Author: James A. Lucas
First published in November 2015

 Author: Vandita
"Structural failure caused by fire" caused WTC7, a 47-story building in the WTC complex, to collapse at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11, claimed the National Institute of Standards and Technology. However, that claim has been thrown out of the window accidentally by the 68th United States Secretary of State.

 Author: Vandita
A St. Louis jury recently ordered Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest consumer healthcare company, to pay more than $110 million to Lois Slemp. Slemp is a 62-year-old Virginia woman, who claimed she got ovarian cancer (the deadly disease has now spread to her liver) after four decades of using the U.S. pharmaceutical giant’s talcum powder products. The jury awarded $5.4 million in compensation with $105 million to be paid as punitive damages.

 Author: Darius Shahtahmasebi
Following Michael Flynn’s forced resignation as Donald Trump’s national security advisor, it seemed as though neoconservatives had completely infiltrated the Trump administration. Flynn’s replacement is a staunch anti-Russian imperialist, General H.R. McMaster.

 Author: AnonHQ
When you have a headache and the pill you need isn’t at hand, the situation seems hopeless. But it isn’t so. There’s a scientific way to get rid of a headache called acupressure.

 Author: AnonWatcher
The Australian journalist is now on the endangered list. With internet revenues booming for both Google and Facebook, the Australian Senate voted 34 to 29 to investigate the impact the two media giants are having on the industry.

 Author: Mark Taliano
Syrians are just like you and me.

 Author: Brianna Acuesta
Big Ag claims that this isn't about politics, but proponents of the measure beg to differ.

Last week, mainstream media outlets gave minimal attention to the news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach had spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet little-known fact – that the U.S. Department of Defense is both the nation’s and the world’s, largest polluter.

 Author: Anti-Media News Desk
By the end of this month, Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Advisor HR McMaster will deliver to President Trump their plans for military escalations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. President Trump would be wise to rip the plans up and send his national security team back to the drawing board – or replace them. There is no way another “surge” in Afghanistan and Iraq (plus a new one in Syria) puts America first. There is no way doing the same thing over again will succeed any better than it did the last time.

 Author: Paul A. Philips
Because of the industrial processes involved in manufacturing, sugar has practically no nutrition value: The vitamins and enzymes have become denatured (lose their molecular shape) and thus fail to contribute to the body’s metabolic requirements. Refined sugar is also devoid of mineral content.

 Author: Joe Battaglia
For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, this beverage may be the answer.

 Author: Staff Reporter
According to leading financial educator and property millionaire Jamie McIntyre, simple strategies such as adding a two bedroom, 2 bathroom flat are quietly making investors solid returns.

 Author: Darius Shahtahmasebi
The BBC reportedly has exclusive proof that the Syrian government is continuing to produce chemical weapons in violation of a deal reached in 2013. Pursuant to that deal, the Syrian government was supposed to remove its entire stockpile, which the U.N. said had already been achieved in 2014.