The False Flag Chemical Weapon attack in Syria. What’s Trump’s Game?

The False Flag Chemical Weapon attack in Syria. What’s Trump’s Game?

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Zero evidence has been produced to support the official narrative that after 6 years of War, but now winning on every front with the greatest international support he had enjoyed for over a decade, and looking at victory within a few more short months, Assad would suddenly decide to commit suicide-by-Trump and do the only thing he could possibly do to turn imminent victory into defeat – by using chemical weapons.

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You have to have lost all semblance of rational thought to believe the official narrative.

The al-Qaeda supporting terrorists had a motive to use chemical weapons, they were getting extremely desperate in the face of their imminent defeat, while Assad had every motive to avoid a chemical weapons event from happening.

The most plausible scenario seems to be that the Obama, UK, Turkey & Saudi backed al-Qaeda supporting Jihadis in Idlib were planning a False Flag chemical weapon event when Assad bombed their munitons depot with a conventional high explosive bomb. Some of the chemicals were released.
The al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) terrorists currently control most of the province of Idlib. Assad has been making slow but steady gains.

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Nobody should be surprised that al-Nusra, al-Qaeda supporting, terrorists would plan to carry out a terrorist operation to murder dozens of innocent civilians – that’s what terrorists do.

The al-Qaeda terrorists have the capability of using chemical weapons – they have used them in Syria before (and made Sarin gas in Turkey). The raw material chemicals have also recently been found in terrorist stores in Eastern Aleppo after it was freed from al-Nusra terrorists in December 2016. They were imported from Turkey.

US intelligence is perfectly aware that Assad didn’t use chemical weapons.


Retired Pentagon Intelligence Colonel Pat Lang: “US strikes on Syria are based on a lie”. “In the coming days the American people will learn that the [US]Intelligence Community knew that Syria did not drop a military chemical weapon on innocent civilians in Idlib.”

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There are a number of reasons why Trump and his admin are lying about it.

Trump used the false narrative that “Assad did it” to waste $100m on cruise missiles to cause trivial damage to one of Assad’s many airbases. Trump gave the Russians “40 minutes” warning and the Russians presumably warned Assad. The only real damage was to 6 unoperational MiGs that were under repair. The airbase was back in operation within 12 to 24 hours. What happened to Shock and Awe? Trump didn’t want Shock and Awe – he wanted a trivial stage show for domestic media consumption.

Upside to Trump’s strategy.

Bombing Assad stops the ridiculous and baseless narrative of the Neocons and the Establishment that Trump is a “Russian puppet” which has plagued him for over a year.

It gets the Establishment (Neocon) MSM (at least briefly) on his side.
It gets the worst of the Neocon Nutjobs (McCain & Graham etc.) off his back for a short while.

Downside to Trump’s strategy.

Trump is now in grave danger of losing 50% of his base who voted for him because of his non-interventionist and no more wars for Regime Change policy.

The gained support of the Neocons like McCain, Bill Kristol and the Neocon media is illusory and fleeting. It is not a smart strategy to lose your most ardent supporters for the fleeting support of your worst enemies who will turn on you on a dime.

Note: Trump risks providing the ammunition to the Neocons and Establishment Dems (same thing) to impeach him, if the Neocons chose to expose him for carrying out an Act of War while deliberately lying about the intel.
However such an act of lying about the intel to start wars, isn’t exactly unprecedented – see Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, the start of the Syria War and the start of Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq in 2014.

The Neocons also have a problem in that they carried out a certified act of Treason in arming al-Qaeda supporting terrorist groups in Libya and Syria from 2011.
However 99% of the lamestream media is against Trump, is rabidly Neocon and has covered up the Bush, Cheney, Obama, Hillary and McCain War Crimes and Treason for 15 years, so there’s no reason to think they won’t continue to do so.

Trump’s bombing of Assad’s airbase completely destroys what was left of US-Russia relations and it helps al-Qaeda and ISIS who have now been given some hope and a lifeline that somehow they still have a possibility of toppling Assad and winning.

It encourages the al-Qaeda terrorists to carry out further False Flag chemical weapon attacks to murder more civilians. Hey – it worked so well last time!

It prolongs the Syrian War and emboldens al-Qaeda (and encourages ISIS fighters to switch to al-Qaeda who are now being protected by Trump).

The Neocons will now demand more war. Lindsey Graham is already demanding a full blown invasion of 7,000 US troops into Syria. There are rumors that Petraeus puppet, and Neocon Nutjob, McMaster is pushing for even more.

It makes Trump and Tillerson look like fools who are easily manipulated and extremely weak. (McCain and Lindsey Graham etc. also know that Assad didn’t do it. I believe so does Rand Paul who has asked for a Congressional review of the evidence as to who was responsible for the CW attack.)


Has Trump thrown in the towel and conceded defeat to the Neocon Establishment (which it now looks like) with Tillerson and Haley doing a 180 degree reversal in less than a week and repeating the Neocon mantra of “Assad must go”?

Tillerson goes to Moscow April 11-12. We will have to wait and see, what (if anything) comes out of that.

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ALL of the “info” that is being slobberingly reported in Western Corporate media is coming directly from al-Qaeda type Jihadis and their accomplices like the al-Qaeda propaganda front White Helmets or the Jihadi Doctor who was struck off in the UK because he was involved in the kidnapping of 2 Western journalists in Syria in 2012.

There are ZERO UN or Western “humanitarian” organizations on the ground near the attack in Idlib. The place is full of al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) Sharia supporting head chopping nutjobs.

If these White Helmets were actually treating the victims of a Sarin Gas Attack while not wearing gloves or wearing proper gas masks – they would all be dead.

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The following articles do a good job of going through the actual evidence we have so far.

Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack

Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford tells the truth about the chemical weapons attack in BBC interview

Some of the victims have been taken for autopsies to Turkey, but this is a red herring. Erdogan has backed the Jihadis in Idlib for years and will say anything to try and take some more Syrian territory.

Any Western journalists who venture into al-Qaeda controlled territory get murdered or kidnapped. That’s why there were ZERO Western journalists or NGO’s in Eastern Aleppo before it was freed from the terrorists in December 2016.

The place that was bombed is a small insignificant town with zero military value. Why would Assad suddenly start using chemical weapons to kill 50 people and bring the wrath of the entire West down on him, when dropping a 500lb bomb would achieve the same effect?

Don’t forget this chemical weapon “event” happened a few days after Trump, Tillerson and Nikki Haley said that defeating ISIS was the priority and Assad could stay. It also happened the day before a major Brussels conference on the “Future of Syria” with EU countries and Gulf Wahhabi Despots.

If Assad was going to use chemical weapon’s why wouldn’t he use them on the ISIS terrorists that recaptured Palmyra 2 or 3 months ago? Or on the ISIS terrorists that are surrounding Deir-Ezzor in Eastern Syria? I.E. somewhere where the Syrian army was in desperate straits.

Using chemical weapons in Idlib where Assad is making slow and steady territorial gains and winning (even if he had chemical weapons and the UN signed off that he no longer did in August 2014), makes no sense at all.

N.B. There is zero evidence of Assad ever using chemical weapons (Sarin or chlorine or anything else he is accused of). However the terrorists have used chemical weapons on numerous occasions. In Ghouta, in Aleppo and elsewhere.

MIT report completely debunking Obama’s claims that Assad used chemical weapons in Ghouta in 2013

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Carla del Ponte, former UN Weapons Inspector in 2013, there is evidence that the “rebels” have used Sarin and other chemical weapons, but there’s no evidence against Assad

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