Australia could host 2022 World Cup

Australia could host 2022 World Cup

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After the FBI confirmed it is currently investigating FIFA president Sepp Blatter, among others, Australia is ready to host the 2022 World Cup if the international event is stripped from Qatar over corruption accusations.

Although the original bid had Sydney down to host the FIFA final at Stadium Australia, Victorian Sports Minister John Eren believes “the sporting capital of the world” should be the main event’s organiser. Mr Eren told reporters on Thursday that Melbourne’s experience hosting a handful of events, including the Asian Cup, the Grand Prix, the Australian Open and the Cricket World Cup proves it can handle massive crowds. “We are prepared to take on that challenge,” said the Victorian Sports Ministers as he promised that, for Melbourne, “it comes easy.”

Mr Eren added that he did not expect more money would need to be spent on the attempt to win the cup again, but he did say that both transport and infrastructure need some fine tuning to get them ready.

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Mike Baird promised he would do whatever was necessary to bring the World Cup to Sydney, if the tournament was stripped from Qatar.

Michael Brown, CEO of the Asian Cup tournament hosted [and won] by Australia in January told Fairfax Media that Australia could host the 2022 World Cup and explained that the country has “to continue to attract major events.”



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