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COVID Vaccines Increase Risk of Serious Cardiac Events by 18X


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COVID Vaccines Increase Risk of Serious Cardiac Events by 18X


Vaccinated kids are experiencing severe cardiac events at a rate 18X higher than their unvaccinated peers. Fact-checkers are welcome to validate this. But they won’t. They don’t want to know.

Executive summary

The results of my survey of 5,684 families (12,511 children) is in.

The results are statistically significant (the p-value was <1e-12).

For ages 10 to 25, you are 18 times more likely to suffer a serious cardiac event if you take the COVID shot (95% confidence interval: 6.5 to 70).

This matches the observations of cardiologist friends of Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s most respected cardiologists.

This means it is nonsensical for any child to get the COVID shot. It should be a criminal offense to administer it.

Sadly, nobody in the mainstream medical community or media will ever attempt to replicate my survey, so they will have plausible deniability.

This is a shame since my survey only took only 24 hours to complete from start to finish.

But hey, that’s how science works nowadays! It’s all about looking the other way when there is credible data that doesn’t comport with the official narrative.

The survey results summarized

This is the summary of the key cardiac symptoms reported (after the “gamed” entries were removed and the suspicious entries were validated with the reporter):

This is a disaster. This is why nobody in the mainstream medical community will even attempt to replicate my survey: because they don’t want to know that they got it wrong and endangered kids. They’d never be able to recover from that. So they will never try to replicate my survey. Ever.

How can I be so sure it was caused by the vaccine and not COVID?

  1. I’m comparing the vaccinated rate to the unvaccinated rate. Both groups should have equivalent COVID rates since the vaccine doesn’t work.
  2. If the vaccine actually works as claimed, then the COVID rates would be lower in the vaccinated, and the rates for the unvaccinated would be higher. This was not the case. The risk of cardiac injury was 18X higher for the vaccinated who presumably were protected against COVID.

How can there be no vaccine “success stories” to counter my surveys?

My surveys also showed that people are seeing death and disability that is unprecedented. For example, one of the people who filled out the survey (Jay Bonnar who works in high tech in sales) said he had 12 people he knew that died suddenly after the vaccines rolled out (all vaccinated), yet he didn’t know a single person in his entire life who died “unexpectedly” before the COVID vaccine rollout (i.e., just dropped).

Did Jay just get unlucky? No way. I hear stories similar to his all the time.

For example, Wayne Allyn Root, is a conservative and he estimates that about half his friends didn’t take the vax and about half did. This makes sense since there is an overall 75% take rate on the vax and conservatives are more likely to avoid the vaccine.

Wayne found that all the deaths and disabilities he heard about were in his friends who were vaccinated: 26 injured/7 dead among the vaccinated; 0/0 in his unvaccinated friends. So it was disproportionately affecting the vaccinated.

Either Wayne is simply the unluckiest guy in the world, or the vaccine is injuring and killing massive numbers of people. I think it’s the latter.

And minutes after posting this story, a reader wrote:

I’d say half of my friends are vaccined and the other half are not. Most of these people have also had Covid at least once. None, zero, zilch of my unvaccinated friends have any issues at all. This includes long Covid, heart, lung, etc…NONE!

My vaccinated friends have a laundry list of problems.

Another reader wrote of relatives with severe injuries. I asked: “Any in the unvaxxed?” Nope!

I never hear stories the other way… where people are seeing disproportionate severe injury/death rates among their unvaccinated friends. If what the medical experts are telling us is true, the injury/death rates should be lower in the vaccinated, not 18X higher.

So I asked on Twitter for such stories, but all I received were ad hominem attacks.

55,000 views… not a single success story provided. Lots of insults. Or “nobody I know died.” No personal vaccine success stories analogous to the personal story I got. Click on the image if you don’t believe me and read all the comments.

I’m interested in hearing from individuals who saw deaths post-vaccine that were disproportionately higher in the UNVACCINATED (higher odds ratio). Nobody provided that.

Is there a cardiologist in the US whose myocarditis rates dropped after the COVID vaccines rolled out?

I’m still looking for a cardiologist where the myocarditis rates dropped after the vaccines rolled out.

Nobody knew any.

Several people on Twitter claimed that myocarditis rates shouldn’t drop after the vaccine rollout. But according to Dr. Katrine Wallace (an epidemiologist who describes herself as an “epidemiologist, professional nerd, and interpreter of data”) who was on CNN castigating Joe Rogan for “misinformation,” the overall myocarditis rates are supposed to go down after the vaccine rollout (listen staring at 3:15):

I emailed Dr. Wallace to find out if she’d do a study to replicate my survey. So far, no answer. Darn!

Failing to find a cardiologist where myocarditis rates went down, I went on Twitter to ask any cardiologist to simply post their stats

No cardiologist who was willing to talk about their numbers.

Why does this information need to be secret???

Why the cardiologists aren’t talking

Perhaps this tweet in response to my post provides some insight? What do you think?

The key part is “these people were all vaccinated.” So it would be bad if a doctor told the truth.

Then there is this tweet:

And then there is this tweet:

Do you think people are making up these stories? It’s possible but they all seem consistent with the survey and to resonate with other comments. For example, here are some of the responses to that last tweet:

The peer reviewed literature does not match the reality

So why in my survey are people who were vaccinated getting serious cardiac events 18 times higher than people who are not vaccinated? That’s the opposite.

They cannot both be true. Someone is lying to you.

What should be happening according to the narrative

If you believe the narrative that you are 8X less likely to get myocarditis from the vaccine, then in the worst case a vaccinated person will be 12% more likely to get myocarditis than an unvaccinated person because the vaccine will add risk (at 1/8 of the COVID risk).

But if you believe that the vaccine reduces hospitalization risk by 10X like the CDC says, then it will reduce the myocarditis risk from COVID by 10X or so and the vaccinated will be 10X less likely to get myocarditis than the unvaccinated.

My survey, and the Twitter comments, indicate that neither of these scenarios is even remotely true.

So it’s really important to find out: is my survey (and all the anecdotes) flawed ? Or is the peer-reviewed literature wrong?

What do you think?

If you agree with my survey, choose the first answer.

If you agree with Dr. Wallace (mentioned above), choose the second answer.


Thanks to your help, we have confirmed what cardiologists who have been paying attention have observed: a dramatic increase in serious cardiac event rates after the vaccine rolled out is happening ONLY to the COVID vaccinated.

The survey I did makes it crystal clear: the cardiac events are disproportionately affecting the vaccinated (18X higher rate); this increase isn’t due to COVID or long-COVID because it is only affecting the vaccinated over the same time interval when both are exposed to the COVID virus.

The rest of the world will live in a fantasy land for decades before someone in mainstream medicine replicates my survey (which can be done in 24 hours).

The question we all should be asking is why doesn’t anyone want to show I’m wrong? At a minimum, this would discredit me and reduce the credibility of other “misinformation spreaders.” Why would they not want to do that? They’d save lives by reducing vaccine hesitancy. Replicate the survey and show us the data!

So now at least you know the truth.

And one final note: surveys of people are considered valid science. For example, the CDC is currently doing phone surveys of the vaccine injured.

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