Russian Troops May Have Discovered Secret ISIS Base in Tennessee

Russian Troops May Have Discovered Secret ISIS Base in Tennessee

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Secret ISIS Base
U.S. warplanes operating in the Levant War Zone conducted a bombing raid against a Syrian Arab Army compound in an attempt to kill Russian forces that uncovered a secret CIA “ratline” funnelling ISIS leaders from the battle zone to Dover, Tennessee.

According to a report, four U.S. warplanes launched nine missiles at the Syrian Arab Army compound in early December, killing at least three people and injuring 13. The Syrian government labelled the attack as an “act of aggression” and the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent an official protest to the U.N. Security Council over the airstrikes. SANA news agency quoted the Ministry as saying that “Syria strongly condemns the act of aggression by the U.S.-led coalition that contradicts the U.N. Charter on goals and principles.” This aggression shows that the “U.S. coalition is not serious and insincere in the fight against terrorism.”

It is believed that the decision to target the troops was due to the fear that these forces have uncovered a plot which involved the CIA’s smuggling of ISIS heavyweights from the Levant War Zone to Islamville, a secret “commune/ training compound” in Dover, Tennessee, located roughly 50 kilometres from the U.S. Army base Fort Campbell where the terrorists are supposedly being trained to use shoulder fired ground-to-air missiles. On December 2, a “training accident” involving these terrorists killed two soldiers when their AH-64 Apache helicopter was “mistakenly” shot down.

According to The Washington Standard, there are at least 22 verified Islamic terror training camps in the United States in remote areas of Georgia, California, South California, Virginia, Texas, Michigan and Tennessee “–all under the watchful eye of the FBI.” The Clarion Project revealed that there are 22 “villages” around the United States, with Islamberg as its main headquarters in New York. It obtained secret MOA [Muslims of the Americas] footage showing “female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg.” Clarion released a MOA tape which showed its spokesman declaring the United States to be a Muslim-majority country.

A 2007 FBI record revealed that MOA members have been involved in over ten murders, one disappearance, one attempted firebombing, three firebombings, one attempted bombing and two explosive bombings. The document showed that “members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani. […] The MOA is now an autonomous organisation which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” A 2003 file stated that investigation of the MOA is based on “specific and articulate facts giving justification to believe they are engaged in international terrorism.”

Three months ago, U.S. President Barack Obama said they “don’t have a strategy yet” when asked about the country’s plan to defeat ISIS, but after his recent speech following the San Bernardino massacre, his plan seems to include “more fake air strikes, more weapons for terrorists, more empty talk of coalitions and a plea for Putin to bail him out,” according to Frontpage Mag. “If Obama ever wants to figure out how to really defeat ISIS, he can start by trying to figure out how he would defeat himself.”

Last month, eight Syrians attempted to cross into Texas, although Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the state would refrain from participating “in any program that will result in Syrian refugees being resettled in Texas.” Governors of Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire and Wisconsin have also promised to block Syrian refugees from entering their states.

Germany has recently warned Saudi Arabia against further financing radical groups globally. German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Bild am Sonntag newspaper that “the time of looking away is over” and explained that “Wahhabi mosques all over the world are financed by Saudi Arabia.” This strict version of Sunni Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia and is said to be behind ISIS and al Qaeda’s extremist ideologies.



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