12 Ways to Boost Your Energy without a Coffee

12 Ways to Boost Your Energy without a Coffee

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12 Ways to Boost Your Energy without a Coffee
Coffee has always been the easy answer for getting that boost of energy during the day. But having a lot of coffee comes with its own share of negative side effects, as stated by a motto article.

Doctors from Mayo Clinic believe that “heavy caffeine use can cause unpleasant side effects”. Even if you consume less than the four cups limit, the energy you gain from caffeine wears off after a few hours.

That’s why more and more people are cutting caffeine from their diets. Therefore, it’s best to explore other sources of energy and ways to stay alert through the day.

1. Grab a power nap

Research from the Journal of Sleep Research shows that six-minute naps can improve a person’s recall memory. Another NASA study demonstrated that out of 747 pilots, those who took a 40-minute nap showed an increase of 16% to 34% in vigilance performance.

It’s clear that scientific research backs claims of a short naps being more effective as an energy booster than caffeine.

2. Have a healthy snack

Foods that cause a spike in sugar and insulin only makes you feel more tired afterwards. Large meals can also make you sleepy and foggy due to the energy required to digest the food.

According to Orfeu Buxton, a professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, one should stay away from simple carbs and sugar when experiencing low energy. Instead, find some nutritious options like whole grains, protein or fruit.

3. Stay hydrated

When you are not hydrated, you tend to feel reduced motivation and more exhaustion. According to an NCBI study, being dehydrated as little as 2% of your body’s water content will affect physical performance – this is because almost 60% of our bodies are composed of water.

4. Look up funny animal videos online

A 2015 study from Computers in Human Behavior found that cat video enthusiasts felt relaxed and had increased energy levels upon watching cat videos online.

5. Go outdoors

Going outside can influence your mood and reenergize your body during the day. According to research, bright light activates the hypothalamus – that part of the brain that regulates wakefulness and sleep.

6. Take deep breaths

Deep breathing can reduce your anxiety and stress levels, leading to increased immunity and energy levels. In particular, deep belly breathing results in the most benefits.

7. Play some music

A 2011 study showed that people who listened to some music experienced heightened pleasure from feel-good chemicals like dopamine. Music can improve your mood, distract your mind and reenergize you when you need some energy.

8. Chew gum

Some research has suggested that chewing gum can help you tackle daytime lethargy, as it increases circulation.

9. Take a walk or dance

Any form of exercise can alleviate feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Dancing or walking can get those endorphins flowing!

10. Laughing helps

Humor can help you get that energy boost you need, according to a study that showed college students feeling more energetic when they watched 12 minute clips of comedy.

11. Rosemary

Sniffing some rosemary helps people feel more alert and less tired.

12. Look away from the screen

Gaze at a distant object every couple minutes when you are working on your computer. Looking at one target is often a reason why you may feel eye strain or irritation.



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