The Politics Behind the Zika Virus

The Politics Behind the Zika Virus

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Zika Virus
Mainstream media knows what to reveal and what to hide in order to create the optimum impact and sensation. It is following this principle in regard to Zika virus, where it has let the cat on the roof by suggesting that the virus triggers neonatal defects. It has however withheld pivotal details regarding it.

The public furore and fear over this announcement may mute other causes behind the birth anomaly. A news report in suggests that the mainstream media has been vague on the true picture of Zika, a Brazilian virus; and typically how it erupted from the cloned mosquitoes of 2012.

Why is Zika being presented as the main villain?

Zika is being brandished as the root cause of microcephaly, a natal anomaly wherein the head shrinks considerably. The gruesome images are fast affecting common people. Health officials are exhorting women to shelve their family plans or external travels till a cure is conjured.

While the symptoms and defect are actual; the other causes behind the same, including vaccine reaction; toxic poisoning and pesticide involvement are all held back as Zika gets the headlines.

It is notable that although 4180 babies were believed to suffer from microcephaly, only 270 babies actually suffered. Further, only 6 of these babies had anything to do with Zika virus; a notional percentage. The big question then is – Why is Zika being brandished as the main villain?

Zika may be a supposed bio-weapon.

It is assumed that Zika virus was invented by researchers for furtherance of certain experiments in 1947; the year when it was identified and segregated from a bonded rhesus monkey.

Zika kept a low profile till 2012 when it spread through cloned mosquitoes released by Oxitec; a bio enterprise, to counter the spread of Dengue. It has since touched 21 more countries.

Interestingly, Zika virus is easily available through ATCC labs. While speculation is rife that the cloned mosquitoes were released to trigger a biological warfare, some also believe that it was inadvertent and that the virus was actually suffused to dilute the spread of Dengue.

It is also possible that this particular virus is carved out of resistance through conflicts between the virus and dengue virus. Such strains are not untenable- the prime reason behind sudden spurt in deformed babies in Brazil.

Brazil has taken military help in warding off the modified mosquitoes infused with the Zika virus. This would involve rampant spray of insecticides, which may affect embryos and toddlers significantly, thus the request made to women to delay pregnancy!

In fact, the Health Ministry’s request to pregnant women asking them to take Tdap vaccines since 2014 might also have been the reason behind the current rise in deformed babies. The vaccine, after all, comprises of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde; all major ingredients of adverse impact.

It is no rocket science that Zika is being made a scapegoat to safeguard insecticides and vaccines and thus keep their sale going. In addition, the outbreak of dengue would lead to further release of modified mosquitoes and the cycle would go on. In the process, women may be inherently wary of procreating.




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