21st Century Australia Party To Run Against Barnaby Joyce In New England Elections

21st Century Australia Party To Run Against Barnaby Joyce In New England Elections

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Jamie McIntyre exposes ASIC

21st Century Australia Party has announced that it will be running against Barnaby Joyce in the upcoming New England by-elections.

A recent judgment by the High Court of Australia, which found current New England MP and deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce ineligible to sit in the Parliament of Australia due to his New Zealand citizenship has triggered a by-election for the seat of New England to be held on December 2nd, 2017.

It has also been reported that former independent member Tony Windsor, who retired at the 2013 election but contested the seat against Joyce in 2016, announced he would not be nominating as a candidate in the by-election.  Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers have also announced they will not run. While it is confirmed that a candidate from 21st Century Australia will be contesting for the seat, rumours strongly suggest that Jamie McIntyre, founder of the party who ran against Mr Joyce in the 2013 elections will be the running candidate this year as well.

Founded in 2013 by McIntyre, 21st Century Australia released a 25-point plan outlining it’s policies. The 25-point blue print has been well received and many of its ideas have been implemented and considered since. The party’s policy plan includes the need to grow a Sovereign Wealth Fund, build a fast train network to boost regional Australia, have an independent foreign policy, eliminate unemployment, focus on the growth of small businesses and start-ups and remove mandatory vaccinations, amongst other key issues.

Read the full the 25 point policy here. 

McIntyre said, “Australia needs better quality politicians, especially ones with real life experience outside of the unions or political party staff”. However, after he was routinely attacked since 2013 by Fairfax Media simply for putting forward public policy ideas to improve the country and launching a new political party, he says he understands why few entrepreneurs or those that have built organisations and employed significant people simply can’t be enticed to enter politics.

McIntyre has been targeted by Fairfax Media ever since he launched the party with fake stories planted by The Age claiming he lost investors’ money in land banking- despite the evidence showing no losses had occurred until Labor Senator Sam Dastyari abused his position to demand ASIC to destroy his companies based on sham allegations.

McIntyre went on to expose the conspiracy between Dastyari and ASIC in 2015 when he stated that ASIC was planning to destroy the investments to frame him for the losses and destroy the funding for his political party.

Labor had the most to lose by the rise of a new credible third party, as the 21st Century Australia made it clear that it would preference against Labor as long as Labor was funded by corrupt unions.

The AEC took deliberate steps to delay 21st Century Australia’s party registration for the 2013 election and McIntyre was forced to run as an Independent at the last moment. However, he outpolled Labor and the Greens and also out voted both Labor and Greens even as an Independent.

His party was polling at close to 20% of the vote before he was forced to run as an Independent.

Many National voters said they would have happily voted for his party, but didn’t want to risk Labor winning the 2013 election had Nationals lost the vote.

Tony Windsor falsely claimed at the time that McIntyre was a stooge for Barnaby Joyce and ran simply to preference voters away from Windsor, who he believes betrayed the nation when he put Labor leader Gillard in power despite 93% of New England voters voting against Labor.

The party is yet to announce the name of their candidate, but many suspect that McIntyre himself may run.

He was born and raised in Glen Innes, New England and his Facebook posts showed him on his family farm near Glen Innes over the weekend when the High Court decision was announced.

Jamie McIntyre’s lawyers are also preparing a defamation claim excess of $20 million against Fairfax for continued character assassination for political purposes, planting fake news stories and falsely claiming that he was ‘bankrupted this year’, despite them knowing this was false and damaging information, considering his career as a financial educator and best-selling author.

In an interview with ANR regarding his policies, McIntyre said, “Australia needs to become better at risk taking and respect entrepreneurship more, in order to succeed on a global stage. Many talented Australians leave, as the culture in Australia is very risk adverse and entrepreneurs are routinely targeted by certain anti-business media such as Fairfax.

“It’s not a crime to start a business and fail. That’s what it often takes to succeed and here in Australia if anyone fails, they are treated like a criminal. It’s an embarrassment to our nation.

“Australia should also focus on increased funding for Research and Development to improve its technological opportunities and increase productivity and efficiencies. It should move to E-Councils, E-Government and E-Health to slash the massive wastage of government expenses.

“We are a welfare state breeding too many welfare addicts and that’s a serious long-term problem.

“We need to embrace China more and pivot away from the US. Also, why not be friends with Russia as well as other Bric nations? As the US declines, its policies leave the country more isolated. We should hedge our bets before the US dollar gets dumped as the Reserve Currency and recalibrate towards the future world power.

“China is the future world leader and offers Australia tremendous wealth opportunities. There is only one thing worse than China wanting to invest so much in Australia, and that is if China decides it no longer does. We should not fear their massive financial investments, but see it as an opportunity and welcome it while it’s on offer.

“Foreign investment is good for Australia. Foreign control is the issue and let’s face it, we gave up control to America a long time ago, so more Chinese influence would be a good counter balance.

