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Speaker Name : Jamie McIntyre

Founder of : Australian National Review, not for profit Independent Media.

Founded Australian National Review as an independent newspaper almost a decade ago, to expose Government and Mainstream Media corruption and the fraud of the vaccine industry, which now has grown into a Global Independent Media Network. Author of 12 books, including “The Great Vaccine Con“ 2016, and after being banned by Fakebook, and Instasham for speaking he founded a new social media platform, backed by Global Independent Media and where you can “speak the truth and not be banned“ and is growing faster than Facebook

Title of speech

How and why we must defeat the enemy of the people that Mainstream media and ensure Independent Media continues to thrive and why we must stop the dangerous conspiracy theories and misinformation being spread by both the Government and Media such as Covid Vaccines are “safe, effective and necessary“.

Rallies Spoke at

Canberra Protest Rally Feb 12th

Been speaking at freedom rallies from Day 1 and conferences for 2 decades and hosting high profile speakers and leaders at his events.

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