Author Thomas C. Corley Reveals 36 Things Rich People Have In Common

Author Thomas C. Corley Reveals 36 Things Rich People Have In Common

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Rich People

Thomas C. Corley, best-selling author of the Rich Habits Series says he got to know the substance of the lives of rich people after studying them for five years. On his website, Corley has explained the background of his methodology in detail. In an article for Business Insider, based on his experience and study, Corley reveals the key characteristics and lifestyle choices that rich people share in common:

  1. They are mature in age. At least 80% of them are 50 years or older.
  2. They enjoy doing what they do. 86% of them love their jobs.
  3. They have a lot of money. Half of the rich makes at least $500000 every year.
  4. They have taken a long time to achieve their wealth. On an average, most rich people have taken 32 years to reach where they are currently.
  5. They had mentors who taught them what they should do and what they shouldn’t.
  6. They have made it big on their own. A meager 24% inherited their wealth and property from their ancestors.
  7. Health is an essential priority. 76% of them workout for 30 minutes about four times a week.
  8. They like to guide others on their way to success.
  9. Their good habits exceed their vices.
  10. They believe in planning their days well and 81% of them have a to-do list to follow every day.
  11. They have good attorneys and financial advisors.
  12. They keep themselves happy.
  13. They mostly have the same home, same wife, and same car. Rarely any of them have divorced or leased a car.
  14. They cast their vote at every election. At least 83% of them do.
  15. They are economical and spend money only when they really have to.
  16. They believe in taking risks. A whopping 63% took risks to become rich and 23% of them failed at one point or another.
  17. Most of them are college graduates.
  18. They work really hard. 73% of them put in more than 57 hours of effort every week.
  19. 84% of the rich refrain from gambiling.
  20. They believe in living the American Dream instilled in them by their parents.
  21. They don’t easily lose their temper.
  22. They hardly spend any money on vacations. 41% of them spend as little as $3000 per year and 96% spends less than $6000 a year on holidays.
  23. More often than not, they are in the habit of waking up early.
  24. They mostly make decisions at work. 91% of them hold authoritative positions like senior executives, CEO, doctors, attorneys, salesmen, etc.
  25. They focus on one goal at a time; at least 80% of them do.
  26. 99% of them don’t have a criminal record.
  27. They have secured their retirement savings. 94% of this group has saved 20% of their income from the time they started working.
  28. They always stuck on the learning curve. 77% of them were either B students or C students during their school days.
  29. They are brutally honest.
  30. They are die-hard optimists.
  31. They have established four to five sources of recurring income. 65%, 45%, and 29% have three, four, and five streams of income respectively.
  32. They have worked on building a team that they could rely on with their daily tasks.
  33. They hardly ever watch TV.
  34. They don’t entertain people who whinge all the time.
  35. They network with people who are successful and optimistic.
  36. They donate their money and time to different charities. At least 72% donates at least five hours per month in some charitable work.




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