DNC Nomination Elections were Fabricated against Sanders

DNC Nomination Elections were Fabricated against Sanders

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DNC Nomination ElectionsThe DNC Party high command were biased against Sanders even before primaries, reveals DNC lawyers.  

A Florida court has received a filing on October 14 in which the judge was urged by the lawyers to sanction the dismissal of the class action suit filed against Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC for election fabrication. The argument laid was that voters should have had prior knowledge that the Party was going to rig the vote against Sanders.

The filing read, “Courts have uniformly rejected attempts to litigate on the basis of purported political promises, including ‘statements of principle and intent in the political realm’” reported The Political Insider.

The DNC’s neutrality during the primary elections for nomination is akin to the political promises made during election campaigns that remain unfulfilled later.

Another argument by DNC lawyers also reveals that Sanders’ supporters had an inkling that the DNC and chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz were already favouring Clinton. There is no substantial evidence backing this argument.

The lawyers that Clinton used all through her campaign are also representing the DNC. This makes it evident that her lawyers will have no problem in the Party’s favourable treatment of Clinton.



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