5 Decisions That Could Instantly Make You Happy

5 Decisions That Could Instantly Make You Happy

0 Reads  By: Atreyee Chowdhury

1 gratefulMost of our happiness goals are set for the future. We think that some events that may happen in the future will make us happy, but we forget to be happy today.

You can try these mental hacks to make yourself happier right now:

Think of the World as a Friendly Place

Einstein once said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

This mind set makes you more accepting of daily circumstances. For example, if someone cuts in line or steals your cab, you can perhaps choose to think that the person is genuinely in a hurry, rather than believing that he/she was trying to obstruct you for selfish reasons.

This perspective has a more calming effect. Researchers have confirmed that 40% of our mood is upon us, and we can make a choice to be happy.

Be Grateful for Three Things

Note down three things in your life that make grateful. This act could have a very positive effect on you and also regulate high blood pressure, and address abandonment issues.

Treat Yourself Kindly

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Instead, use positive pep talk when you are feeling low and unwanted. Always remind yourself of your worth, accomplishments and talents.

Don’t Try to ‘Be Happy’

A balanced life is one of the main reasons of happiness. Forcing yourself to smile all the time will never make you happy. Try activities that make you feel content rather than trying to attain the feeling in itself.

Have a Clean Slate

Everybody has done stuff they don’t feel good about. If you have made mistakes that make you restless, then confront those emotions and deal with them in a positive way. Forgive yourself. This will help you attain the calmness of mind required to be happy.




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