Should Senator Nick Xenophon get terminated for embarrassing Australia with his childish email to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Should Senator Nick Xenophon get terminated for embarrassing Australia with his childish email to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Nick Xenophon has been blasted for embarrassing Australia for apparently contacting former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office asking him to repay the fee he was paid for speaking at 21st Century’s Financial Education Summits in Perth Sydney and Melbourne in 2013 for Jamie McIntyre.

Xenophon is trying to create a link where Schwarzenegger speaking at the event is somehow related to select investors acquiring options in land banking projects, even though there is no such link.

Despite being a real estate millionaire, Schwarzenegger didn’t speak about real estate and nor did Jamie McIntyre.

It appears to be a desperate publicity stunt by Xenophon to get his name in the newspapers.

When McIntyre was contacted by ANR, he said this soap opera is becoming a joke.

“Only an Australian Senator could be so childish and stupid to embarrass our country”, he said.

He goes on to state:

“When Arnie’s office contacted me regarding this, I explained (as Arnie knows I entered politics in 2013 by launching 21st Century Australia Party, in fact Arnie gave me some good advice on politics) that it’s simply a political beat up by some desperate Australian Senators wanting their five minutes of fame. On behalf of Australians, I sincerely apologise that we have less than intelligent politicians in this country that routinely embarrass us.

“But at least we have a new Prime Minister who is the best we’ve had in a very long time, so things should improve.

“What’s ludicrous is, the five 21st Century land banking projects in question that ASIC is trying to destroy as part of a spiteful vendetta against McIntyre for being a whistleblower of ASIC’s alleged corruption didn’t even exist or become available for select clients to acquire until June 2014 and Feb 2015 (except 805 Archer Road Shepparton, which was acquired in late 2013, but no options were released till after June 2014) . Arnie spoke at the June 2013 21st Century Financial Education Summit before any of these projects even existed. Xenophon clearly isn’t one to check facts and neither does he care for the truth. Is this the quality of Senators Australia deserves?” asked McIntyre.

He said, Xenophon and Senator Sam Dastyari are the two Senators that tried to pull the stunt at Senate Hearing into land banking by having their star victim witness flown in to share how she apparently lost $56,000 in land banking projects for it to only be discovered that she had not lost any money and had actually received an additional $56,000 option for free.

McIntyre said, “surely if two Senators such as Xenophon and Dastyari are going to abuse the privilege or Parliament to try and frame me for losing investors’ money in land projects, they could at least find an investor that has actually lost money.

He said, it was such an embarrassment for them to be seen at the Hearing to be asking questions sent to them by the failed developer Nejat Mackali who lost investors $4.7 million, which McIntyre then bought off the liquidators and covered $4.7 million in option liabilities to protect investors.

It was reported by members of the public that during the Senate Hearing, they clearly saw developer Nejat Mackali passing a handwritten note to disgraced Fairfax journalist Simon Johanson and was then texting Senator Dastyari at the front of the room during the hearing when they were questioning McIntyre.

Nejat Mackali was identified also to be sitting next to ASIC officer Rosemary Prendergast, the lead lawyer for ASIC heading up the case against McIntyre in the Federal Court.

McIntyre said, “we weren’t sure until today who was behind these trumped up allegations but now it’s clear. Senator Dastyari, Nejat Mackali- the failed Sheparton developer, the disgraced Fairfax journalist and the ASIC officers are all working in tandem and this was seen in full public view”.

It also explains why despite providing to ASIC sometime ago full detailed information about Nejat Mackali (who after his development received $4.7 million in option fees decided to put it into liquidation), ASIC has refused to investigate him or help find the money McIntyre asked ASIC to locate.





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