Prime Minister’s Office Informed Of Serious Allegation Of Corruption Between Senator Sam Dastyari and the ASIC to Destroy 21st Century Australia Party and its Founder

Prime Minister’s Office Informed Of Serious Allegation Of Corruption Between Senator Sam Dastyari and the ASIC to Destroy 21st Century Australia Party and its Founder

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Founder of 21st Century Australia and author of What I Didn’t Learn At School But I Had, Jamie McIntyre recently wrote a letter to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull highlighting how politicians such as Senator Sam Dastaryi are corruptly using ASIC to interfere in the democratic processes of Australian Politics to destroy a new emerging political party. 

The letter reads:

Dear Prime Minister,
Firstly congratulations on your narrow victory in the 2016 Federal Election.

I am writing to ensure yourself and your office both are made aware of disturbing behaviour involving the Government Agency the “Australian Securities and Investment Commission” (ASIC) and Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

You are being informed before it’s publicly exposed including in a documentary called Tall Poppy “The Curse of a Nation” which I’m being featured in for 2017 release. It could be embarrassing for your government if no action is taken prior that shows such abuse of power inside ASIC encouraged by Senator Sam Dastyari. Thus I believe it’s prudent to inform your office prior to ensure your Government is given the opportunity to take appropriate action.

Documentary filmmakers have been and are continuing to investigate the ASIC and the serious misconduct and corruption allegations and abuse of power within their ranks.

Senators abusing their power not only by using Senate Committee Hearings to try and destroy political opponents but to “Lean on, unduly influence, and collude with dishonest ASIC Officers” in order to destroy new emerging political parties and the threats they pose to mainstream parties is outright corruption and is directly interfering in Australian Democracy.

I entered politics in 2013 and started the 21st Century Australia Party ( with a vision to improve the policy debate and bring our outdated 19th Century Political System and Educational Systems into the 21st Century and importantly restore power back to the voters,
I ran against Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce as an Independent which he could verify in the New England Electorate in NSW.

Ever since launching the “Centre Right” party which also called for the end of Union Corruption and Union Funding of Political parties I have been relentlessly targeted by both left wing media outfit “Fairfax and the ASIC” in what can only be considered a coordinated attack for dubious agendas and vested interests.

One accepts entering politics can bring undue attention but one doesn’t expect that the level of corruption that seemingly exists in Australian Politics and Government agencies such as ASIC.

Nor does one expect that Senators of a major Party can utilise Government agency officers, whilst funded by the taxpayer to go after and attempt to destroy a Political Party Founder and its funding and the founders reputation to prevent any future political threat to a major party.

Let’s face it, a new emerging party would only have to capture a small percentage of votes and preference against Labor to ensure Labor was unable to be or less likely to be ever re elected to Government for some time.

We have seen with the “Brexit vote and the President Elect Trump Win in the US” that voters globally are not only open to supporting outsiders and anti establishment candidates, but also are certainly in no mood to tolerate any sign of Government corruption.

ASIC thus being exposed for their dishonest and deceptive behaviour could damage its entire organisation’s credibility (or the little credibility it has left) and deservedly so. Especially once voters see exactly what they have been up to and worse how many investor losses ASIC has deliberately caused to destroy their targets. Not to mention the fact it’s also being done to serve political agendas of certain Senators.

We have also seen with the rise of emerging parties such as Nick Xenophon (who also used a Senate Committee to slander myself and my party and one of my guests and political mentors who I hosted in Australia in 2013 at my Financial Education Summits, Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was done for cheap political gain and embarrassed our country) and One Nation that major parties are vulnerable to smaller parties.

In fact the latest polls show 18% support for smaller parties according to “The Australian” 28th November.

The ASIC has targeted my companies by making up sham allegations, unfairly, destroyed most of them causing over $20 million in personal losses and $6.8 million in deliberate unjustified losses to my investors (some who are close to suicide because of what the gutless deceitful ASIC have done to them with full support and encouragement of Senator Sam Dastyari for political purposes). And in fact were pushed to create sham allegations against me purely for political purposes using any technicality in corporation laws to harass me.

Then because that still didn’t silence me they have even attempted to silence me because of my public exposure of their dodgy tactics via articles released by the These articles highlight not just their gross incompetence but their continued abuse of power and the hundreds of millions in losses they routinely cause deliberately to innocent investors. They are so desperate now to silence me I’ve been threatened with being sent to jail if I don’t cease and desist my public exposure of their behind the scenes actions. An ASIC officer was heard at a private function in Melbourne stating that “we are out to destroy McIntyre and his companies and party and will do whatever it takes to F… that C… over as we can do whatever we want.”

Is this the expected behaviour of a taxpayer funded regulator? One that’s not only targeting individuals for political favours to stop their emerging political party threat but also by trying to stop me being a whistleblower of the wider spread abuse of power within the ASIC?

ASIC know that in order to frame someone they have to have losses to win a court case and thus why they abuse their powers to create deliberate losses to innocent investors and use trumped up technicalities to abuse the court system and routinely lie to the courts, investors, Senators and the public.

