Is Clinton a Threat to World Peace?

Is Clinton a Threat to World Peace?

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1 angryIt seems like the US is almost on the verge of a civil war yet again. It’s almost as if the war never concluded between the southern confederates and the northern states.

The division between the American populations concerning the recent Clinton Trump election is evident. It is almost an election of hatred, much more than an election of solidarity. Many will vote for Trump from the loathing they have for Clinton and vice versa. As Hillary calls Trump supporters ‘The Deplorables’, it hardly seems fair that she considers herself the Pan-American president. With the current state of affairs, not to mention, the political wall amongst Americans, it is highly possible that many will reject the results of the election, especially if Clinton becomes President.

Trump is supported by the right wing Americans, the ones that form almost a 10% voting block all over America, and even more in the rural areas. These ‘deplorables’ are the ones saying grace before every meal, the ones that still firmly believe that God blesses America. The civilian divide in this election is more evident than it has ever been since the war itself. The Southerners are the ones that will go for Trump, the ones that are fed-up of the presidential baton being passed from one family of influence to another. Trump is being considered the anti-establishment candidate. Trump is considered a populist candidate against the globalist Clinton. This election is the dirtiest roll in the gutter that a presidential election has ever received.

Hillary used to be a liberal a very long time ago. She slowly transformed herself into a neoliberal Wall Street tool because of her massive appetite and tremendous ambition. It is almost Orwellian in nature how Clinton morphed herself into a neoliberal from a liberal standpoint. When it comes to US Foreign Policy, neoconservative and neoliberal are almost synonymous. As opposed to Church going, grace saying southerners, the neoconservatives are the urban elite, mostly Jewish. The Foreign Policy for the US has been greatly controlled by the neoconservative, both for the Democrats and Republicans since the Project for the New American Century launched in 1997.

The mastermind behind the creation of the Ukraine crisis, Victoria Nulan, member of the US State Department is the spouse of Robert Kagan, a neocon founding father. Neocons are generally found roaming the power corridors of DC, or AIPAC, Foreign relation councils, think tanks, etc. They are the ones with the strings, acting as puppet masters controlling the US hegemony all over the world. Clinton is very much under the control of her neocon masters of Wall Street and military industries. If she is elected president, the idea of a global government controlled by the few global elites will carry on to see another term.

Trump on the other hand is a successful billionaire, but he is no modern Hercules who can clear all the garbage in the cesspool that is Washington DC. Since Trump has no political experience whatsoever, the people who will comprise his cabinet if he were to win is a complete mystery. Obama’s cabinet was mainly comprised of Clinton’s followers. It can therefore be concluded that Obama’s two terms were actually the third and fourth terms for the Clintons. Trump might seem like a Ronald Reagan, but Reagan was just a puppet in the hands of Bush sr. If Trump were to truly try and take control of the power in Washington, it could result in a hazardous affair.

Trump, if elected President would remain very much in line with the Monroe Doctrine, something that has guided US Foreign Policy and hegemony ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. His idea of trying to make countries like Japan, Korea and Germany pay for the US troops that occupy their country is very much like Rome’s demand for tributes from invaded states. Also, branding Iran as a terrorist nation was extremely misguided. The use of ISIS mercenaries by Saudi and Qatar is something that still deludes him, even though it is completely approved by Israel and the US.

Hillary on the other hand seems much more dangerous under the hood. Her step to create a no-fly-zone over Syria is a step to harass Putin, something that will only increase global tensions. She is probably also going to sanction Israeli nuclear strikes on Iran, an incident that might spark another World War.

She has already created many nation crises in Ukraine, Syria and Libya. In a sense she is the godmother of the ISIS.

American politics has also been largely family dominated. Earlier it was the Kennedys and the Rockefellers. Now it is the Clintons and Bushes. Since Bill Clinton is the ‘almost’ son of Bush sr. it seems logical that both families shall benefit from Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

John Kerry’s link with the Kennedy Clan is the reason he avoided fighting for nomination even though he possessed the poise and experience to do so. The Kennedys are now almost exiled from the White House.

This family affair is what many people of America are fed up with. The American mainstream media is fast losing its credibility with its irresponsible and biased journalism against Hillary. Papers like the Washington Post and New York Times have hit rock-bottom with outright support for Hillary’s campaign.

Clinton’s political trail is also filled with regime changes and instability. The WikiLeaks revelations have made the public aware that diplomacy and Hillary should not be trusted. Moreover her links with Wall Street bosses and the weapon industries makes it clear that a war or direct conflict would benefit her camp and sponsors.

Putin’s nationalist tendencies are also something they would like to do away with. If Clinton is elected, the world may be looking at something much worse than they are hoping for.



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