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USA Jab Injury – Jenny Porter, From Orange County, USA


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USA Jab Injury – Jenny Porter, From Orange County, USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Jenny Porter,
Orange County, USA

Hi, I’m Jenny Porter. I’m engaged to the love of my life. Mum to Three. Active in my church and community. I’m also a real estate professional in Orange County, CA. I’m an upbeat, high-energy, go-getter type but after reading so many other stories, I realise I am not unique — I realise my qualities of being athletic, healthy, and fit are normal among the inflicted by the vaccine. It’s eerily coincidental. I felt consistent gentle pressure from my industry to be vaccinated. The message came across that the right thing to do is make sure I did everything possible to keep others safe so our industry would thrive and not get shut back down. So, I did and I’ve been on disability ever since.

I had my first Pfizer vaccination on August 24th 2021 at Bushard’s Pharmacy, Laguna Beach. My batch number was #FA6780.

I was deathly ill from the moment I got it.

On September 5th 2021, I tested positive for COVID-19. The following day on September 6th 2021, I called my doctor, got on a z-pak and other medication to address initial (more commonly known) symptoms including: chills, sweats, severe body cramping, body aches, numbness of limbs, skin hurts to any touch, numbness, muscle failure — inability to walk, headache behind my eyes, tightness of chest, swollen throat and glands, cannot swallow, cannot catch breath, cognitive impairment, memory loss, loss of fine motor, processing inability, violent vomiting and diarrhoea, cough, and strangeness in taste and smell.

By day twelve, some symptoms cleared up with the z-pak and other medication I was on but once they subsided, some of the worst sciatica and cognitive impairment rained and quickly worsened. I was now newly allergic to main things thanks to the vaccine. I was running out of options for pain management and relief. The allergies gave me head to toe rashes that took weeks to clear up, multiple rounds of steroids, red open sores, and painful excessive bruising from clawing at my skin.

On September 18th 2021, without adequate ways to manage the pain, bulged disc, and MIS, I found myself unable to move as I was in excruciating pain and now filled with terror. My fiancé drove me to an emergency visit to our chiropractor. My entire body was riddled with inflammation, toxic, fluids, and within weeks, I gained twenty-five pounds from inflammation. The adjustment was challenging and painful to say the least. The doctor could not even touch my skin without it hurting but it provided relief so I could actually move now.

On September 27th 2021, the relief didn’t last and I ended up in the emergency room wondering if I would ever walk again. They took an MRI that revealed the bulged disc. The doctor’s offered no real light at the end of the tunnel. I lived with incapacitating pain, went to the doctor every week, went to pain specialists, acupuncture, the chiropractor, physical therapy, neurologist, rheumatologist, and took lots of pain drugs. This was day thirty-three of pain.

On November 4th and 2021, I had my first epidural and it provided moderate pain relief that lasted a few hours. This was day seventy-one of pain.

On November 10th 2021, I went to Darling Centre, Laguna Beach for an IV Chelation Toxin Flush. It blew two veins with major bruising. It finally took the third time. Thirty minutes afterwards, I collapsed outside on the sidewalk, felt nauseous, my muscles collapsed, felt weak, dizzy, and had cold sweats. This was day seventy-seven of pain.

On December 2nd 2021, I had my second epidural and numerous pain point trigger injections. I had a better response of up to twelve hours of moderate pain relief. However, discouragement seeped in. Depression, sorrow, and crying became everyday companions. I was unable to be with my children, go to church, go to work, sit up, exercise, and unable to do almost everything. This was day one hundred and one of pain.

On December 9th 2021, I had my neurologist appointment. I thought he may have had an answer but nope. This was day one hundred and eight day of pain.

On December 18th of 2021, there was a major setback. I had the worst MIS/Sciatica episode ever. This one was uncontainable. More than thirty straight hours of unbearable pain. Finally, into the second day, the pain began to be manageable but now I am completely bedridden. This was day one hundred and seventeen of pain.

On January 2nd 2022, I miraculously was able to stand up. This was day one hundred and thirty two of pain.

From January 3rd to 7th 2022, I went to the doctor every single day. I had a horrifying scene in the doctor’s office at M.D. Full blown MIS/Sciatica episode. I was screaming and crying in pain. I got prescribed a new drug called Lyrica for nerve pain. I was to take two a day and call in a few weeks. Approx. day one hundred and thirty seven of pain.

On January 8th 2022, I was discouraged and depleted. I remembered to call the Los Angeles Regenerative Institute and spoke to Dr. Mark Ghalili, a world renowned specialist for vaccine injuries. I had a great talk with Lori at the office. Their programmes are costly but they did give me great times I implemented immediately. This was day one hundred and thirty eight of pain.

On January 27th 2022, I go to the chiropractor three to four times a week for physical therapy and clinical massage. I move as often as possible and see various specialists, am on an alkaline diet, massive turmeric, B Vitamins, colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, pine needle tincture, Kraton, CBD, zinc D3, and on and on. I take and wait. And wait. I wait to walk. I wait to move. I wait to live. I wait until doctor’s and insurance companies approve the next “thing” to fix me. In the meantime, I live with chronic pain, crippled. My menstrual cycle is affected — it may have kicked me into an early menopause. My symptoms are incapacitating and excruciating requiring heavy pain solutions around the clock. If the epidurals do not work, the bulged disc will require back surgery for me to walk. This was day one hundred and fifty five of pain.

Painfully, I have hand typed every word of my story to share with you. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

With sincerest warmth,

Jenny Porter.


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