December 6, 2023 6:22 pm

We Have Been Vindicated. The COVID Vaccine Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans and Now We Can Prove It to Anyone Who Will Listen


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We Have Been Vindicated. The COVID Vaccine Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans, and Now We Can Prove It to Anyone Who Will Listen


Thank you to the 547 readers who filled out my survey. The results prove they lied to us about the COVID vaccine. It is a disaster. We now have an objective way to prove they lied to us.

Figure 1. This is the number of deaths per 28 day period for Doses 2 and above. The bars should be equal height for the first 6 months. They aren’t. That’s a serious problem for the narrative. This implies an annual all-cause mortality increase of over 15%. That is a trainwreck.

Executive summary

I couldn’t have done this without your help.

We have won. The finger pointing will now begin. Everyone is going to blame this on the other guy and not accept any responsibility. The CDC will blame the FDA. The FDA will blame the drug companies. The drug companies will blame the people running the trials. The doctors will blame the CDC. Congress will blame the CDC. The White House will blame the FDA and former President Trump. And Trump will blame everyone who worked for him.

I now have a fully objective method that proves that the COVID vaccines killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who trusted the healthcare authorities and mainstream media and took the shot.

The method can be used by any health authority, anywhere in the world, to prove, without any doubt, that the COVID vaccines are killing people in massive numbers. The attempts to gaslight, censor, and defame me are over.

The health authorities can execute this method and have results in less than 24 hours. But none of them want to do that. Because they know what will happen.

I just posted the latest results to X:

The survey

Here’s the Substack article that gave me the data all the data I needed.

The main results

  1. You were over 15% more likely to die if you got the COVID vaccine from all-cause mortality
  2. You were 12X more likely to have a turbo cancer vs. the unvaccinated
  3. Overall odds were 2.2 higher that you won’t die normally. In other words, “died suddenly” is absolutely real.
  4. COVID vaccines have killed 3.5X more people than COVID virus and 70X in lost person-years which is devastating.

Over 15% higher death rate

The bars in Fig. 1 should have been all flat. The first bar is 86. The other bars are 29 and below. That’s a 3X higher death rate on month 1 after the vaccine. That’s clearly the minimum excess death rate. So spread over 12 months, we get 14/12=1.166 which is a 17% higher excess death rate. This is a train wreck.

Turbo cancer reports are 12X higher in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated

Dr. Drew just called me wanting to know if turbo cancers are being caused by the COVID vaccine. It appears so. There seems to be a 12x increase in the rate of turbo cancers among those who died since 2021 with respect to the unvaccinated. Weird isn’t it?

All this data is fully verifiable. I have all the names and records. Does anyone want to verify it?

Note that “turbo cancer” is loosely defined as being Stage IV at presentation.

The images below are pivot tables from Airtable. Date of death is the x-axis, symptoms are the y-axis. You can select one or more symptoms that apply to the death. Dates outside the date range were data entry errors by some participants.

Here are the unvaxxed numbers (click image to expand):

Turbo Cancer rate is 2/113 = 1.7% of all reports. Regular cancer is 15/113=13.3%.

Here are the vaxxed numbers:

Turbo Cancer rate is 98/462 = 21.2% of all reports. Regular cancer is 40/462=8.6% of all reports.

Are you surprised by this stunning finding? You shouldn’t be. My survey simply reflects reality:

My survey merely confirmed what is going on in reality.

Sudden death OR 2.2 p=.005

COVID vaccines have killed 3.5X more people than COVID virus and 70X in lost person-years

From an earlier survey. This is hard to explain away because it was confirmed by so many others.

John Beaudoin found a 70X difference when you account for the man years lost by the two. This was the greatest mistake in US history. We literally made the problem 70X worse (in terms of direct loss man years) with the shots. The 70X does not include impacts on young families who lost a young father or mother.

Community replication offer: a way for you to easily replicate the results and see for yourself. It cannot be gamed by either party.

If you are skeptical, there is an easy way for you to verify it’s on the level with no effort on your part.

Choose a unique referral code and mail it to your friends and tell them to fill out my survey with their email and referral code.

When they are done, contact me.

I will give you a link to enable you to access all their records so you can verify the emails and results match up (you can fill out a few yourself to test this).

Since only you know the emails of your friends (and I don’t), it is impossible for me to game the survey. Nor can I delete or modify entries since that is detectable since the counts and data won’t match.

