Did you know you can be a part owner of luxury 90 ft. yachts for under $30,000 in Australia?

Did you know you can be a part owner of luxury 90 ft. yachts for under $30,000 in Australia?

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According to one executive at a leading boat share company, “luxury living without paying luxury prices is a major trend where you can afford the lifestyle of the rich for a fraction of the cost”. 

He said “Did you know in the US for less than $20,000 per annum you can fly on Lear jets all year round? And now in Australia for less than $30,000 AUD once- off (payable up front or over six months), you can be a part owner of a luxury yacht.

“It’s great for business and lifestyle, especially for parties and events whether they are for business or personal”.

When asked for an example, he explained:

This is what you can get with luxury yacht ownership- One of the latest offerings in Sydney Australia for a part ownership in a 90ft luxury yacht berthed on Sydney Harbour includes:

  • Invite to New Year’s Eve Party on the yacht on Sydney Harbour plus 1.
  • Invite to Australia Day Party plus 1
  • Invite to 4 VIP Boat parties per annum plus 1.


“Usage for 6 days per year (including staying overnight on the boat if you wish) for you and your guests (up to 36 guests for boat parties or 9 staying overnight as guests).

* 2 weekend days, 4 week days.

* skipper costs ($50 per hour and fuel typically $200 per day on Harbour and extra for cleaning).

Plus, standby rates to book the boat for additional days if needed.

According to latest statistics, the average boat owner only uses a boat 12-18 days per annum.

A boat enthusiast who is a part owner in a luxury yacht said, “Why pay for a boat to sit empty most days of the year when for less than $30,000 you can purchase a share in a boat and enjoy it for 12 days per year including extra stand by days if needed and available.

“I’d rather not spend millions owning a boat outright and then spend $15,000-$20,000 per month to maintain, berth and crew. That can get very expensive, which is why it is the domain of the super-rich.

“But these days you can be a part owner in a luxury boat and impress not only your friends and family, but also corporate guests.

“All this for under $30,000 AUD and less than $500 per month contribution costs. It’s now made my dream of boating a reality. I just love getting out on the water, especially in Sydney Harbour.

“People pay $100,000 to charter boats like this just for one night such as New Year’s Eve. It’s a great way for me to do business deals as well as impress clients or partners by taking them out on a yacht for entertainment purposes.

“It’s the best investment I’ve ever made”, he said.

Research from the US has showed that this ownership model would work, as interest in boating is soaring, however, outright ownership is dropping. Celebrity hairdresser and boat enthusiast Stefan Ackerie told a leading Australian publication, “You have all these people who are interested in boating and want to own a boat, but it’s either too expensive or they don’t have anywhere to store the boats.

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