Why are US and UK planes dropping weapons for ISIS ?

Why are US and UK planes dropping weapons for ISIS ?

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In late February, Iranian news agency FARS revealed unconfirmed reports about the presumed identity of those helping ISIS with weapons and ammunition. An updated video released by the unofficial Islamic State a3maq news a few months ago showed a jihadist displaying a number of boxes of ammunition with English-language markings.

Bloomberg recently cited Faleh Al-Issawi, deputy chief of the Anbar provincial council saying that the IS has recently hit the city of Ramadi with 150 mortar shells and attacked security forces with over 20 car bombings. Mr Al-Issawi added that the militants have changed their tactics and are now digging kilometre-long tunnels and planting bombs under important buildings, such as the headquarters of the Iraqi army. They are becoming more versed in the art of combat and one cannot help but wonder if those teaching the militants new tricks are the same people dropping weapons for the Islamic State.

Ashraf al-Azzawi, RT Arabic correspondent, went to the city of Ramadi, one of the most important battle grounds in the fight for Anbar. The terror group is reportedly looking to consolidate their positions in Ramadi and are attacking it with more intensity since Iraqi government forces launched a campaign to capture the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, Tikrit. Although the conflict started more than nine months ago, the enemy is not running short of soldiers. On the contrary, militants have access to a vast range of modern weapons and explosives that are reaching them with continuing frequency.

A soldier loyal to the Iraqi government told the RT correspondent that they recently saw three planes that flew towards this area. He added that the big plane, flanked by two smaller ones, dropped boxes about “500 metres from the Al-Jarash area of the city.” Then hours later, the soldiers were vigorously attacked by ISIS. The soldier pointed out that, while their ammunition had finished, the militants still had enough armament and ammo to attack them.





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