Newspaper Wars: Murdoch newspaper launches a savage attack on new competitor ANR

Newspaper Wars: Murdoch newspaper launches a savage attack on new competitor ANR

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In a surprising move, Rupert Murdoch-owned The Australian launched an extraordinary attack on the founder of Australia’s newest national newspaper and competitor The Australian National Review in what could only be called an attempt at character assassination.

The critics of Murdoch papers wouldn’t be surprised to see them stoop to such levels of making baseless allegations in a farcical attempt to discredit a new rival in the newspaper wars and a leader of a growing political party.

Jamie McIntyre was labelled as a “property spruiker” who started a national newspaper to further his business interests, despite being a financial educator, serial entrepreneur and a budding politician.

Is it because he is the founder of not only a competing national newspaper but also the founder of the 21st Century Australia Political Party, which aims to disrupt the two major political parties just like he now plans to disrupt the two major print newspaper companies?

Murdoch papers often resort to the character assassination of political opponents (such as relentless attacks on Clive Palmer) that oppose Murdoch’s preferred Prime Minister in Tony Abbott. McIntyre says one of his hobbies is developing land which hardly makes him a property spruiker, although it’s reported he has over $AU1 billion (end value) in land projects around Australia and significant rural holdings in New England, northern NSW, where he grew up and where he contested the last federal election against Barnaby Joyce.

McIntyre is known for holding the annual Financial Education Summits (FES) and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the June 2013 FES, Schwarzenegger stated on the record in Australia that:

Jamie McIntyre is an extraordinary human being who has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their full potential. I love that he has a PhD in results as I am a professor of action myself … we are going to get along very well.” The Australian journalist Kylar Loussikian tried to discredit McIntyre, perhaps not considering how bad this could look for The Australian since they are blatantly attacking a new competitor in national newspapers in Australia.

He goes on to imply that McIntyre launched the paper to simply further his business interests, which highlights that he paid little attention to the launch video that explained why McIntyre has funded a national newspaper.

It says: “The mission of the paper is to be a force for good and to create critical debate in this country and to provide alternate and independent news you won’t read in mainstream papers. News with a difference and free from the bias and undisclosed agendas of the corporate elite.” It is believed that McIntyre risks his business interests greatly by being so outspoken.

According to Loussikian, because some of McIntyre’s half a dozen companies in his 21st Century Media and Education Group is subsidising the paper by filling in some ad spots, he portrays it as the newspaper’s primary agenda.

Quite ironic considering his boss Rupert Murdoch subsidises The Australian to the tune of $20 million in losses it makes, according to the Australian Financial Review, to be able to have an influential mouthpiece in Australian politics.

Perhaps one should ask how News Corp shareholders feel about Murdoch using their money to subsidise his loss-making paper to simply push his pro-U.S. neo con agenda with Australians and dictate to Australians who our prime minister should be.

McIntyre was asked recently at the paper’s official Launch Party in Melbourne last month whether Murdoch was his role model when it comes to growing newspapers.

McIntyre’s response was:

“Rupert comes from the old school – the days when starting a business to simply make a profit was considered success. That’s why he can start a channel like Fox News in America and still live with himself, as it’s incredibly profitable even though it’s an embarrassment to the human race for its extreme bias and extreme right wing views.

“I’m from a very different generation and generation X and Y would not consider simply making money as the primary goal of success, but a failure because a business should have a more compelling higher purpose behind it.

“I’m launching a national newspaper to create positive change, to stimulate critical debate and to be a force for good. I want the Australian National Review to provide alternate non bias news that isn’t pushing undisclosed agendas by the global elite, but rather questioning many of the mistruths and propaganda pushed upon Australians by the mainstream media.”

He cited the coverage of the Ukraine and Malaysia MH17 tragedy as a clear example of complete bias and deception of the Australian public, especially by News Corp papers that are pushing the neo con U.S. propaganda and lies.

Loussikian went on in his tirade to defame McIntyre by saying ASIC had stopped his seminars in Australia twice, even though he is aware that it is utter nonsense.

McIntyre stated that a decade ago ASIC simply asked that if he wanted to cover stock market strategies in his motivational seminars, he and his speakers would need to become licensed under the new financial advisor laws introduced, even if they are just educating. McIntyre then became licensed and continued seminars as per usual.

Hardly newsworthy stuff.

Loussikian also claimed that investors in a land development in Shepparton lost $AU4.8 million and somehow McIntyre had something to do with it.

Apart from his ignorance on land banking being a legitimate and common strategy, and the fact that land is initially not zoned as residential until the council has approved re-zoning, McIntyre stated that: a developer who offered some options on the development about four years ago to McIntyre’s select investors clients looking for unique investments went broke after the developer’s partners allegedly took the money.

So McIntyre simply acquired the land development off the liquidators and took over a $4.8 million liability to protect his clients’ interests. He will soon submit subdivision plans to the council to develop the site that is expected to house up to 700 homes when complete.

“Effectively McIntyre was a white knight and a very generous one to do something like this and many say he is a very kind man with a large following and goes to extraordinary lengths to protect his clients’ interests, as clearly indicated above. You could name the number of people in Australia who would do the same thing on one hand, yet here he is being targeted for being incredibly generous,” said an individual familiar with the development.

He continued: “Why would McIntyre spend 16 years building a large following and a valuable company brand with the 21st Century Group to do anything to negatively affect it? He was raised on a farm in a very honest upbringing and it’s good to see he still holds such good values despite his success.”

When asked to respond to the attack on him in The Australian, McIntyre said he wouldn’t expect anything less from Murdoch papers who have a hard time telling the truth.

He said one of the reasons he started a national newspaper was to expose lies and deceit in mainstream papers. McIntyre added that his papers would have plenty to write about regarding foreign issues as very little of it is factual in current newspapers.

He said Australians tend to like an underdog and a bit of a David versus Goliath battle, and Murdoch is hardly someone who invokes a lot of inspiration among Australians because of the blatant propaganda in News Corp publications.

“The coverage by News Corp over Ukraine is simply a joke. These large newspaper companies say that the reduction in readership is because of the internet and social media disrupting their industry.”

McIntyre says this is a justification for poor results with the major reason being that many Australians simply no longer believe the garbage and nonsense published by major Australian newspapers and instead look for alternate news sites to access better quality and less bias content.

“We are providing alternate news in print. Yes it is a brave move, but it’s one the country desperately needs if it’s ever going to have a voice of its own represented by the average person and not the global elite and those in Washington who have clearly lost the plot.”

McIntyre said there is no other industry other than newspapers where you can blatantly lie, mislead and deceive people without any regulatory action.

“They say what they want with scant regard for the truth and character assassination is their favourite strategy. They hide behind lax defamation laws.

“At least the Australian National Review stands for generating much-needed critical debate. It will be a force for good, something News Corp could hardly say it stands for. We also don’t intend to lose $20 million per year either like The Australian reportedly does.”




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