Leading Educator Jamie McIntyre Announces a $160 Million Education Grant

Leading Educator Jamie McIntyre Announces a $160 Million Education Grant

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Leading educator announces a $160 million education grant, as he says the Australian government simply isn’t doing enough to boost our nation’s productivity and help Australia become a country of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Controversial educator and Political Party Founder has announced plans for a $160 million education grant to help boost the number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers in Australia to help offset the government’s cut back in Vet Fee educational funding.

After recently hearing about the government’s cutbacks in education predominately in the Vet Fee private vocation education, leading 21st Century educator and political party founder Jamie McIntyre, who is also the best selling author of “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” and founder of the Australian National Review, said he felt compelled to do something to rectify the lack of real life education being taught to Australians.

He said, Australia is dramatically falling down the ranks of OECD nations as far as educational performance goes, which is of major concern considering we have high wages and high cost of living, yet can no longer rely on the commodities boom, which is now over.

“We must become a nation of innovation and become much less risk averse”, said McIntyre.

He said he agrees with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that we have to, as a country, embrace failure, as it’s the key to learning how to succeed.

McIntyre also agrees with the Prime Minister in accepting that Australia needs to become far more entrepreneurial.

“The challenge with politicians and the government is they talk about things but often don’t do anything about it.

“I have been putting my mouth where my money is for 18 years by offering a modern 21st century education that I wish I had learnt at school. I have been imparting an education that teaches to embrace failure as a key to learning and modelling not those who preach theory from a textbook but learn from those who have a PhD in results”, he said.

McIntyre said he has been fortunate to learn from very successful people as mentors. He has even invited many of them to teach and lecture at his leading 21st Century Education events.

Individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, billionaire business man Sir Richard Branson, best selling New York Times author and early stage investor Tim Ferriss, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randy Zuckerberg (instrumental in Facebook’s early stages, and even local business mentors such as Mark Bouris and Ruslan Kogan amongst others have graced the stage at McIntyre’s events.

“What I have been fortunate to have learned from many millionaires and billionaires is really simply common sense and strategic, intelligent thinking, combined with the psychology of a winner- one that can overcome setbacks and deal with losing, and not quitting, and this is what we teach at our events”, he said.

McIntyre says, he has invested tens of millions into creating his leading edge modern day educational system, which he says should be taught at school. In 2016 he is giving away $160 million worth of it in educational grants to 10,000 individuals.

“The capping of Vet Fee funding by the current Government for vocational training is an example of not investing more into education.

“Yes, there were issues from the Rudd Government encouraging shonks into the RTO Vet Fee industry by paying training colleges 100% upfront for enrolling anyone, not to mention student completion rates as low as 2.4%. However, reducing funding is not the answer.

“Having proper systems in place to stop the rorting upfront would have been the solution, and saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

“The other issue is poor quality courses and lack of real life, modern, leading edge education that 21st Century Education has been providing for almost two decades. You need education that people want to pay for out of their own pocket.

“Something that motivates them, inspires them, gets students into action and produces results in the real world by starting businesses or getting promoted into management or executive positions and growing the companies they work for.

“I am going to ensure that with these grants those pre dominantly doing Business Management and Business Leadership Diplomas also qualify up to $16,000 each in 21st Century Education Grants to supplement the Business Management and Leadership Programs, which are simply not enough to deliver results on their own in terms of increased productivity, innovation and efficiency gains the nation desperately needs”, he explained.

McIntyre said that the 21st Century Education Grants unlike the Government Vet Fee Funding though, is an actual grant and doesn’t have to be paid back via one’s taxes like Vet Fees do.

He said 21st Century Education has also created its own certification, which Students taking the grant can apply in order to be certified on top of their Business Diploma.

When asked about students unable to enrol into Business Diplomas, he said grants up to 80% would still be available.

When asked how many students can qualify for the $16,000 21st Century Education Grants in 2016, he said up to 10,000 capped at 1000 per month. Moreover, the courses can be completed online in one’s spare time and consist of hundreds of hours of video tutorials and reading materials in topics ranging from financial and business intelligence to emotional intelligence and success psychology, motivation and leadership.

They also include time management skills and public speaking courses.

Some learning will also be held in live lectures around the country.

He said he would double the amount of educational grants if the government itself invested more into quality education funding, not less, and improved the quality of education providers.

For information on how to qualify for a $16000 Grant visit: 21stCenturyEducationGrants.Com.Au



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