Exploring Reasons Why Where You Are Sleeping Matters

Exploring Reasons Why Where You Are Sleeping Matters

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woman-2197947_1280-1024x682It is no secret the human body needs sleep to thrive. In fact, most know there are tons of benefits to getting a good night sleep. While how much sleep you are getting each night is important, where you are getting the sleep at is important too. Is sleeping in your bed each night really the best option for you?

Where Are You Sleeping?

A lot of people find comfort and a good night sleep simply by curling up with a pillow and blanket in their bed each night. There are some people, however, who don’t find that same comfort by lying down on a mattress. In fact, there are many medical conditions that make sleeping while lying down uncomfortable and even painful. Is the sleep really that beneficial if you wake up still tired and in pain?

If you happen to be someone who builds a pillow wall to prop your head up when you go to sleep for the night, you are one of the individuals not getting quality sleep by sleeping in a bed. What you and individuals like you need is an alternative place to sleep such as The Perfect Sleep Chair.  Truthfully, a chair – or especially a recliner – is the next best thing for someone who has trouble sleeping on a bed. You can still put your feet up and your body still gets hugged by cozy cushioning. You even get to ditch the mountain of pillows.

Who Needs To Sleep In A Chair?

The real question is – how do you know whether you should be trading in your bed for a sleep chair? The easiest way to answer this question is to learn more about what kind of people benefit from sleeping in a chair.

Elevated Seekers: You don’t technically have to have a medical reason for needing to sleep in a chair. It is possible you are just someone who likes to keep your head elevated while you sleep. While a mountain of pillows is a solution to this problem, pillows take up a lot of space in your bed. They can cause problems if you or anyone else sleeping in your bed has allergies. Lots of pillows can also get annoying if they fall off the bed or get stuck between the bed and the wall a lot.

Acid Reflux: Sleeping with the top of your body elevated is one of the first sleep tips given to someone with acid reflux. People with severe acid reflux can actually choke on the acid coming up their throat while they are asleep and wake up gasping for air. When you sleep while elevated, the gravity makes it a little more challenging for the acid to travel up your throat.

Overweight/Large Chest: For someone who is overweight or a woman with a large chest, sleeping flat on their back can be uncomfortable. This position can put a lot of pressure on the individual’s chest and lungs which can make it hard to breathe while sleeping. Sleeping at a more elevated position – in a chair – can reduce this pressure.

Heart Problems: Certain heart conditions can make it difficult for a person to breathe while lying flat on their back.  Lying on your back after experiencing heart failure, for example, can leave you gasping for air. No one is going to get quality sleep while struggling to breathe.

Back Pain: Have you ever gone to sleep and woken up with a sore back? Back pain is a common reason for sleeping in a chair. Back pain is a hard medical ailment to fix because it can be a structure, nerve, muscle, or even a sensory problem. Sleeping in a chair can take some of the pressure off your back.

Pregnant: The more pregnant a woman gets, the harder it becomes to sleep. Most consider this to be extremely cruel as getting plenty of sleep while pregnant is important because you won’t be getting any after your baby is born. Sleeping in a chair can be extremely comforting to a pregnant woman. It can help with heartburn, trouble breathing, back pain, swelling, and all sorts of other pregnancy woes.

Getting quality sleep is vital to both your physical and mental health. Sometimes you just need to get a little more creative on where and how you sleep. If elevated sleeping appeals to you, sleeping in a chair could be just the solution you need to start getting quality sleep again.

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