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Australia Jab Injuries – Alice – From Cairns, Australia


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Australia Jab Injuries – Alice – From Cairns, Australia

By Jab Injuries Global

Alice – Cairns, Australia

Pfizer #1: FH3221
Pfizer #2: NA

I do not have a hard and fast standpoint on the vaccine. If anything, I sit on the pro-side of the fence, I have travelled a lot in my lifetime, and have had my fair share. Like most arguments, there is always truth to be found in both points of view. I personally do not know enough about the science to pass sound judgment either way, like I take my car to the mechanics if it breaks down. I go to the doctors if I need advice on my health.

Well, that was until 2021.

In June, I got Ciguatera poisoning, which opened my eyes and changed my opinion of the medical profession. Ciguatera is a type of food poisoning caused by eating fish contaminated with Ciguatoxin. It’s very rare and is not something that can be tested for nor is there an antidote. It effects the digestive, muscular, and nervous system and can effect you for just a couple of days or for years. I found it really hard to find a doctor that would help me. If they didn’t already know about Ciguatera, they weren’t interested in learning. They listened to my story without caring, charged me a lot of money, and sent me on my way without doing anything to help me or even point me in the direction of somebody that could help. I lost my trust in the medical profession.

Fast forward five months, I had finally got myself back on track and was feeling good. I was excising twice a day and I was at TAFE doing a six week course before returning to work as a harvest diver. I had already made my mind up not to get the vaccine as my body was still very reactive after being poisoned. Things like caffeine, alcohol, the smell of chemicals, or anything from the sea are known Ciguatera triggers and still caused reactions. These episodes were short lived and manageable.

However, and obviously there has to be a however otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, I also needed to go home to the UK to see my family. I haven’t seen them since 2018 and without the vaccine, it was looking fairly difficult. Then they brought in the mandate. So, after a few sleepless nights, off I went to get my first Pfizer shot.

The morning after I woke up with numb limbs, which turned into pins and needles. Then when getting out of bed, I felt dizzy and everything blacked out for at least ten seconds. A part from this, I had a chemical taste in my mouth and slight fatigue but it didn’t stop me carrying on as usual thinking it was just the normal side effects. On day four, everything took a turn for the worse. It felt like someone was physically holding me down, like there was a crushing weight on top of me, and I couldn’t think straight. I then proceeded to get sick to the point where I couldn’t keep water inside me. The vomiting and diarrhoea lasted for three days. I couldn’t walk from my bed to the kitchen without getting out of breath and dizzy. I intermittently had pins and needles and numbness more so after lying down or sitting still. I had a pain in my chest, my head felt like it was about to explode, and I had pains in my spine, neck, armpits, and groin.

This went on for four weeks and to be really honest, it’s all a bit of a blur but in that time frame I had one hospital visit, about seven doctors appointments, and as many blood tests. I had varying feedback from the medical profession. The hospital said it was gastro. One doctor found from my bloods I had inflammation and decided I had Crohn’s disease and booked me in for a colonoscopy. One doctor took two weeks to get back to me to then call me in urgently to tell me that my white blood cells were down and I had inflammation. She then proceeded to offer no help but to push me into getting my second jab but instead of Pfizer, to get AstraZeneca.

Finally, the only doctor who helped me with my Ciguatera and who is hard to get an appointment with, diagnosed me with low iron and said it was highly likely I had a reaction to the vaccine. He said the trouble is not much is known about the vaccine side effects. All he could do is give me a two months exemption and told me I should come good. He still recommended the Pfizer over the AstraZeneca, even after what had happened.

So, two months after the first vaccine, my partner decided he could take an extra couple of weeks off work in January. He wasn’t there for me the first time I had the reaction but wanted to be there incase I had one the second time around. He said I had to get on with my life and go to see my family, get back to work etc. I was obviously very anxious after what had happened the first time and it took all my mental strength to go get the second jab.

I had the usual flu like side affects but actually felt pretty good. I was relieved because I knew I could go home to see my family. However, on the fourth day, I woke up and took a turn for the worse again. The shortness of breath was back with a vengeance, dizziness, numbness/pins and needles, heart palpitations, shooting pains, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I felt like a belt had been wrapped around my chest or  a massive pressure was on top of me. It was a lot worse when I lay down. I also had a high heart rate again, which shot up when I went from a sitting to standing and when I did even the slightest bit of activity.

Back to the doctor and another hospital visit. They could hear abnormalities in my chest but my bloods were all fine this time. They also looked for high levels of troponin, which can indicate heart problems and did an ECG, which showed no irregularities. They thought maybe I had pneumonia or mild pericarditis was mentioned. I was sent home, instructed to take ibuprofen, and wait a week for an echocardiogram. The rustles from my echocardiogram showed mild inflammation but no written and definitive diagnosis.

Three weeks post second jab, I was a lot better. I was walking again and most of my symptoms had gone. I recovered a lot after the second time around and was getting on with my life.

The I caught COVID-19. For me, it lasted only a few days where I Had a cold and a chest cough. It was mild. Was it because I was double vaccinated? Or if I had caught COVID-19 unvaccinated, would I have ended up in hospital? Would it have carried on for two months like the side effects from the Pfizer vaccine or would it have affected me more like a bad flu? I can’t answer that question.

The reason I want to share my story is because either way, people need to be made aware of the vaccine side effects. The mandate is not okay. Forcing people to get a first generation vaccine is not okay. The fact that the medical profession is turning a blind eye, covering up, and pushing sick people away because the have the vaccine related injuries is not okay.

The vaccine definitely has its place for the elderly and vulnerable but taking into account it is first generation, little is known about the side effects, and the fact it doesn’t stop transmission, it is not a one size fits all solution. Even more so now Corona is moving into its endemic stage and evolving to become intrinsically less severe.

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