Why Claims That ‘Chemo Has Saved My Life’ are Largely False?

Why Claims That ‘Chemo Has Saved My Life’ are Largely False?

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The defenders of chemotherapy who believe that it is the best treatment for fighting cancer often state, “I know someone that was saved- thanks to chemo”.

However, let’s delve a little deeper.

How would they actually know whether or not chemo saved their life?

Has there ever been an independent study conducted to find out how many patients have died as a direct or indirect result of chemo treatment versus how many have actually been saved by chemo?

Moreover, how can it be proved that chemo saved a life?

For instance, how would you prove that chemo saved them and not their own immune system or the simple fact that the cancer wasn’t going to kill them anytime soon- or any other number of variables?

The cancer industry often quotes statistics stating ‘60% survival rates’ for certain cancers after 5 years- if you take chemo or radiation treatment.

However, who says the cancer you have been diagnosed with is going to kill you, especially in the time frame mapped out by the doctor?

Is it an exact science when a doctor says you’ll be dead in three months if you don’t undergo chemo?

Of course it isn’t. It is, nevertheless, a high pressure sales tactic to scare you into obeying the doctor’s recommendations.

After all, they are the so-called ‘health experts’, correct?

How healthy is your doctor? Do they have a PhD in Theory or a PhD in Results?

What’s their diet like?

Is their body largely toxic and acidic with a diet high in sugar and processed foods or are they actually a picture of optimum health, vitality and energy?

Akin to the stats they trot out for chemo, let’s use a different example and see if we could get stats that would make any other type of treatment look just as effective.

For example, let’s say we decide to prescribe ‘arsenic’ instead of chemo and test the same survival rate over 5 years- (Note: The cancer industry doesn’t like to use ten-year survival rates because that doesn’t really look as good, especially as patients aren’t told that chemo is actually one of the biggest causes of secondary cancer. Therefore, if the cancer doesn’t kill you then the chemo within ten years mostly likely will. In fact, with prostate cancer in the US, studies have shown that men would have been better off not being diagnosed. They would have consequently had a higher survival rate. Therefore, is early diagnosis done to help save lives or is it a marketing ploy to garner even more customers taking an expensive profitable chemo treatment)?

However, back to  the ‘arsenic’ example:

As we know, it’s a deadly poison and of course you should never take it. It can kill a healthy person, let alone a sick person. Nevertheless, so is chemo.

However, they don’t prescribe enough arsenic to kill you straight away. They ensure the dosage isn’t strong enough to kill you (or not yet anyhow, as it’s better if you die a little later, as it protects the stats they publish).

So after a period of time, despite the side affects of the arsenic treatment, you aren’t dead yet. However, your quality of life is destroyed and you feel horribly sick.

The doctor said you had three months to live before he/she convinced you to undergo the ‘arsenic treatment’, despite its known after effects. Therefore, well past the three months, thanks to your arsenic treatment you are still alive. Consequently, you foolishly thank the doctor for saving you and the stats would reflect that the treatment was a success (which is the same conclusion many chemo patients use to believe that chemo saved them, even though it’s clearly ludicrous to link the association based on the fact that they are not yet dead).

Now of course, any intelligent person can see that just a percentage shown for the survival rates from the ‘arsenic treatment’ is nothing but a bogus stat to fool the masses.

It’s nothing but inaccurate meanings attached to stats that can make any treatment look successful, even if it’s not . This propaganda disguised as medical stats are forced upon patients at the most vulnerable time of their life (but you don’t sell $200 billion worth of products that kill people in millions unless you have a very good marketing and sales system, which by the way is fear).

Unfortunately, this is the exact strategy used to sell chemotherapy.

1. You are told that you have only a limited amount of time to live, unless you succumb to the ‘treatment prescribed’, even though in most cases the doctor cannot possibly accurately predict how many weeks or months you have to live, nor should he/she ever tell a patient how much time they have left. That’s effectively ‘pointing the bone’ at someone.

What if we did another test and found perfectly healthy patients and told them to undergo a bunch of tests, following which they are told they have only three months to live, (despite having no cancer. Sadly some doctors have done this in the US to boost chemo sales). If the patient was to believe with certainty that they had  only three months to live, many of them would die, even though nothing was wrong with them in the first place.

It’s just like a reverse deadly placebo effect.

Of course no such test should be done, as it can literally send people to an early grave.

Yet, isn’t this what doctors are effectively doing daily, as part of the sales strategy to sell chemo?

