Fairfax Media Is No Longer Just Fake News, But Also Fraudulent News, Says Best Selling Author And Motivational Speaker As He Prepares A $20 Million Damages Claim Against Them

Fairfax Media Is No Longer Just Fake News, But Also Fraudulent News, Says Best Selling Author And Motivational Speaker As He Prepares A $20 Million Damages Claim Against Them

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With CNN and other major fake news outlets being exposed for being ‘fake news sites’ and as Trump piles the pressure on mainstream media for the Fake news outlets they really are, Australian entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jamie McIntyre said, “Australian mainstream media, especially Fairfax is not only ‘fake news’ but also a source of deliberately fabricated ‘fraudulent  news’.

He said, the average person in the street has no idea just how fraudulent these media companies are and how they’ll abuse the trust society places in them to destroy those they seek to target.

McIntyre has been the recipient of a vengeful smear campaign ever since he founded an anti-establishment news media company that competes against Fairfax for online readers and an anti-establishment political party 21st Century Australia.

McIntyre said he has also helped expose the allegedly dodgy Fairfax journalist, Simon Johannson for taking financial inducements to plant fake news stories in the SMH and Melbourne Age newspapers. Johannson has allegedly been a part of a revenge attack on McIntyre by Fairfax and has written over 50 attack articles on him in the last 3-4 years alone.

McIntyre said “journalists such as Simon Johannson even harassed my ex-partner for years trying to get her to dig dirt on me to feed his vengeful desire to get back at me for exposing him as the allegedly fake dodgy fraud of a journalists he is”.

McIntyre who turned a blind eye to the childish and pathetic attacks by Fairfax, recently said enough is enough. He is now preparing to sue them for a massive $20 million in damages and expose the dodgy journalists working for Fairfax that take financial payments to plant fake news stories to smear him and others.

He said, “this isn’t just about me, they also do this to many people. They also caused the deliberate loss of my investors’ money of over $6.8 million and plans are under way to seek a class action against Fairfax for that too.

“Here is how it works behind the scenes with fake news outfits like Fairfax Media: They start a false story and keep running it over and over till other news outlets start rehashing the story as if it’s true. Moreover, they try and influence Government agencies to start trumped up investigations into your companies.

“They all actually meet behind the scenes and discuss these plans. This would include government employees in regulators such as ASIC and even allegedly dodgy politicians such as Senator Sam Dastyari. We have evidence of them all sitting in one room next to each other and colluding at a Senate Hearing and planning their attacks against me.

“In my case, they invented fake news stating investors had lost $100 million to $300 million in land banking with my companies. Not only was it complete nonsense, but they did this to try and not only destroy my good reputation, but to actually cause such losses.

“For starters, my companies only ever had $6.8 million in options sold over some of its land projects- never $100-$300 million or half billion as Senator Sam Dastyari tried to claim in a Senate Hearing.

“None of this money was at risk, as it was secured by land rising rapidly in value. Moreover, land banking isn’t illegal and nor was anything untoward going on other than legitimate investing by individuals that have the right to do so, free of government interference.

“However, after concerted efforts by Fairfax over three years working with allegedly corrupt dodgy ASIC officers, they concocted a way to cause losses to these investors and then frame me for it”.

McIntyre went on to explain:

“It all started as a pre-meditated plan and agenda working closely with ASIC, and then allegedly dodgy Senator Sam Dastyari joined in. It sounds like a conspiracy, but this is the crap going on behind the scenes.

“It turns out, they are now trying to do so again. This time, they are trying to claim that my companies rorted R and D grants provided to help companies export, even though it’s up to Austrade to determine if R and D grants meet the criteria or not.

“Despite no evidence of this, they simply tie you into stories and call you names they make up such as ‘notorious or disgraced property spruiker’

“Moreover, I’ve never had a career as a property spruiker, I’ve always been a motivational speaker. Plus, if I’m allegedly a property spruiker, I would love to know what properties can be bought via any of my companies?

“My group’s revenues wouldn’t even amount to .5% from the sale of any properties over the last 20 years, so it’s a complete and utter joke.

“It’s like name calling in the school by some bullies that deserve a good whack on the nose. They also made false claims by stating ‘Mr. McIntyre is a bankrupt’. The say this despite the fact that I’ve never been bankrupt. Also, even if I was bankrupt, plenty of great entrepreneurs have been and bounced back. If so, maybe they could state who the bankruptcy trustee is and when I went bankrupt. But of course they can’t, as it’s fake, fraudulent and malicious news.

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“The reality is, their fake fraudulent news attacks have caused way more than $20 million in losses and that’s easy to prove. They are out of control and think they are above the law.

“But as honest, law abiding citizens, we must collectively take a stand against such blatant abuse of power and expose these dodgy lying journalists and make companies like Fairfax payout hundreds of millions to people across this country whose lives they destroy for their nasty agendas to abuse their power.

“My family, even in the small country town of Glenn Innes where I grew up, have been targeted with physical harm and been verbally abused because of the lies told by Fairfax publications. Moreover, my business relationships have been damaged, and my brother and I have been vilified and victimized despite doing nothing wrong, but for being targeted by a dodgy news outlet.

“To say we want justice is an understatement. We will seek justice, not just for ourselves but also for the innocent investors damaged by this pathetic and cowardly outlet called Fairfax. We want to take a stand against fake mainstream news for the damage it’s inflicted upon our society. Mainstream media believes they have a free social license to manipulate, lie, target and destroy their competitors, opponents or any one that exposes their shonky ways.

“I had no idea that entering politics in 2013 when I ran against Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, starting an anti-establishment political party (www.21stcenturyaustralia.com.au) and newspaper would cause such abusive, distasteful and cowardly bullying by Fairfax and their gutless journalists.

“Society can’t evolve until fake news outlets like Fairfax Media, CNN, Washington Post and so on are exposed for what they are, i.e. compete frauds. Also, companies such as Fairfax that are proven to be abusing the trust placed in them by society should have their rights to print media removed.

“No wonder no one wants to buy them as a company and that their newspapers are valued at $0. They operate a social license and are abusing it for financial gain to silence anyone that’s a threat or dares to expose their fraudulent news. Enough is enough!

“It’s time we all took a stand against fake news outlets and demand they are held fully accountable- financially and legally for their fraud against society. Moreover, we also must take a stand against the allegedly corrupt politicians such as Senator Sam Dastyari and dodgy ASIC officers involved in these scams.

“I know of a businessman who a few years ago committed suicide because of the fake news written by an Australian mainstream media journalist.

“The journalist did a typical ‘lie, manipulate and deceive hatchet job’ on a guy by claiming his business was dodgy. She did this without having any evidence to the claims and the story was promoted to run on the Monday.

“The businessman killed himself the day before, leaving behind a wife and kids. How many lives are we going to allow to be destroyed by lying, gutless and cowardly journalists who think they are god and can write whatever nonsense they want about someone with no evidence or proof and just destroy people’s reputation? I am sure most Australians would agree that enough is enough.

“Mainstream media and dodgy journalists need to be exposed for their fake and fraudulent news and abuse of society’s trust”, said McIntyre.




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