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Parents Should Know – C0VID Jabs Can Cause “Irreparable” Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart & Other Organs



URGENT: JUST 7 DAYS REMAIN TO HELP SAVE INDEPENDENT MEDIA & ANR, SO LET'S CUT THE BS & GET TO THE POINT - WE WILL BE FORCED LAY OFF STAFF & REDUCE OPERATIONS UNLESS WE ARE FULLY FUNDED WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS - Sadly, less than 0.5% of readers currently donate or subscribe to us But YOU can easily change that. Imagine the impact we'd make if 3 in 10 readers supported us today. To start with we’d remove this annoying banner as we could fight for a full year...

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Parents Should Know – C0VID Jabs Can Cause “Irreparable” Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart & Other Organs

By Patricia Harrity

Pfizer-BioNTech on Tuesday asked the Food and Drug Administration to expand the use of its Covid-19 vaccine to children ages 6 months to 5 years. The request will be considered by the FDA, which will review the data and could grant emergency use authorization for the age group by the end of February.

The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on Feb. 15 to offer guidance on the pediatric doses.

We reported back in October when the FDA’s advisory group met to discuss the authorisation of administering its jab to children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Just a reminder this was when an FDA “expert” was asked – “Is the Covid-19 Vaccine safe for 5-year-old Kids? and a Dr. Rubin answered, “We won’t know until they are jabbed, and “that’s just the way it goes”.

Despite Dr Rubin’s admission, the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted 17-0 with one doctor abstaining, clearing the way for the FDA authorisation under emergency use authorisation (EUA).

We Knew the Jab Was Not Safe

Yet, we did know that it was not safe even back then, as I’m certain even Dr Rubin himself knew as the evidence and data to prove it was not and we certainly know now.

We know, despite the reluctance of the pharmaceutical companies to release data of clinical trials.

We also know that children have a “far superior immune system for clearing novel viruses. It has been reported that children have adaptive “immune systems that naturally generate robust, cross-reactive, and sustained immune responses.

We also know that due to a freedom of information request a document was produced by Pfizer, their post-authorization safety data for jab BNT162b2 which was to show 1250 deaths and over 25,000 adverse events in the first two and a half months. The Food and Drug Administration was not perturbed by this and still deemed the jab “safe and effective.”

Governments Promote the jab as being “Safe and Effective”

As did governments across the world, and without proof of the safety of these jabs, our own government continues to state that “The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are safe and effective” .

Yet even if we believed the deaths classified as “COVID”, in young people under 18 with no comorbidities, the survival rate, is 99.995%.

Again our government ignores the evidence and lack thereof and states, “COVID-19 is usually mild in most children, ….1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine gives good protection against your child getting seriously ill”.

Dr. Robert Malone questioned why “health bureaucrats” are recommending the mass uptake of a novel, experimental mRNA covid vaccine for children “when serious concerns are being raised” about the efficacy and safety of the product. He said the vaccines can’t be declared safe because there are no long-term safety data.

Vested Interests

And it now is obvious that those who are marketing the COVID jab as “safe and effective” tend to have a vested interest. For example, an article published in November 2021 in the New England Journal of Medicine was to  conclude: “A Covid-19 vaccination regimen consisting of two 10-μg doses of BNT162b2 administered 21 days apart was found to be safe, immunogenic, and efficacious in children 5 to 11 years of age.”

However, that statement was followed by the disclosure that the study was funded by BioNTech and Pfizer.

Also, of the 33 authors of the study, 94% have a financial interest in the vaccine makers, 60% were employees of BioNTech or Pfizer and 57% had received payments from the companies or owned stock in them.

The Trust Has Gone – Hasn’t It?

By now we have lost trust in those who are pushing the “benefits” of the jab in order to administer it to the children, therefore we would expect very few parents agreeing to their child being jabbed, wouldn’t we?

Not according to the KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor,  an ongoing research project tracking the public’s attitudes and experiences with COVID-19 vaccinations.

They found that in the U.S. six in ten parents of 12-17 year-olds now say their child has received at least one shot (61%, up from 49% in November), as do one-third of parents of 5-11 year-olds (33%, up from 16% in November).

Remarkably, three in ten parents of children under 5 say they’ll get their child vaccinated right away once a vaccine is approved for their age group!.

Following the parents – NOT the science

What Is The Difference Between a Conspiracy Theorist and The Truth?

Who are these people!? COVID vaccines provide no benefit to young children, but they do pose many, and sometimes serious, risks. Are they the ones who claim to be “following the science”? If so they should know this.

If not there is an extensive, but still not an exhaustive list of references at the bottom of this article, that SHOULD interest them before making a decision concerning getting their child jabbed.

These are references from academics and scientists that only two years ago would/may have been held in high esteem, they surely cannot all be conspiracy theorists?

So what is the difference between a conspiracy theorist and the truth? Well, these past two years have shown us that it is just merely time, a few short months in fact.

However, by then for some poor children, it will be too late, the decision to vaccinate children is irreversible according to Dr Robert Malone the scientist who helped create the mRNA vaccine technology, who has warned parents that the decision to vaccinate children is “irreversible.”

Vaccines are Irreversible

According to Malone, there are three issues parents need to understand:

The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including:

  • Their brain and nervous system
  • Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
  • Their reproductive system, and
  •  This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable·

  • You can’t fix the lesions within their brain
  • You can’t repair heart tissue scarring
  • You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
  • This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family

The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested. We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks.

Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later. Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history

The reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.

Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents.

We cannot and should not rely on governments or those paid to promote a vaccine that has no benefit whatsoever to our children. Parents now more than ever need to get themselves well informed before it’s too late.

Please watch this powerful video

Finally, there may be many people who believe terrible things only happen to others, I’m sure Ernesto Ramirez may have felt the same.

Please listen to Mr. Ramirez’s heartbreaking account of having his only son vaccinated.

As Promised studies for those “following the science” to peruse – If you are STILL In favour of vaccinating your child,

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Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and COVID-19 Vaccination References (As GBS affects all age cohorts – references are all age cohorts)

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