Tony Robbins Explains How to Move On From Past Failures To Secure A Rich and Successful Future

Tony Robbins Explains How to Move On From Past Failures To Secure A Rich and Successful Future

0 Reads  By: Atreyee Chowdhury

1 tonyFarnoosh Torabi’s podcast ‘So Money’ opened with an interview of Tony Robbins on his book “Money: Master The Game”.

Torabi asked Robbins a question that was originally asked by one of her podcast audiences.

“What is the best way to deal with your own fear of failure after a bankruptcy or other financial disaster?”

Robbins replied that if we let our fear of failure guide us, then “you know what’s gonna happen; you’ve already failed, because you’re not gonna earn your way toward financial future”, reported Business Insider Australia.

He continued to explain –

“I’ve been through so many things that quite frankly, we need to stop talking about the story of what we’ve been through, and we gotta focus on what it is we’re gonna create. ‘Cause anybody who really does go through an extreme stress and really deals with it and just stops telling the story about it, an interesting thing happens. Keep telling the story, every time you tell the story, you feel the fear again.”

According to Business Insider, he also advised the listener and Torabi with the following speech:

“I’d say to that individual, ‘What you really gotta do is, is you’ve gotta put the story to bed.’ Divorce your story of your past and marry the truth of what you do today is all that matters. If you marry the truth and act on the truth, your life will change. If you keep sharing the story -and by the way we do this ‘cause we think if we tell people, ‘I really wanna do it, but I’m just fearful ‘cause I lost all this money in the past’ – it gives us an excuse why we’re not doing it now. It’s not that we’re weak, it’s not that we have no guts, it’s not that we have no courage, it’s just this horrible thing happened to me. We all love to plan or point the finger to something we can’t control that’s not our fault.”



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