Breaking: Mainstream media’s credibility crushed as Trump emerges victorious

Breaking: Mainstream media’s credibility crushed as Trump emerges victorious

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Following what many would call a contentious election campaign by both Presidential candidates, Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton and emerged victorious as the 45th President of the United States. 

It was a rather shocking, yet nail-biting course to the final announcement, as most people up until election day were definitely expecting a Clinton win.

Mainstream media played a key role in influencing this perspective. While a massive number of mainstream organisations such as NBC/WSJ, NBC Survey Monkey Poll, Bloomberg, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll and Los Angeles Times released data suggesting that polls support Clinton, little did we know that Americans were actually favouring Trump.



The above image distinctly proves how much support Trump has garnered over the year. There are some states such as New York, California, Oregon and Washington that generally vote Democratic and some states such as Kansas, Montana, Louisiana etc. that always vote Republican.

Therefore, support from 10-11 key states, also known as the ‘swing states’ generally play a crucial role in deciding the new leader of the country. These states would include Ohio, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire.

Trump’s surprise victory in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina tipped the scale in his favour to a large extent. People from all over the world are even more stunned to learn that competition was head to head in the few ‘swing states’, which Clinton somehow managed to secure.

Following news of his triumph over the above-mentioned states, Clinton called Trump to concede the race. However, she won’t be presenting a concession speech tonight. Democratic Campaign Chairman John Podesta told followers, “Everybody should head home…Get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow. It’s been a long night and a long campaign… We can wait a little longer, can’t we”?

From the start of election day, mainstream media has steered its efforts on publishing and highlighting Clinton’s small victories. An accurate conjecture would suggest that it was an attempt to shift focus from Trump’s performance while creating an illusion of victory for Clinton.

As Trump’s future presidency became incontestable, mainstream media started flooding articles embedded with social media posts from despaired Clinton supporters. A lot of organisations used scare tactics by portraying Trump’s victory as an apocalyptic disaster-one that would lead America into a bleak, uncertain and dangerous future.

While Trump has often (rightfully) been criticised for his abrasive comments, sexist behaviour and racial slurs, Clinton’s reputation took a lethal blow with the scandal concerning leaked emails, information released by Wikileaks, her alleged funding of ISIS and her actions as Secretary of State. The Guardian journalists made a salient point in their election reports when they said, “Donald Trump shattered expectations… with an election night victory that revealed deep anti-establishment anger among American voters”.

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We have now witnessed the growing power of social media and alternate media in this day and age. While mainstream media defamed Trump and hardly discussed Clinton’s scandals, as they spent most of their resources rendering her as a messiah, it seems people found other sources to help justify their opinion.

This election has effectively proved how mainstream media misleads their audience in order to skew their opinions. In fact, their strategy may have just backfired. Considering the neck and neck nature of this race, Clinton supporters were most likely disillusioned into believing that it would be a landslide victory for her. Therefore, many complacent Democratic supporters possibly didn’t show up at the polls.

Unfortunately, the media will continue their brainwashing tactics instead of analysing the real reasons why Americans chose Trump over Clinton. In the next few months we will see the media trying to speculate the so-called ‘impending doom’. However, with the choice of candidates on hand, the ‘impending doom’ was always inevitable.

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