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Nanotech in the Shots?

Nanotech in the Shots? By Seemorerocks Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots? New Zealand Scientists Have Also Found It . . . https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/6/o/S/9/6oS9c.caa.mp4   Austrian

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Thank You Canada Truckers!

Thank You Canada Truckers! By Steve Kirsch Who would have thought? They aren’t leaving Ottawa until they drop the mandates. I predict Tre. If you

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World Freedom Convoy

World Freedom Convoy By IMACOGINDEWHEELOFLIFE Europe Convoy Attention! When February 7, 2022 Telegram (https://t.me/FreedomEuro) World Freedom Convoy 2022 freedom convoy for Europe! Canada Convoy https://t.me/+AlkeEQZ-V0syNWRh

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What’s the Real Agenda?

What’s the Real Agenda? By Staff Reporter Why would the FDA behave this way? Why aren’t they safeguarding public health from a clearly lethal treatment?

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