clear that Americans were able to avoid the worst-case scenario of a Hillary Clinton presidency. However, the 2016 elections provided the country with the Presidency of Donald Trump. While the surprise was not unwelcome considering the other option, Trump supporters are now being faced with some difficult questions as he nears actually taking office.

 Author: Ariana Marisol
Everyone has a sweet tooth. But choosing the sweet option could be the difference between life and death.

 Author: Aaron and Melissa Dykes
Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective at 12:01 pm right in the middle of the ceremony — the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

 Author: Alice Salles
EpiPen, the life-saving device designed to deliver doses of epinephrine during allergic reactions, has become a controversial piece of equipment — not because of its efficacy or importance, but because of its cost.

 Author: Vandita
Since we expect a president — aided by advisors and Congress, of course — to ultimately make decisions in an environment that is far too complicated for any one person, democracy as we know it is failing.

 Author: Michelle Goldstein
It’s that time of year: flu season. Pharmacies are advertising their flu shots. Medical groups and physicians urge patients to get their vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone get vaccinated, including newborns, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

 Author: Admintam
While Carl Icahn infamously made a killing following the “surprise” Trump election, another prominent hedge fund manager was not nearly as lucky. According to the WSJ, “George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election.”

 Author: Claire Bernish
Thanks to CNN and BuzzFeed, a war now rages among corporate media outlets, a true study in irony, as the New York Times and Guardian hurl accusations the two outlets are guilty of publishing Fake News — the same Fake News all of the aforementioned have cited in unabashed attempts to discredit legitimate alternative media.

 Author: Vandita
A list of some of the brutally honest things women in their 20s must do to live their life on their own terms; add more fun, passion, excitement, and adventure to their youthful decade, and be on top of the world.

 Author: Atreyee Chowdhury
There are many levels and types of intelligence. Broad categories define different levels of intelligence. Life Hack puts together two columns to specify 8 essential differences between Wise People and Smart people based on how they work in different circumstances.

 Author: Atreyee Chowdhury
Our brain is wired to evaluate and judge the behaviours and gestures of other people. This is essentially a survival mechanism that tries to filter likeable people from unlikeable ones.