September 25, 2023 7:22 pm

C19 Jab Injury and How It Changed My Life!!


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C19 Jab Injury and How It Changed My Life!!

By CaleyHannen Laid Bare

Today I share an in-depth account of how I became unwell due to being injured by the c19 vaccine, I talk in depth about my symptoms and my diagnosis, hospital stays and treatments, and how it’s affected and changed everything about my life. Please be mindful that this is a very difficult journey to share it’s taken a huge amount of courage to talk so openly about my experiences as it’s still something I am very much suffering with to this day, and it’s extremely challenging. It’s been a soul-destroying journey when at times I felt there was no way out, even tho I have always had the full love and support of family and friends who have been there for me to no end – I talk about family as plural in this video as they all mean so much to me and so does their constant support. But now is the time to speak up and let our voices be heard. People need to see this (raw and real) to be able to resonate and realise that this happening most probably to people you know – globally and there are thousands if not millions more people affected by this but are too afraid to speak up! The relevant people need to be held accountable. I am lucky enough to have a great network around me that has been there for me no matter what on my darkest of days, but in some of those darkest times I really struggled to find that light at the end of the tunnel, and this is why it’s so important to be heard. For further information, you can contact jab injuries Scotland – or jab injuries England if you feel you are suffering from an adverse reaction. Please also go ahead and watch the documentary Safe and Effective a second opinion by Oracle Films we need to stand together and fight this thanks for watching, I appreciate your time.

Here’s what others had to say:

Katie Bird
Your so so brave for speaking up about this I have an autoimmune disease and actually declined all 3 of the c19 vaccines and people thought i was mad. I send you all the healing in the world thank you for being brave and speaking up!!!

delyth owen
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with FND about 5 years ago, so I can empathise somewhat with what you’re going through. I think you’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever seen online. This is an incredibly difficult topic, but you’re speaking your truth. I can’t express how inspired I am by you.
Please please please remain hopeful.. your strength will get you through.

David Gracey
Well done Caley for making this video to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding this jab . I pray you get over these health issues to get back to your normal life. It’s very brave speaking about this subject . Get well soon.

Roxanne Donoghue
I had no idea this was even happening to you Caley. Amazing you’ve shared your story. Thinking of you. So brave, keep fighting hen

Thank you for speaking out. You’re helping many others. I feel for you and the trauma you’re having. Please keep going. Our body is amazing and I believe you’ll get well soon.

Victoria Grehan
Thank you for sharing your story, I came from tiktok. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I think you should contact the papers & share your story far & wide & you’re absolutely right about us basically being forced to get the vaccine. I have had 3 but I am not getting the booster, I made my mind up a while ago before I seen your video.

Mooncult Smith
Caley, your story has really touched my heart. I’m praying for you to get much better so you can be the mum you want to be. I know you have a big heart and a lot of passion!
We are what we eat, and our cells regenerate regularly, so get plenty of ginger and green vegetables, and anything to reduce inflammation might help …
Best wishes and God bless to you and yours.

tanya burnett
Thankyou so so much for sharing your story, you are truly inspirational and such a strong woman. I myself have not been right since having my vaccine, terrible migraines, tremors in my hands, unable to get my words out. My heart just races uncontrollably, and I have the worst pain running up my neck. My doc will not have it that it’s since my vaccination, but I won’t give up until I get the truth.

Rebecca Smith
Very powerful.
The HVP vaccine also had implications for some young females. Though it was brushed under the carpet and hidden.
Keep fighting for those who aren’t strong enough too.

Philip stobie
Heartbreaking for you and I honestly cried whilst watching this. It is no doubt vaccine injury and there are thousands of stories like this. In fact there are people who are so ill and still do not join the dots as to what caused it. You say you had no choice and that you were coerced into having it. First of all shame on anyone who forces someone to do something to their body just because they have but secondly you always had the choice. I am sorry but I have lost so many friends through all of this shite because myself and my family stood strong and said NO. Moving forward I hope first of all you do get better and that you are directed to people who can help relieve some of your symptoms to give you a better quality of life. Secondly I hope now that your eyes are wide open and that you will not trust everything that you are told and that you will do your own research into why the Government did this. Moving forward please research any advice you are given by the medical profession and make sure it it the right treatment for you. You come across as a lovely person who has been dealt one of life’s cruelest blows, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you do regain some of your life for you and your beautiful children.

Emma Gibb
Such a sad story, I truly hope you get your happy ending. I believe you will with your strength! Keep going!
I can’t help but relate to some of your symptoms. Last March I had my 1st vaccine, the Astra zenicca . Like you, I felt forced into taking it as I work in social care and was told this was needed for my job! I was so reluctant and put it off and put it off as I was worried about the unknown! I am not anti vax at all! Within 3 days I had sever limb weakness, numbness and pain. My eyes were drooping just like yours too! It was horrific. I couldn’t stay awake for more that 2/3 hours a day. Within 7 days I was taken to hospital with sever hypothyroidism! I had neurology involved with my symptoms, I had eye doctors, mri scans, umpteen appointments and investigation…….. but nothing! Everything was put down to my ‘new thyroid’ problem. I may not have been fit and healthy before but I was managing life just fine. Only 2 neurologist admitted to me that all my symptoms were vaccine related but told to carry on with my life. I did get Better than I was. At my worst I actually thought I was going to die. I was writing letters to my 2 boys. I was bed bound and unable to function for 4 months …….. but nobody ever took it serious. Frowned upon for blaming the vaccine. We know our bodies…….. I know it was the vaccine.
I truly hope you have a full recovery.
I don’t know you . I think you may have passed me in my work last week (leisure centre cafe)
Well done for speaking up.

leah connell
Thank you for sharing this ,it’s giving me hope that other people think the vaccine has damaged them ,I’m dealing with alot of the same symptoms but doctors are saying I’ve got long covid and I’ve been like this for 12’months doctors won’t listen.

Mark Welsh
I’m sorry to hear about this but, for nearly 20 years, there have been the “crazies” (like me) desperately trying to get people to listen and we have been laughed at as “Conspiracy theorists” and ignored. There is more planned in many different ways but, once more, nobody will listen. So the “show” will go on and it will get worse. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but if people refuse to listen, what can we do? Your research and willingness to listen COULD stop it but there are too many people willing to be complicit in this for wealth and power and the irony is people only listen to people with wealth and power. So be it.

Brittney M
I’m sorry you are going through this. Jesus saves and He is our ONLY hope ! Give your all to Him and cry out to Him! He WILL give you strength, peace, and joy if you ask Him! He has saved me from death!!

Diana Nikolova
I refused to get even 1 vaccine. I was hospitalized with covid last year! They actually blame ME for the dead of other people because I didn’t get the jab. I didn’t recover from this at all. Have problems with my cycle and my hair fall off. I have panic attacks, depression and lack of energy for months. Last week I think I got it again. So now I am struggling again…
Have so many friends who get the jab just because they needed to work! They’ve been pressured to get this poison. Some of them were really sick after it.
I really hope that you get better. Please be patient with yourself and give yourself time to heal. It’s nerves that need to be repaired. It’s really sad to hear that you going through that kind of pain! Hugs and stay strong.
Need to sue them! And they need to pay for your treatment.

rakesh chauhan
Very sorry to hear of your condition. Try looking at seeing an ayurveda doctor in India. Also, I built software to work out which side effects from the vaccine based on the batchID. Send me them via email and I’ll send you a custom report.

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