Julian Assange Is Back From The Dead And On Twitter

Julian Assange Is Back From The Dead And On Twitter

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 1 julian3WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently used Twitter for the first time in five years, hoping to put death rumors to rest.

The founder of the whistleblower hub joined Twitter in October 2011 but never posted any tweets — until Tuesday.

The first, which he sent to discuss the death rumors, claims “[r]umors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The second tweet is a retweet of a publication from WikiLeaks’ official account.

1 julian

1 julian2Assange has been residing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over four years in the hopes of avoiding extradition after he was accused of rape in Sweden in 2010.

This past week, the WikiLeaks founder released a statement on the hub website calling on the United States and Sweden to give him back his freedom, adding that the United Kingdom “exhausted all avenues” while attempting to repeal the United Nations (UN) order to restore Assange’s freedom.

In his first tweet, Assange called the rumors of his death a “strange plot” but offered no further details.

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