Putin Asks People Responsible For Middle East Crisis: “Do You Realize Now What You Have Done?”

Putin Asks People Responsible For Middle East Crisis: “Do You Realize Now What You Have Done?”

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Middle East Crisis
Russian President Vladimir Putin took the floor at the UN’s 70th General Assembly after a decade of absence and suggested that the “export of so-called ‘democratic’ revolutions” should be stopped.

The Russian leader began his speech by describing the U.N.’s original purpose, which has been breached by “those that found themselves at the top at the pyramid” in the wake of the Cold War, who believed their decisions did not need to be legitimized by the U.N. He acknowledged that “the world is changing” and emphasized that the United Nations “must be consistent with this natural transformation.” The Russian President added that his country “stands ready.”

Without giving any names whatsoever, Putin said he “cannot help asking those who have caused this situation [revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa]: Do you realize now what you have done?” He partly answered his own question when he judged that his question will probably remain unanswered because “policies based on self-confidence and belief in one’s exceptionality and impunity have never been abandoned.”

In both the Middle East and Northern Africa, people want reforms and progress, but instead they receive “violence, poverty and social disaster,” Putin stated. He did not shy away from saying that a single centre of domination emerged following the Cold War and, instead of giving names, he preferred to warn that undermining the authority and legitimacy of the U.N. is “extremely dangerous” and could eventually lead to the dissolution of the entire system of international relations. According to the Russian President, unity is the solution to further develop the U.N.

Putin emphasized that ISIS ranks “include former Iraqi servicemen who were thrown onto the street after the invasion of Iraq in 2003” and added that many recruits are Libyan. He explained that some Western states “armed and trained them and then they defect to the so-called Islamic State.” Plus, he claimed that ISIS was “initially forged as a tool against undesirable secular regimes.” The Russian President warned that playing games with terrorists and arming them is “fire hazardous” and could lead to a worldwide terrorist threat that may engulf “new regions of the world.”

Cooperating with the Syrian government and its armed forces is the answer, according to Putin. He noted that the country he leads has been offering military-technical assistance to Syria, Iraq and other states that lead the fight against terrorism in the Middle East and literally “fight terrorism face to face.” Plus, restoring statehood and strengthening weak government institutions represent steps that could ultimately solve the “new painful migration of peoples.”

The Russian leader also revealed that the “military coup” in Ukraine was “orchestrated from the outside” and eventually triggered civil war. He called for the full implementation of the Minsk accords that were brokered by the Normandy Four in early 2015, which would guarantee Ukraine’s development “as a civilized state.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin took the floor roughly one hour after U.S. President Barack Obama left the stage.




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