Author: Amanda Froelich
Tech company Apple just announced its vision to make all products from recycled materials.

 Author: Kalee Brown
If you can believe it, one in three adult Americans is at risk of kidney disease. Responsible for removing waste products and excess fluids from the body, healthy kidneys are essential for optimal body function. In today’s world, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid toxins — from food, from consumer products, and from the very environment in which we live — healthy kidneys are crucial for detoxification.

 Author: Staff Reporter
According to leading financial educator and property millionaire Jamie McIntyre, simple strategies such as adding a granny flat are quietly making investors solid returns.

 Author: James Holbrooks
Highlighting the phenomenon of the “rally effect” — the surge in popular support presidents can receive in times of geopolitical crisis — one media outlet just drew attention to the fact that Donald Trump is seeing a bump in his approval ratings since his recent flexing of military muscle.

 Author: Rosanne Lindsay
Medical Freedom is at risk in every state of the nation under vaccine mandates.

 Author: Jay Syrmopoulos
A clandestine CIA counter-terrorism officer, Amaryllis Fox, currently in the process of getting her cover rolled back, spoke publicly for the first time with Al Jazeera Plus (AJ+) regarding her experience as a counter-terrorism agent, and the insights she gained into the mind of the enemy.

 Author: Claire Bernish
Newly disclosed documents prove Allied forces in World War II were fully cognizant of the mass murders and torturous human rights violations in the Holocaust — and the full scope of those atrocities — committed by Adolf Hitler’s fascist Nazis, nearly three years before joining the fight.

 Author: Organic and Healthy
Our bodies have a knack for telling us when something is wrong – but that only works if we catch the signals. Fortunately, we’re here to explain what your eyes may be trying to tell you.

 Author: Tess Pennington
When the SHTF and a medical situation does occur simultaneously, things can go to absolute turmoil very quickly. Most medical situations that will arise during this time may not be considered life threatening, but can quickly become one if not appropriately treated. For instance, a simple cut that makes contact with tainted water (a very typical scenario following floods and hurricanes) can quickly become infected. That said, as preppers we need to prepare for medical emergencies and not only learn basic first aid, but also know how to use natural alternatives to care for the wounds themselves.

 Author: Justin Gardner
In May 2004, one year after the U.S. commenced a full-scale invasion of Iraq, the New York Times issued a half-baked apology for its abysmal coverage of the “intelligence” used to convince America that Iraq was a threat.

 Author: Catherine J Frompovich
Is there a “cause and correlation” effect relative to children’s chronic health issues surrounding the overwhelmingly accelerating negative health demographics seemingly related following the inordinate mandated number of multi-valent vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as administered by pediatricians since the 1990s?

 Author: Claire Bernish
Leaked documents now reveal a plan by search engine behemoth Google to censor alternative media through the blatant suppression of search results — and, for all intents and purposes, the censoring appears part of the political establishment’s plan to quash dissent.

 Author: AnonWatcher
Emma Morano, the world’s oldest person has died, aged 117. Ignoring current medical advice, Morano followed advice given to her when she was 20 and outlived everyone.

 Author: Robert Olivia
Looking for a reason to exercise? How does cancer prevention and treatment sound?