It was predicted in 2015 that the ASIC would cause deliberate losses to my investors in order to then frame me for those losses which they then did.

In the words of a Senior ASIC Officer, Rosemary Pendergast, in an email this year to one of my investors who had suffered substantial losses from her and the ASICs unnecessary deliberate actions and alleged by investors outright lies and deceit “investor losses is not ASICs concern” (Such heartlessness and arrogance by ASIC officers sitting in their Ivory tower screwing over innocent investors thinking they are above the law when in fact they are actually public servants and should remember what a servant actually is.)

Excuse me?

I would most certainly think Australian voters and taxpayers think that ASICs primary role should be that investor losses are their concern. Yet name a single organisation or individual outside of ASIC who has caused more deliberate losses than the ASIC to investors by not just their gross incompetence which is well known but more importantly by their deliberate dishonest actions.

And voters and taxpayers don’t expect the ASIC should be using their monies to wipe out the funding and character assassinate a Political Party Founder because he is a future threat to a major party in this country.

If the corporate sector behaved with the lack of morals and lack of ethics as ASIC officers we would not have a functioning society.
But they think from their sheer arrogance not to mention ignorance that they are above the law and have nothing to fear and who watches the watchdog?

The 21st Century Group has employed almost 1000 staff in Australia since its inception in December 1998, to provide a modern day education system in Australia and has hosted individuals such as the Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir Richard

Branson and others and helped educate over 550,000 individuals from over 17 countries.

Today as a result of Senator Sam Dastyari using ASIC for political favours to blatantly character assassinate me and destroy my 21st Century Australia Party and companies to cut off future funding to the party, the 21st Century Group no longer employs a single Australian.

Jobs have been moved offshore helping grow other economies and never to return to Australia. It seems a pattern in Australia of entrepreneurs forced to move business overseas due to pathetic nanny state regulators and anti innovation and blatant tall poppy attitude and worse, government corruption such as exists inside ASIC and a major political party.

Is it any wonder Australian Politics lacks self made entrepreneurs with real life experience entering politics?

As when they do such as myself, taxpayer funded agencies are set onto them to destroy their companies and party funding and threatened with jail if they don’t cease posing a threat to the current establishment yet dare to stand up and expose the corruption.

If I was in America and had came up with such financial innovation such as the use of property options for small investors to acquire land as one of my companies did (secured by real estate) to increase land supply and help solve the housing affordability problem I would be invited to the White House and acknowledged.

Yet in Australia, a country that claims it supports innovation, I am instead targeted and such valuable innovation is not only not accepted but targeted by an overzealous corrupted political interfering ASIC.

And by a government agency that shouldn’t even be involved in Property regulation as it’s meant to be a Securities Regulator.
How about ASIC become a competent Securities regulator before it nominates itself as a Property regulator?

Australian voters deserve to know

1. That Government agencies aren’t using their tax dollars to interfere in the democratic process of the nation.

2. That someone can start a political party in Australia without being via corrupt methods destroyed unfairly by one of the major parties using a Government Agency for politics favours whose existence may become threatened.

3. That we have an honest transparent Securities regulator not a corrupt deceptive arrogant and ignorant one not to mention grossly incompetent.

I’m asking the Government

1. To order an external investigation into the ASIC, even a Royal Commission and into the involved officers in this matter not an internal one by ASIC. Crooked corporate cops shouldn’t be left to investigate themselves for obvious reasons.

2. The emails, phone calls, SMS and other communications between Senator Sam Dastyari and Senator Nick Xenophon and ASIC officers and Fairfax Media be subpoenaed.

3. Systems be put into place to prevent further abuse by the ASIC and that investor protection has to become their top priority and any losses caused by the ASIC using technicalities to destroy investments the Government must duly compensate investors for to stop the destruction of so many people’s financial lives by an arrogant and ignorant department who seethe with jealousy towards any successful Australian.

4. ASIC officers involved in the deliberate deception and deliberate losses of investors money be fired and in some cases criminally charged and made pay back the deliberate and unnecessary losses they caused from sheer spite and dubious agendas.

5. The ASIC Chairman be stood done whilst the investigation is ongoing.

6. Due compensation by the Government for losses to my companies, myself and damage to my good reputation by abuse of power by named Senators and the ASIC.

7. A commitment by the Government that no such corruption and abuses by the ASIC or any Government Department to interfere in the political process or to abuse it’s power for vindictive witch hunts will be tolerated.

Australian voters deserve to know the level of corruption inside Government Agencies and how existing politicians such as Senator Sam Dastaryi and no doubt others can utilise taxpayer funded departments to destroy future political threats and to stop Australians having legitimate political choices outside the major two parties.

It’s time this corruption was exposed and swift Government action taken.

Yours Sincerely,

Jamie McIntyre


The documentary filmmakers and investigators would like before releasing the documentary in 2017 for the Government to have time to take action against such matters to be able to accurately state the Government has or hasn’t done anything about the corruption in the ASIC. I also will be making this letter publicly available.

 Jamie McIntyre is the founder of the 21st Century Group and 21st Century Australia Party and Best Selling Author of “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had.”





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