Collusion between Fairfax and NewsCorp with Select Politicians and Government Agencies

Collusion between Fairfax and NewsCorp with Select Politicians and Government Agencies

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How far will both Australian major political parties and mainstream media go to to prevent a Trump like anti-establishment party from causing havoc to their power base?

ANR recently interviewed anti-establishment party founder, Jamie McIntyre, on his predictions regarding what lengths mainstream media in Australia would go to to stop a Trump like candidate from destroying both major political parties’ support in Australia.

Jamie McIntyre, who founded the anti establishment political party- 21st Century Australia in 2013 said, Australians should not underestimate the collusion between Fairfax Media or News Corp with major political parties in order to destroy any future political threats.

“You only have to recall how Tony Abbott was appointed to destroy Pauline Hanson’s party years ago having her sentenced to jail.

“It’s a national shame that such corruption exists. Yet, he was rewarded as leader of the Coalition and ultimately, Prime Minister. They are currently spending large amounts of taxpayer money to destroy Clive Palmer’s business empire. Moreover, they also want him in jail because of the threat he once posed”, said McIntyre.

He said, “My party hasn’t even garnered widespread attention, yet mainstream media (Fairfax mainly and now News Corp) have for years been using targeted character assassination attacks to destroy my companies and political party”.

He said, Fairfax alone has written almost 50 attack articles with baseless allegations about his companies.

He said, government departments work with certain planted journalists in Fairfax and also The Australian.

McIntyre explained:

“They have private discussions based around running certain articles to draw attention to sham allegations. This gives them the cover to use those made up allegations and convince the government departments to launch an investigation. Consequently, their goal is to simply find any technicality to destroy one’s business interest and ideally try and get a criminal charge.

“Why a criminal charge? Because apart from destroying one’s credibility, it prevents the person from entering Parliament, thus thwarting them from being a future political threat.

“I can already predict and name the journalists in Fairfax Media’s The Age and SMH (Simon Johanson) and in News Corp’s The Australian (Kylar Loussikian and Ben Butler for example), amongst others who act as stooges and allegedly get paid to plant false and fictitious stories in newspapers. It makes them a good living. They then have government agencies use those false stories to justify spending taxpayer funds to conduct costly investigations.

“For those who don’t believe this happens, simply wait and see. The Age and The Australian will run such made up stories again and again.

“I can bet my house on it, as I now know how corrupt the two major newspaper companies and the two major political parties are. It’s for this reason that I founded an anti-establishment news website and have continued to expose the corruption to ensure that one day we have political diversity in this country.

“You will never have real political choice until we have more than two major newspaper companies dominating what we read and framing anyone that’s a threat to their elitist agendas.

“Unless enough Australians become aware of these tactics, they’ll fall for what’s written in the newspaper and continue to ensure that corruption keeps those in power that are fearful of a Trump like anti-establishment party and its candidates stealing their power base.

“However, despite what they try, I feel the change is coming.

“So far, they have mainly had to deal with Pauline Hanson as a threat, but eventually there will be a far more refined and articulate leader coming to prominence. Hungry for real, authentic change and leadership, the people will then revolt against the two major parties.

A peaceful revolution is needed and Donald Trump has started something that will spread around the world.




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