Prime Minister Tony Abbott has not added Ebola to the G20 summit agenda.

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has called for stricter cryptocurrency regulation and taxation laws in Australia.

Property analysts advise people not to invest in Melbourne and Sydney CBD apartments and claim investors tend to overlook one of the basic fundamentals of investing, namely supply and demand.

After Islamic State turned Australia into a target and urged radicals to go on a killing spree, new security laws were voted. The country has endowed its intelligence agencies with their most meaningful expansion of powers in 35 years, which determined critics to warn that Australia is heading into unsure territory.

Noam Chomski, American linguist and philosopher has opened up again in a new op-ed which describes the United States as the “world’s leading terrorist state.” Mr Chomski’s conclusions are based on CIA-run operations in the likes of Angola, Nicaragua and Cuba. The historian invites his public to contemplate the truths that hover over CIA’s 67-year history “with some awe.”

Mixed overnight performance across the international bourses provided little inspiration for local traders who were faced with RBA rates and the race that stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup, with the former remaining at 2.5% and the later offering quite a few surprises, including the sad passing of the firm favourite, Admire Rakti. All in all we had a fairly flat session on the Aussie 200 and a positive move higher on the Aussie Dollar, with governor Glenn Stevens suggesting growth will be moderate in the short to medium term.

Melbourne Cup favourites Admire Rakti and Araldo passed away after finishing the race.

A report conducted by accounting firm UHY Haines Norton sheds some light on how much high earning Australians have to pay at the end of the year. After another report found that more than one in ten of the top 200 companies in Australia pay no tax at all, new analysis shows those who earn more, pay more.

On October 31, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo carried out a powered test flight and experienced serious anomaly which resulted in vehicle failure.

China is committed to creating the world’s fastest mode of public transportation. Earlier this year, a Chinese research team tested a Super Maglev prototype which could, in theory, travel at 3000km/h.

Despite all the illnesses that threaten to disrupt life expectancy at a global level, there are still stories which teach the population that leading a healthy life is sometimes more important than feeding the billion-dollar health industry.

US indices hit record highs with the Nasdaq hitting fresh 14 year highs and the Nikkei jumping over 7 per cent on Friday, based on the new stimulus measures introduced by the Bank of Japan, highlighting a new stock ETF and foreign equities purchase plan. The Aussie market was hit a little by reality on Monday, falling 19.7 points with a mixed set of results across our local sectors as China manufacturing PMI results hit a 5 month low.

Australia’s richest woman is facing a new legal attack from her two eldest children, John Hancock and Bianca Rinehart.

Approvals for the construction of new homes fell in September, but economists say that figures may bounce back. Although financial experts did not expect an 11 per cent fall, they believe that the prospect is not as bad as it looks.