Rothschild- the wealthiest dynasty in human history

Rothschild- the wealthiest dynasty in human history

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According to Forbes’ rich list, the aggregated wealth of the world’s billionaires is USD6.5 trillion, but off the record, the Rothschild family remains the wealthiest dynasty in human history. The name “Rothschild” cannot be found in the publication’s list of the 500 wealthiest people on Earth because the family’s wealth has been distributed amongst hundreds of heirs throughout the years, The Rich reports.

Although it is difficult to estimate exactly how much this powerful family is worth due to their renowned secrecy and the scale of their operations, the net worth has been estimated at anywhere between USD1 trillion and USD100 trillion.

Many U.S. Presidents warned of the Rothschild family’s intrigues, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson included and two of them, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated for trying to nationalize the Federal Reserve through the issuance of Treasury Department-backed currency.

Last year, some researchers pointed out that Iran is one of the three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under the family’s control. Before the 9/11 event, there were reportedly seven: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, but by 2003 Iraq and Afghanistan were already under Rothschild control. By 2011, Libya and Sudan were also gone; in Libya, a bank set up by the powerful family was established in Benghazi while the nation was still at war. The Rothschilds supposedly control the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements. They own most of the world’s gold and the London Gold Exchange and, according to an estimation made by Credit Suisse, the USD231 trillion is controlled by Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of the family.

Although there are a lot of legends that connect the Rothschilds with financial collapses, takeovers and wars across the world, two of the most famous are the family’s involvement in the construction and owning of the Suez Canal and its decision to pay a compensation fee that automatically declared Brazil independent from its parent state, Portugal. Even though it is traced back to the 18th century, the Rothschild family reportedly continues to be a powerful dynasty which fuels some of the world’s greatest and most ambitious financial projects.





 Author: Alex Davies


  1. Interesting article on the Rothschild “Family”, and it could have gone a lot further.

    The similarities between the assassination of Abe Lincoln and JFK are so uncanny that they seem to have been carried out by the same person (except, that because the murders were a century apart, it would have to be a highly-organised conglomerate or sect, with great attention to detail). Both presidents were shot in the back of the head, in front of their wives, on a Friday, by suspect “lone gunmen” who were killed before they could testify, come to trial, or name accomplices. Abe’s alleged killer struck in a theatre and escaped to a warehouse; JFK’s alleged killer struck from a warehouse and escaped to a theatre, both men stood for absolute equality of all men, freedom of information and naming those in secret societies. There are still millions of people convinced that the killers did not act alone; it goes on and on.

    The Rothschild family is not named in the Forbes 500 Rich List, not necessarily because they have spread the family fortune around amongst hundreds of descendants ($100 Trillion split a million ways would still mean that many of the family show up in Rich Lists); possibly there are no Rothschilds in the lists because the family owns or controls the mainstream media? We already have the situation in the USA where hundreds of news sources are ultimately owned or controlled by only five (5) corporations; how hard is it to believe that the Rothschilds could be majority shareholders in all five companies?

    The documentary “Bowling for Columbine” showed that US gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson could manipulate the media, by only advertising their guns for sale (for “protection”), when the paper ran stories of muggings, robberies or home invasions. The paper would run more fear-mongering stories to gain more advertising revenue. How much more revenue could be gained by manipulating across multiple media sources, particularly if you had investments in many industries? Ebola, anyone? 9/11? Weapons of Mass Destruction? All of these media beat-ups lead to massive (unnecessary?) military action, and massive profits for those in the know.

    There is much speculation that JFK was killed for wanting a gold-backed dollar (leaving less speculation profits for Rothschild banksters), and also that he was killed for wanting to withdraw troops from Vietnam. After his assassination, the gold standard was repealed, and the Vietnam war went on another decade, earning massive profits for those invested into Bell Helicopters as well as arms sales. What’s one presidential assassination against billions in investor earnings?

    It has also been rumoured that the famous “suicide” of Italian financier Roberto Calvi, known as ‘God’s banker’ because of his close financial ties with the Vatican Bank, was organised by the “Family”. Calvi died in 1982, found hanged from BlackFriars Bridge in London. Oddly enough, he was fully suited, his pockets were stuffed with cash, and his jacket pockets were filled with bricks.

    An independent investigation into the “suicide” in 2002 found that Calvi, had indeed been murdered, by being strangled from behind, before his body was hung up. Calvi, whose bank had gone bust, allegedly owing the Vatican almost a Billion dollars, also apparently owed money to Rome’s Freemasons. Conspiracy theorists love to link the death-scene clues of “Black Friar”, pockets full of “masonry” and the Vatican links to Black Friars, Masonry and millions of missing dollars. A mafia hitman who was accused of the murder 30 years after it occurred, said that “those responsible will never face trial”, as they included people so important that they were the “puppet-masters” who chose presidents, popes, politicians, judges and bank CEO’s.

    Reasonable people think that there should be nobody who is “above the law”, but reality will tell you that this is not the case. If a small-time celebrity like OJ Simpson can get away with murder, those who make the laws and can afford to pay judges off in Billions, not just Millions, can get away with far more.

    It would be a brave person indeed who did do an independent and investigative journalism story on the “Family”, their shareholdings, links to private banks, and how they profit from wars and genocide. The person who wrote the story may become a martyr, but the truths they uncovered could set millions of people free.

    Hmmmm, perhaps an article that “changes names for privacy” would be in order? ;) Coming up soon: a story about the “RottenChild” family; any resemblance to any real people, living or dead, is possibly co-intentional.

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