When former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser decided to write a book about his views concerning the “strategic dependence” between Australia and the United States, his new position was perceived as questionable, since he has checked off both ends of the political spectrum. The dangers of the reliance between Australia and its long-time ally still echo today, as the past is unburied following the demise of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

Shortly before Russian leader Vladimir Putin was named the most powerful man in the world by Forbes magazine, he delivered a speech during the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.

After the flu epidemic of 1918 killed about 50 million people, the world stopped underestimating this infectious disease. A report initiated by the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is trying to teach people that antibiotics do not help fight viruses and, instead of promoting other remedies, it blows the whistle on the possible downsides of “curing” the flu with antibiotics.

Iron Ore and Gold prices took centre stage in the financial press with Gold dropping $22 per ounce, hitting a low of $1137.6, and Iron Ore hitting the lowest price in 5 years, opening the door for a soft start to trading, yet the Aussie 200 Index managed to jump nearly 30 points on open before succumbing to the pressure and dropping over 50 points from those intraday highs. By the close of trade our Index had pulled back 11.8 points despite the bullish Aussie employment data, adding 24,100 new jobs in October.

New World Bank group study predicts nearly USD33 billion in economic loss if the Ebola outbreak lasts longer and spreads to other countries in West Africa that have larger economies.

The Australian Tax Office welcomes comments on a 2016 plan for purchasers of some property worth over $2.5 million AUD sold by foreign residents to withhold ten per cent of the purchase price as a non-final withholding tax. Submissions are accepted until Friday November 28.

Forbes magazine named Russian President Vladimir Putin the World’s Most Powerful Person for the second straight year.

Property investment has experienced a boom in the past years, but according to the latest Candy Global Prime Sector report, private islands as the hottest assets to own.

Executive search firm CTPartners has published its 20th annual hot jobs projection of new and emerging executive roles for 2015.

An increasing number of property investors are now looking to diversify by adding US property to their portfolio. Their investment is not just motivated by the increasing property prices in Australia, but also by the projection of a strengthening US dollar that can potentially double their US profits.

Mixed leads across the global indices painted a less than rosy picture for the Aussie market open on Wednesday, especially given the continuation of the commodity slump, with Brent Crude at new 4 year lows and the price of Gold falling day by day. By the close of trade, the Aussie 200 index managed to fight back from early losses to drop 2 points on the session with mixed results across the sectors.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has not added Ebola to the G20 summit agenda.

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has called for stricter cryptocurrency regulation and taxation laws in Australia.

Property analysts advise people not to invest in Melbourne and Sydney CBD apartments and claim investors tend to overlook one of the basic fundamentals of investing, namely supply and demand.