Bitcoin, Amazon, Property and Airbnb Is The Best Way For The Average Person To Get Ahead, Says Self-Made Millionaire Investor

Bitcoin, Amazon, Property and Airbnb Is The Best Way For The Average Person To Get Ahead, Says Self-Made Millionaire Investor

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Self-made millionaire investor says “holding bitcoin, selling something on Amazon and investing profits into property to rent on Airbnb, are the best ways for the average person to get ahead”

ANR interviewed self-made millionaire and financial educator Jamie McIntyre on what’s hot for creating wealth right now and what an average person can do to get ahead.

He said he told his followers years ago to ‘buy gold when it was $200 an ounce and it went almost ten-fold to $2000’.

McIntyre told them to sell Gold and buy Bitcoin, like he did back in 2013 when the cryptocurrency was valued at $120, as he felt it was a key price to suggest it would go to a minimum $10,000 and possibly even $100,000 someday.

Bitcoin just hit almost $9000 AUD in recent days. Those that listened to him did well.

Even those that only took notice in recent months have seen their money more than double.

He says, it’s still worth investing what you can afford to lose as a hedge because in the long-term Bitcoin can hit $100,000 or possibly more per coin.

1% of portfolios will go into Bitcoin at least- and that is enough for $100,000 price point.

McIntyre explains:

“It’s a case of buy some and forget about it. For cash flow, start an Amazon business now, especially with Amazon coming to Australia soon”.

He has friends making a killing with it who have now retired and are now travelling the world.

“It takes about 6-12 months generally to get good at it and making some decent money. It’s the future and it’s so exciting, especially now that the average person on the street can compete equally with large multi-nationals on the same platform.

“Don’t forget ‘Shopify’ or ‘Catch’ either, which are some other key platforms to sell on”, said McIntyre.

He also said, “take your profits and buy Australian real estate and put it on Airbnb or Stayz. You can earn double to triple the returns than leasing to long-term tenants, especially if you know the best cities and suburbs that work well in Australia and globally”.

He also told investors to buy US property in 2010 at the bottom of the market, which also was a very profitable move with US property having recovered rapidly since. Miami apartments and Phoenix houses were going for approximately $50,000 at the time. Now they are worth $200-$300,000.

He said procrastination is the biggest killer, followed by poor execution.

“So many people say- should have, could have or wish I had… However, it’s not too late. The best way to stop procrastinating is by paying someone right now to do so. Pay someone to open up a Bitcoin wallet and buy you Bitcoin, so you can’t delay anymore. Pay someone to open up your Amazon account and find you a product and set it up for you. Pay for a service to find you the best Airbnb property in the suburbs and cities that work while they negotiate and manage those properties for you”.

He said, “that’s what I did. I was busy, so I paid people a small fee to open accounts and get things done for me. Otherwise, we all get too busy and don’t get around to it and we miss out on fortunes.

“There are services that are inexpensive and will set all these accounts up for you and get you started to prevent you from failing to act because you’re too busy”.

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