ISIS bombers ready to attack the UK

ISIS bombers ready to attack the UK

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ISIS terrorists are now in the U.K. and are reportedly ready to launch an attack at any moment.

A jihadist fighting for Islamic State has claimed one possible target is the Saturday’s VJ [Victory over Japan] commemorations. It is believed up to seven ISIS-linked jihadists are currently in the U.K. and ready to launch an attack.

The claims were revealed by Sky News. An undercover investigator spoke to a terrorist who reportedly trains some of the jihadists believed to be in Britain. Over a four-month period, characters were invented and developed and a freelance investigative reporter was hired to “run” them. Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay said the fake social media accounts eventually led them to a married couple –Junaid Hussain and Sally Jones, known as Umm Hussain.

The 21-year-old man is a former computer hacker currently in charge of ISIS recruitment while Jones, who sent a bomb-making manual to the fake characters, recruits women and girls from Britain. She told the female character there is another girl in Glasgow ready to attack.

A former IS internal security officer told Ramsay that four or five British men have spent six weeks training and have returned home to launch an attack. Although it’s impossible to know if any of these claims is true, “we suspect much of it is,” the Sky News chief correspondent concluded.



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