Similarly, you cannot game the survey by telling your friends how to respond because before I accept the result of people you referred, I will randomly verify 5 of the entries. So you’ll be wasting everyone’s time if you think you can game it.

Once you see the results from your friends match my numbers, it will help convince you that there is no audience bias.

Once we have 100 of these all with the same results, people might start to believe that I’m right.

Data transparency offer

Data analysis makes the most sense if a serious person is analyzing the data. People like Chris Rentsch are out to manipulate the data analysis with a goal of discrediting the data rather than finding the truth.

I messaged Chris and said, “OK, after you removed the entries that were defective, did it change the result?” He refused to answer my question and as you can see from his post it was all a hit piece without any mention that surveys always have to be cleaned up (I didn’t clean it up because I post the raw data to be fully transparent) and most importantly Chris completely avoided saying what the data says. His goal was to nit pick the errors which always happen.

Was it biased? Not in any way that would impact the outcome.

Nobody knew the purpose of the survey, how it would be measured, etc.

I even did a tweet about it to see if anyone could figure it out. Only one person got close. Everyone else was clueless.

And even if they figured it out, you can’t game the survey because nobody could see the results to know where to vote.

The reality is I normally get over 10,000 responses to polls like this, but on this one I just got over 500 response, even after begging people. This suggests than around 90% weren’t able to report any deaths. So those who reported deaths had only ONE death to choose from. They were instructed, if there was >1 death, to report the death whose details they knew the best. That’s it.

Here’s a comment from the comments section below:

Steve, I am like many commenting here. I have a nephew who I believe was killed by the “vaccine”. My problem is I don’t know exactly how many shots he had or the date of his last shot so I don’t feel I can participate in your poll. My guess is that he was fully vaxxed. He was a fire department Captain at a major airport. The physical demands of his job made proper diet and fitness mandatory. He was in EXCELLENT shape. In late July of this year he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer to three major organs, including a large tumour on his pancreas, and blood clots throughout his body. He was gone in one month. He was only 44. So tragic and unnecessary.

Here’s another comment saying the same thing. People couldn’t fill out the survey unless they knew details and few people knew details on even one death!

The other way it could be biased if all my readers became a reader after a sudden death happened in their family after getting a COVID vaccine.

But as you can see that this isn’t the case at all:

Airtable survey of my readers for how they became first aware that vaccines were bad. Only a small percentage did so due to a death after the COVID vaccine.

So any bias is very minimal because each responder basically had no choice to pick the person who died suddenly.

And if there was any bias, the bars would drop exponentially over time. You don’t see that. The shape doesn’t fit the hypothesis.

All surveys have bias, but there is no evidence whatsoever that these results are explainable by “bias.”

Nor can the results be explained by the “healthy vaccinee effect (HVE).” HVE reduces death in the early weeks after a vaccine because people who are about to die don’t get vaccinated. So deaths in the first month are always lower than average. The fact that the opposite occurred is devastating.

Could the survey have been gamed in either direction? Nope.

The survey is devastating for the pro-vaccine people. So it wasn’t gamed by them.

Could the survey have been gamed by the anti-vaxxers?

That’s easy to answer with a question: Can people travel back in time and kill their friends right after they got vaccinated?

If the answer is no, then it can’t be gamed.

What was reported here are things that happened in the past.

Consider the following:

  1. Nobody knew how the data would be used, so how could they game the answers?
  2. Each answer had the name of the person who died IN THE PAST, along with objective data that can be independently verified
  3. The poll results were never publicly disclosed so nobody could have learned how others voted to see how they would vote
  4. There would be no time for anyone to game the survey because it was launched and completed in <24 hours.
  5. The poll results are independently verifiable through public records by independent researchers. So any gaming would be useless.
  6. There was no culling of results, e.g. directing poll only at people who I knew had a death where they had the vaccination information.
  7. There were no deleting of records (can be verified at Airtable)
  8. The only way it could be gamed and look legit is if someone had a list of people who died within 28 days of vaccination and emailed all those people to respond, all within 24 hours. Nobody has such a database AFAIK.

So it is possible it could have been gamed, but it is highly unlikely.

The fact that no public health authority wants to open their records or do this research (which takes less than 1 hour to do) should be troubling to everyone. If the survey isn’t right, it is trivial for any public health authority to do the study on their own records.

