Want To Find An End To Terrorism? Then Find The Answers To These Questions, Says Political Party Founder 

Want To Find An End To Terrorism? Then Find The Answers To These Questions, Says Political Party Founder 

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An Australian political observer recently said, “with new terrorist attacks in London, and mainstream media predictably going into overdrive to put fear into the public, one could be influenced to think that terrorism is the western world’s greatest threat. As sad and unnecessary the attacks are, we must ask and demand answers to some pertinent questions”. 

When asked, what can be done to stop or reduce the terrorist attacks, he explained:

Firstly, develop some perspective and understanding of what is really going on, and not what you are being fed by mainstream media.

80 people just died in Afghanistan from a terrorist attack, but no one would know that. As it appears, only Westerners’ lives matter.

The UK Government has been complicit in the bombing and killing of innocent Iraqis for decades, and now it is doing the same with Syrians. However, most turn a blind eye to this. Nevertheless, we are naturally appalled when it happens on our own streets.

If we really want to end terrorism, then it’s quite simple: Figure out the answer to the following questions and hold these people accountable.

Who funds, trains, provides weapons, offers medical assistance and safe passages to ISIS and other similar terrorist groups?

Who buys the oil they control? Who buys the drugs they smuggle? Who helped grow their brand globally?

And who benefits from having ISIS provided entry into countries such as Syria? Akin to murder investigations, consider, who has the motive?

The answer to these questions will help hold those truly accountable, not just the dumb pawns being used to carry out the terror acts.

However, until something is done about the true funders and true supporters of terrorist groups, get used to more planned attacks, which will be used to reduce your civil liberties even further and increase taxpayers’ blind support to fund more taxpayers’ money to military action in countries where there were no terrorists until our Western governments created them.

Countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria had no terrorists until the west decided to take them over.

Besides Al Qaeda, Afghanistan had few terrorists before the west invaded it. Moreover, Al Qaeda was yet another terrorist group founded and funded by the CIA to achieve their desired outcomes.

Even Hillary had to admit this was a mistake (yet pre-mediated plans aren’t mistakes or inadvertent errors. They are the execution of an exact strategy to achieve highly predictable and successful outcomes by those who seek to exert their agenda upon the world with less than ideal intent).

We are told Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded because of 9/11, another supposed random terrorist attack. Yet, this is a lie as the plans to invade Afghanistan occurred three months before 9/11.

‘We need another Pearl Harbor type event to get the American public to support our plans’, said dangerous neo-con Richard Pearle- a former member of the Bush Administration.

They must not have believed their luck when 9/11 happened. Consequently, they had the perfect platform to commence their War on Terror (which meant the pre-planned war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria would now get almost full support to attack this mysterious enemy).

‘The plan’ Richard Pearle and the Bush Administration were referring to was the plan to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria- eventually laying the path to invade Iran one day.

They overachieved and also did a US coup in Ukraine, which of course they blamed on Russia and some westerners even fell for it.

So, as long as the public listens to the intelligence agency and terrorist spruikers via mainstream media, it will continue to be misled, thus living in fear of the made-up terror group known as ‘ISIS’- the enemy the west desperately needed once communism ended, especially since they couldn’t use Russia or Putin to scare us any longer.

How else can the criminal cartel that runs our intelligence agencies and military complex grow their weapons sales year on year without enemies?

Recently Saudi Arabia was sold weapons worth $300 billion. Now, of course we know none of those weapons will be provided to the so-called terrorists we are meant to live in fear off- a nice con job if I’ve ever seen one.

It works though, and that’s why the military complex grows and grows turning over billions.

This is why we have war and terrorists.

They go hand in hand.

The west only needs to look into the mirror to discover the answer to why we have and will continue having an increasing number of terrorist attacks. Our civil liberties will be continually reduced and of course, we will have to have a future full scale invasion of Syria to defeat these so-called terrorists.

Isn’t it strange why you won’t read about this in Fairfax or News Corp publications? Perhaps they haven’t the budget left for investigative journalists to do some research and find the answers to the simple, yet important questions I raised that need to be asked and demanded to be answered.

Otherwise the charade of the War on Terror will continue and we will all go about accepting the lies peddled by a complicit mainstream media and get back to watching our favourite reality show whilst quickly forgetting those tragically killed, just because we are not awake to the CIA-ISIS con.






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