What does a Trump Victory mean for Australia and the World 

What does a Trump Victory mean for Australia and the World 

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As mainstream media in Australia and around the world are still left wiping egg off their face for blatant attempts to effectively rig the US election in Clinton’s favour, it’s great to see the masses are awakening fast enough to try and stop the corrupt elites who seek to control the world for their self interest.

Mainstream media, if it had any credibility left, has surely none now after being caught out for blatantly attempting to manipulate the public to ensure their puppet President in Clinton was elected.

They did it to stop Bernie Sanders (another people’s choice) against Clinton. However, they were unable to stop Trump.

Credit and congratulations must go to Donald Trump.

Whether we like him or not as a person (let’s face it, no human is perfect, so let’s get over ourselves and stop expecting leaders to be) he has achieved something against all odds.

That takes a lot more than luck.

It takes the ability to say it how you see it and not allow controversy or the mainstream media to silence you.

He has started a revolution, and if he follows through in cleaning out the corruption in Washington by exposing those who wish to drag the US into war after war, then the world will become a better place.

The mainstream media will try and convince us the world is heading for doomsday because of a Trump Victory.

But why don’t they just stop embarrassing themselves?

It’s clear that hardly anyone is listening.

Perhaps it’s time we organised a boycott of mainstream media’s newspapers and send these deceptive unethical media companies broke sooner.

They have continually betrayed our trust. Laws should be enacted to stop the press from deliberately manipulating the public.

Opinion pieces are fine, as long as they ensure that they are labelled as such.

What does a Trump victory mean for Australia and the world?

Firstly it means we can stop WWIII that Clinton, her neo con buddies and the military complex so badly wanted.

The US can become friends with Russia and develop better relations with the world.

Why should the US be an enemy of Russia?

Russia is a great country with a very intelligent leader in Putin. The US can now show the respect to Russia and other countries that deserve it instead of being a rogue super power and a corrupt world police.

So, peace on earth is actually now possible.

It also means Australia and other nations can push for a more independent foreign policy.

We are no longer a lap dog for failed US foreign policy.

This is healthy for Australia and other nations, since a Trump Presidency will support it, as he wants America to start minding its own business and become more inward.

The US meddling with other countries and exporting terror instead of democracy has been the single biggest cause of war and violence. Therefore, this is a very smart move for the US, even though the neo cons and MSM media will try and scare us into thinking that this will somehow make the world more dangerous. Let’s not buy their lies or their newspapers.

A Trump Presidency will boost the US economy by a massive infrastructure stimulus.

This is smart policy, something every country should be doing right now- including Australia.

Borrow now when money is cheap for quality infrastructure spend. This can be a game changer.

Trump is also good for the world economy, as his infrastructure stimulus plans can boost not only the US economy, but also the world economy.

Markets have already responded positively. Iron prices are 16% higher and coal prices are close to record highs.

If iron prices on average stay at the new level for two years, it’s worth an extra $10 billon alone to the Australian budget.

Trump also has an ego, as we know. This means he will be very committed to achieving results, as his identity is tied to the promise of ‘making America great again’. Moreover, he has significant business experience and negotiation skills.

The above factors suggest he will be able to get a lot more done than typical bureaucratic career politicians.

Trump’s victory now gives hope to billions around the world that people can have power. It’s being taken back from the corrupt criminal cartel that has been operating in the shadows behind the scenes controlling our puppet leaders.

This rise of real democracy and people power is uplifting.

We can only hope that the misguided ones crying because Clinton lost ultimately discover sooner than later that they were supporting the enemy.

This is the very essence of what they actually oppose. She was a puppet and a stooge willing to do the bidding of the corrupt elite, i.e. the establishment.

Nothing would have changed other than more wars, more funding of ISIS and more deaths of millions of innocents in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and so on.

The world can’t change if we keep voting the puppet leaders back into power.

There is saying- “Nothing changes if nothing changes”

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Military spending increased by a Trump Presidency:

I don’t agree with increased military spending, as I’ve pushed political policy for a 30% global reduction by all nations on military spend. That money should be invested into infrastructure, renewable energies, health, education and social services.

However, in saying that, throwing a bone at the military complex just may be enough to stop them from having him assassinated and stopping the revolution. Therefore, it may be a price we may have to pay.

Despite the MSM trying to lie to us that a Trump Presidency is doom and gloom, it can be a very positive thing for Australia and the rest of the world.

Trump has his flaws, but this is about a movement far bigger than him.

He just had the profile, courage and means to ignite and lead the revolution. For that we should be grateful.

Let’s watch the cockroaches in Washington scatter as the light is turned on and the swamp gets drained.
Either way we are in for interesting times.

Times are a changin’… finally!

Jamie McIntyre is the founder and leader of 21st Century Australia. 



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