Is it not the height of arrogance and ignorance combined to state that someone only has a certain number of months left to live and they better take this expensive deadly treatment called chemo?

After all, it’s an entire medical system based on profit believing it’s superior to anything else, yet their so called ‘cure for cancer’ is a known deadly drug that is killing millions of people each year.

Unfortunately, this is not even considered mass murder. Jim Jones convinced several hundred people to drink poison and commit suicide. However, he would have been proud of our western medical system. It uses doctors and the fear of death to convince millions of people per year to take a deadly poison and then bill those patients after destroying their insides.

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How stupid as a culture have we become to allow such large scale brainwashing and fall for one of the biggest sales scams the world has ever witnessed?

This scam is legal and the Government fully allows it, but jails people for selling a bit of dope on the streets.

How to sell $200 billion worth of deadly poison a year? Simply tell people they are going to die if they don’t consume the ‘poison’ and have enough credibility to get them to foolishly believe you.

If after decades of research this is the best cure western medicine can provide, I have two important things to say:

1. Give up and accept that in regards to cancer, western medicine is an abject failure, an industry that should hang its head in shame.


  1. There is something more sinister going on, where this pathetic cancer industry knows exactly what its actions are doing and the proceeds of the $200 billion shared around is enough to ensure silence. Moreover, it also ensures that the masses do not discover the truth about alternate treatments.

No doubt the PR lobbyists and their deep pocketed clients can supply endless scientific propaganda to keep the sales ticking over in order to prevent the masses from discovering the abundant cures to cancer existing all around us in nature.

Plus, they have fooled a generation or two of well meaning but very misled doctors who genuinely care about their patients but still send them to an early grave because of their lack of knowledge of health and nutrition (after all, only three weeks out of six years at medical school is about all western doctors’ study on nutrition). Is your doctor really a health expert?

At some point in the future, the cancer industry will be exposed with criminal charges brought about undoubtedly.

Many industries have faulty products, but they generally don’t kill so many en-masse.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth gets out. In the meantime, be careful before listening to anyone trying to convince you to take a deadly known poison, even if his/her name isn’t ‘Jim Jones’.

What does this poison known as chemo do to a healthy person? With doses large enough, it kills them.

Therefore, imagine what it does to a sick person?

In conclusion:

Is the cancer industry failing patients with chemo, radiation etc.? I think the answer is a resounding yes.

The few that chemo saves versus the number that die is a high price to pay, and those that survive have secondary cancers to look forward to- thanks to the chemo.

Are the dangers of chemo understated? I would say yes.

Are the benefits exaggerated and stats misleading to encourage increased sales? It appears so.

Is western medicine good for trauma cases? Yes.

But is it good for preventative health care? Hardly.

Cancer is clearly a preventative health care issue.

Should most chemotherapy be banned? I would say yes, with some exceptions such as leukaemia and some other rare cancers where it should be acknowledged that chemo has had some success, but still with a high price to pay on one’s health.

Is solving the cancer issue simple? Not necessarily as there is an array of cancers and many different unknown causes.

However, in general, should nutrition and lifestyle be accepted as a predominate cause of most modern day cancers?

I’m not aware of the Romans or Egyptians suffering a cancer epidemic like the Western world is, so to not consider nutrition as a major contributing factor appears arrogant and ignorant.

This is why patients should seek more than an oncologist for advice, as they are not experts at nutrition and alternate medicines.

It is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to seek the advice of varied health practitioners and become educated and improve their diet and lifestyle to increase their chances of surviving cancer.

However, when most people are told that they are going to die, they by default become very obedient to western doctors and are vulnerable to bullying and outright harassment.

Should tighter regulations be created to prevent potential abuse of chemo and high pressure sales tactics? Absolutely.

Are the benefits of alternate medicines and methods suppressed or discouraged by big pharma?

It’s hard to argue they are not, and this raises some serious conflict of interests.

It’s basically like competing industries trashing each other and one i.e. big pharma having the government in its pocket.

Are many scientific studies fraudulent and biased towards what the funder of the research wants?


So, as a result the industry should be heavily investigated. We need a major health education program to radically change our acidic western diets and way of life to reduce the amount of people the cancer industry can continue to effectively murder with their crude chemo and radiation treatments that generate $200 billion per year in sales, often funded by the taxpayer. This means our money is effectively being used to kill our loved ones.

Something needs to change.

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