“We should focus on our strengths more and not just rely on the luck of Iron Ore prices.

“Voting for Rudd Government in 07 will turn out to be one of Australia’s worst political decisions, as we blew our commodities fortune.

“Bring back Peter Costello I say. We need to be much more fiscally disciplined and not spend money like a drunken sailor- as Labor will do again under Shorten”, he said.

McIntyre went on to explain:

“We should build a large Sovereign Wealth Fund to rival Norway’s. NBN was a waste of money like I warned it would be. It should have been built by the private sector at zero cost to taxpayers. Taxpayers have paid over $50 billion for something equivalent to dial up speed that we get to pay for again every month. It is a disaster. Third world nations have faster internet speed.

“Just like third world nations have a fast train and Australia has talked about it since 1964 and stated it would take 26 years to build it from Melbourne to Brisbane and cost $160 billion. It took China 7 years to build the same distance, so why not let them come and build it for $30 billion?

“Half of what we wasted on the Broadband means we could have had a fast train from Melbourne to Brisbane by now, regional Australia would have been transformed forever and housing affordability would have been addressed.

“I put forward a submission to the Senate Hearing regarding how property options for land banking could solve the housing affordability crisis, but Senator Xenophon and Senator Sam Dastyari didn’t have the Financial IQ to comprehend it and were just interested in smearing a political rival and destroying a new political party than focusing on what’s best for the nation. I was so embarrassed for Australia because it has such a low level of financial intelligence amongst many of its politicians. It’s a disgrace the way they behave by focusing on their self-interest instead of what’s best for the nation. Like my grandfather used to say- ‘they are like pigs at the trough’, he said.

McIntyre further explained:

“There should also be a Royal Commission into the vaccine industry and due compensation paid to the hundreds of thousands of damaged children because of an over aggressive vaccine mandate pushed by vaccine manufacturers selling faulty vaccines for bottom line profits.

“This will become a huge political issue in years to come. Simply wait and see as damage claims rise massively. Health Ministers should face fines and jail if they keep lying to Australians that vaccines are safe and effective when they are neither. Governments are meant to protect the people and not bottom line profits of Big Pharma who have seen vaccine revenue jump from $5 billion to estimated $49 billion next year in the last decade.

“That’s a hell of a lot more vaccines being pushed on the public we didn’t have years ago nor needed. My dad got 1 Vaccine as a child, I got 6, yet poor babies today get 69 doses by age 18.

“Measles wasn’t anything to fear in the 1970s and wouldn’t even make the student newspaper if students got it. Yet, now it makes the front page of the ‘Australian’ newspaper if some child gets measles. Sounds like massive scare mongering to sell dodgy vaccines at massive profits”.

On homelessness, he said:

“It’s true, capitalism is failing many. There is zero excuse for a single person to be homeless in Australia. The Government could build low cost housing for a small investment, especially with pre-fab homes these days from China. I support a Universal Basic Income, as does Mark Zuckerberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger and also Elon Musk. Musk along with Richard Branson are my business mentors that I look up to and Arnold Schwarzenegger as someone I admire politically”.

McIntyre hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2013 at his large scale Financial Education Summits.

“I can’t stand corruption including in Government agencies and unions. Politicians need to have more courage and stand up to the corrupt factions.

“The ASIC should be made to compensate the hundreds of millions it has caused in losses to Australian investors and laws should be changed to stop them from abusing their power for political purposes that ensure they can never act against the interests of investors ever again by deliberately destroying investments to win court cases

“They have done this ever since they lost their case against Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metals when they realised that without investor losses the court wouldn’t rule in their favour. This is why they deliberately cause losses to frame their targets to show judges that there have been losses.

“Former Chairman of ASIC, Greg Medcraft, moving on can only be a good thing and perhaps a more honest and transparent culture can be brought into the government agency”.

McIntyre also says, Australia needs better leadership and must dump the two major parties if they want change.

“Voters have to support new parties or be forever stuck with the status quo they whinge about. Australia is a lucky country but mainly because of luck, not good management. Many say Australia is a nice place to live, but no good for business due to the massive red tape and anti-business culture. We need to eliminate red tape”, he explains.

On immigration McIntyre said:

“We should accept only the best of the best who will add value to Australia. Quality controlled immigration is good for the nation and asking new immigrants to respect our values and customs should be standard. The Burka should be banned in public, as we should never be so politically correct that we support the suppression of women”.

He went on to state:

“It’s a complete joke that Australia has some of the world’s most expensive electricity. It’s now becoming a luxury item.

“We need to move on from legacy outdated energy such as fossil fuel. We should have invested years ago in zero emission Nuclear Energy. And now we should be focused on solar and battery farms such as what Elon Musk is building in SA.

“The coal lobby is holding back our nation. Yes, it has an interim role to play till renewables take over, however, we should be investing way more into renewables as this is the future. Coal has had its day”, said McIntyre

Visit 21stCenturyAustralia.Com to read its 25-point policy in detail.



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