Is Cryptocurrencies Backed By Real-Estate The Next Big Thing After Bitcoin?

Is Cryptocurrencies Backed By Real-Estate The Next Big Thing After Bitcoin?

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As Bitcoin continues to soar and make accidental millionaires, many early stage bitcoin investors are looking for the next best thing. Could this be it? Cryptocurrencies backed by Real Estate?

Invented in 2009, Bitcoin was created because of the 2008 credit crisis and the urgent need to create a new type of monetary system that couldn’t be controlled and consequently rigged by Central Banks and the elite. In the last five years, the value of bitcoin has increased exponentially crossing $5000 USD in recent weeks. Many who purchased Bitcoin back in the day for $120 USD have seen their investment grow 20-fold and are now millionaires.

Now, we all know that Real Estate is a trillion dollar industry and many are discovering that blockchain technology is the future of the world. Hotel Coin is a new Cryptocurrency/company that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System Market and the Real Estate/Hotel/Luxury Resort Market and provide purchasers  a way to profit from both Cryptocurrencies and Real Estate.

It’s backed by a high-end luxury Resort Development Company building over $750 million in Resort/Hotel/Theme Park Projects that partners with large Hotel Management Companies such as Wyndham.

The team consists of successful early stage bitcoin investors looking for the next up and coming Cryptocurrency.

The Cryptocurrency boom could be likened to the Dot Com boom. The currencies with asset backing will grow in value even if there is a future crash one day.

However, if only Dot Com companies had invested into quality assets, many of them would have survived and flourished.

Whilst many Cryptocurrencies will crash and burn, the ones backed by real assets are likely to be around for 10-20 years from now with ever growing values.

Hotel Coin plans also to decentralize real estate ownerships. Hotel Coin seeks to introduce crypto assets that are backed by top performing real estate Resort developments in the real world plus luxury holiday homes suitable for Airbnb that generate 2-3 times the rental return of long term tenants. This will create an exposure towards the real estate/hotel market for the crypto assets holders, such as rental income generation and capital appreciation from the underlying properties. These crypto assets will be integrated with other services on the Ethereum blockchain. Hotel Coin will invest 40% of funds received into these Real Estate and cash. This provides a long term growing asset backed currency that also has liquidity.

It’s a more stable and ideal currency to be used as a payments system in general because of its asset backing and liquidity.

This can overcome volatility, which makes using Cryptocurrencies often difficult as a payment system.

Plus, the Hotel Coin will be able to be used for accommodation at select Resorts being developed and others in the future as more Hotel Management Groups sign up.

Many Hotel Management companies prefer to manage hotels and Resorts built by developers rather than be developers themselves. As a result, Global Industry Support of Hotel Coin is expected to assist in capital raising to meet the growing demand from luxury high end Resorts, Hotels and Theme Parks- especially from the booming Chinese Middle Class tourists fuelling demand.

The Hotel Coins will also be accepted to buy luxury villas in Resort Projects as well.






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