16 More Ways to improve Australia by 21st Century Australia Political Party and Think Tank

16 More Ways to improve Australia by 21st Century Australia Political Party and Think Tank

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Adding to its 25-point plan released in 2013 and it’s 21 policies in 2016, 21st Century Australia’s founder Jamie McIntyre has released further policies. 

1. Apart from the removal of State Governments, voters being able to vote online and direct vote for major policy, the think tank wants three year terms extended to minimum four year terms to avoid the lack of action from the constant campaigning.

2. Total Tax Reform including modelling of the 2% Debit Tax.

3. A Royal Commission into vaccinations and due compensation paid to parents whose children have been damaged by unsafe and often ineffective vaccines. The Government must ensure that vaccines are both safe and effective and demand compensation from Big Pharma for faulty and dangerous vaccines.

4. This to be extended to the use of dangerous and largely ineffective cancer treatments such as ‘chemotherapy’, which is believed to have killed more patients than saved.

5. A fee levied on the pharmaceutical industry to fund Government funding of studies into vaccines, chemotherapy and other dangerous drugs to reduce the medical fraud that exists in Big Pharma funded studies, which are partial and biased.

6. Immigration

Apart from introducing a visa tax to raise $15 billion per year and rapid expansion of the high net worth Visa Program to rapidly grow the start-up sector, there is need for an immigration policy for countries that assimilate more easily with our country’s values.

Australia has the right to decide who migrates to our country and only those who are willing to adopt Australian values should be accepted.

Immigration is good for Australia and necessary to increase productive workers before the number of elderly dwarf the Australian work force and make pensions unviable.

7. Foreign Capital is welcome and good for Australia, however, we don’t support Foreign Control.

8. Energy

Mandated including retrospectively that all energy projects must provide a minimum of 5% of production to Australia’s domestic market at wholesale rates for the right to access and export our energy.

9.Climate Change and Renewable Energies

We accept that the science on Climate Change is in dispute and debatable. However, this is not to stop the push for renewable energy, as what isn’t debatable is the fact that humans are damaging our environment.

Coal Mining Companies must pay a levy per tonne to either their own Renewable Energy Fund to ensure they become a Renewable Energy Company in the future, or pay it to a government Renewable Energy Fund.

Renewable Energy targets should be realistic and pragmatic, as to not cause energy crisis during the renewable energy transition. Investment into Energy Storing would speed up the viability and reliability of renewable energies.

10. Foreign Policy

We should have a more Independent Foreign Policy, which is less reliant on the US. We must only support the US if and when it lives up to our shared values of exporting democracy and defending human freedoms.

We are no longer to support the US in the funding of terrorist groups and their proxy wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine amongst others.

We should develop closer ties with the BRIC Nations, especially Russia and China.

There is no reason we shouldn’t seek closer ties with these nations. It’s important to let go of the previous US foreign Policy of trying to demonise nations such as Russia to support large US Military and NATO spending.

11. Tiered company Tax System

Smaller companies’ 15% tax rate under $1 million profit to encourage start-up entrepreneurs and assist in changing Australia’s risk averse culture to increase innovation and more self-reliance.

Top tax rate of 30% lowered by 1% per year for the next decade to attract investment and jobs.

12. The Federal Budget to be placed in the hands of an independent board comprising the best experts in the country, and not just politicians. No more than 90% of the budget should be used
to fund the budget for reoccurring expenditure.

The remaining 10% to be used to repay debt, fund additional infrastructure or stimulus when needed or grow a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

13. Introduce E Government to local Councils, E Health and Education to slash Government Costs and increase services for less outlay.

Government Departments to be run with private sector efficiencies and productivity. Staff to be incentivised with productivity gains.

14. Ban all large companies and unions from making political donations, as it causes corruption in our political process.

15. Media Laws changed

Mainstream Media has proven to be a direct threat to democracy, as seen with their bias in the latest US Elections and their attempted deception to stop the people’s choice in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Mainstream Media will be required to state clear disclaimers such as ‘what you read or watch may often be purported as news but could in fact just be bias, false or subtly deceptive information to serve agendas of our corporate owners or other agendas of our editors’.

Also, powers of ACCC should be increased to fine media outlets if they provide fake and misleading news without proper disclaimers.

This will reduce MSM’s ability to mislead and distort the truth and stop news providers from being able to do so without consequence for their actions.

This would include changes to defamation laws to make it easier for those defamed by MSM to seek compensation and apologies.

16 . Housing Affordability

The Government must acknowledge that we have a supply problem and enforce Councils to release more land.

It must also recognise and encourage financial innovation that has been blocked and stopped by biased, prejudiced and overzealous Government Departments that restrict retail investors from being able to invest into land with patient capital such as SMSF for future potential development to increase supply.

Jamie McIntyre is the founder and leader of 21st Century Australia  




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