7 Reasons That Explain Why Lazy People Tend To Be More Successful

7 Reasons That Explain Why Lazy People Tend To Be More Successful

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Lazy People
We have been conditioned to believe that laziness is a vice. From early childhood we are taught that only those who toil day and night are able to achieve any semblance of success.

However, if you delve into the lives of those who made significant contributions in the history of mankind, you will be surprised to see that many of them were pretty lazy.

Adam Mann, a Freelance Writer and Editor for Lifehack points out the top seven reasons explaining why lazy people are sometimes more successful than others.

  1. They are creative. Lazy people hate monotony and always find ways to get things done faster. They are creative when it comes to organizing their work and tend to automate tasks that are repetitive. They are always looking for ways to make their life easier. Perhaps laziness led to the invention of the digging machine or the vacuum cleaner among other major inventions.
  2. They are relaxed. They worry less and don’t jump from one task to another. Multitasking often leads to mistakes, as attention gets divided and there is less commitment to the task at hand. Lazy people take their time to finish one task and then begin a new one.
  3. They know when to let go. You need energy to fulfill your major plans. If you strain yourself doing menial chores, you’ll have no energy left for the one big thing you want to achieve. Therefore, it is important to relax from time to time and focus on priorities before anything else.
  4. They are enterprising. Innovative and enterprising, the lazy are often able to think more clearly than others since their mind is not over crowded with responsibilities and too many thoughts. They tend to plan something that will produce sure shot results, as they won’t be willing to try and then fail.
  5. They have a clear vision of their goals. Yes, they do because they don’t have the energy to go beating around the bush. They are too lazy to pay attention to what others are saying or doing.
  6. They are undoubtedly clever. Lazy people are often smart enough to figure out effective methods of shortening the so-called 8-hour work day. Therefore, they are clever enough to produce more results with less effort. In fact, a worker who is both smart and lazy is exactly what any company needs!
  7. They make the most of technologies that allow them be lazy. We live a world where apps and technology have simplified many mundane chores. Lazy people stay up-to-date on technologies that help them get their work done faster. So instead of mailing a document, they are likely to share it on Google Doc so that people can access it instantly. It saves time and turns out to be more effective in the big-picture.

Adam uses the examples of Darwin and Marx to explain how lazy they were, even though both individuals made a mark in human history, changing the way we view mankind. After analyzing more than 1000 people, American Professor Arnold Ludwig also said that in order to achieve something major, one must know how to waste time, even if they are considerably talented.



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