17 Things To Do When You Are Too Exhausted To Work

17 Things To Do When You Are Too Exhausted To Work

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1 wxhaustedeHumans aren’t machines and having performance issues is quite normal.

Even very motivated and enthusiastic people hit their limit on a busy day at work.

Business Insider revealed 7 things you can do when you feel you are too drained to work anymore.

Watching Funny Videos

Try watching something funny when you feel too tired. Research has suggested that humour has certain mentally rejuvenating effects that will ultimately make you productive and shell out better work.

Take Some Time Off in a Dark Room

Although it might sound creepy, Business Insider begs to differ.

“Writing on PsychologyToday.com, Alice Boyes recommends reducing sensory input as a way to recharge. If you can’t sneak away to a dark, silent room right now, Boyes also says you can take smaller steps throughout the day to minimise sensory input, such as putting in headphones on the subway.

“Presumably, when you’re feeling drained, you can simply sit at your desk, close your eyes, plug in your headphones, and listen to some white noise.”

Think about the Bigger Picture

Shana Lebowitz reports, “Sometimes it helps to take a step back. In “The Happiness Track,” Emma Seppala, science director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, suggests remembering the big picture, or your motivation for joining this organisation.

She writes: “Focus on the why rather than the how of a task or job. Understanding how your work connects to what you care about and to your values will restore your energy.”

Move Around a Bit

If you don’t have enough time for a gym class, a walk around the office or a jog on a flight of stairs could also make a huge impact.

New York Times has cited research that has concluded that walking has a huge impact on mood and stress levels.

Lebowitz writes, “Those findings support something psychologist Ron Friedman previously told Business Insider — that physical activity gives you energy, gets your blood flowing, elevates your heart rate, and boosts your mood, all of which helps make you more productive.”


Brainstorming can be really effective if you choose another kind of work than what you have been previously doing. A study has also concluded that mental exhaustion can sometimes also lead to brilliance because of lowered inhibitions.

Track Your Progress

Keep a track of your development, even small wins can often be motivating. Lebowitz cites, “…according to Teresa Amabile and Steven J. Kramer, authors of “The Progress Principle.” As they write in The Harvard Business Review, making meaningful progress on your work — even if it’s just accomplishing one task out of many — motivates people to be more productive.

“One way to harness the power of small wins is to craft a “done list,” which features everything you’ve completed that day. Review it and see how far you’ve come — it could be just the kick in the pants you need to accomplish everything else left.”

Take a Break

This is more of a precautionary measure.

Although a lot of us take breaks during the latter half of the day, research has suggested that early breaks are more likely to replenish productivity throughout the day. So take a break early to keep your productivity high.





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