Is this a scientific survey?

Yes, because I collected contact info of each respondent.

A scientific survey requires facts and independent verification. This has all of that.

Also the respondents were randomly selected because it was random which people knew the details on a deceased. And there was no selection bias because the people only had 1 death to choose from in most all cases.

Every survey has bias and as far as this one goes, it was very unbiased.

Is there a way to increase confidence in the result?

Several ways:
  1. Have someone with a completely different follower base run the same study
  2. See if anyone can explain the 3X elevation of the first bar with a theory that has evidentiary support. The first bar should have been lower due to HVE.
  3. Do a statistical analysis of the result. If the results are random and not related to the shot all the bars should be all over the place. Yet the first bar is 3x the other bars which are relatively flat, and everything drops after bar 6 exactly as expected. We are not looking to get the most accurate result to 10 decimal places. We are simply looking for anomalies within the data, e.g., bar 6 is the highest bar. We can also look for anomalies from anecdotal data. The anecdotal data suggests people die shortly after the shot and this data aligns with that.

Science is all about repeatability. If it’s a valid survey and the results are valid, others should be able to replicate it.

So the simplest method is for people with different audiences ask their followers to fill out the survey. If the results match, a “scientist” would have to explain how that is possible.

So replication is the simplest way to find the truth.

But nobody wants to replicate it. Roger Seheult hung up when I called him to ask him to replicate so we could expose the truth.

So what they will do is two-fold:

  1. Create FUD by blathering on and on about how Internet surveys are unreliable and ignore everything I wrote here
  2. Refuse to try to replicate the results by arguing “It’s not scientific and I don’t want to promote anything non-scientific”

Of course, and state epidemiologist in the US could just do a few database queries and extract all the needed info. Will they do that? Of course not.

Members of Congress could require transparency by requiring vaccination history be part of the death record and make the death records public. They could be champions of public health data transparency. Does this exist anywhere in any country where such data is available? No. Does this violate privacy? No because you can’t identify an individual from this data. Also, there is no reason to ensure privacy of dead people. I’ve never met a lobbyist who represents dead people.

Get it?

How credible is this result?

Yale Professor Harvey Risch, one of the top epidemiologists in the world, invited me on his podcast tonight to discuss the results. He’s already seen the survey and the results. You’ll be able to watch the episode after it is posted here.
Yale Professor Harvey Risch will be interviewing me tonight in a pre-record for his podcast.

Do you think he would be doing that if it wasn’t credible? Of course not.

Why has nobody seen this before?

Because the data is kept hidden.

No mainstream pro-vaccine doctor has ever called for data transparency of public health data.

And every health authority in the world hides the record level health data from the public.

Once you link death records and vaccine records it’s all over. That’s why they never disclose it. But I’d wager decent money that that is going to change soon.

States like California keep the records separately: so nobody will find out. You can’t even FOIA the records because they aren’t linked. They are not required to link the records for you.

The CDC refuses to request vaccination records from the states because the CDC doesn’t want to know. If they did and linked them, we could FOIA them.

I couldn’t even get my local lawmaker, Senator Josh Becker, to champion a data transparency bill to expose the public health data in a HIPAA compliant way. He listened to my rationale and said it was something he didn’t want to pursue. At all.

The California state epidemiologist, Erica Pan, abruptly stopped talking to me after I asked “Do you believe in data transparency of public health data?” I offered to show her the record level data I collected. No response.

I couldn’t get the UK ONS to publish their record level data. They said it would be a violation of the law.

I couldn’t get any government authority to provide the data under FOIA. They said it would be expensive. When I offered to pay, they stopped talking to me.

So lacking official data, I had no choice but to collect it myself. So that’s what I did.

And the results are devastating. Really devastating.

Nobody should be surprised by this result. Nobody.

I found out the vaccines were unsafe in May 2021 because my friends were being injured at a rate that was statistically impossible. So I became a “misinformation spreader” when I published what I learned. You can read the whole genesis story right here, including the Twitter DM messages that started it all.

And you have 100% objective evidence that the CDC knew the vaccine was the most dangerous vaccine in US history when the CDC found 770 different CLASSES of safety signals were being triggered. Normally, there are 0.

So what did the CDC do when the alarm bells went off? Nothing. They hid it. They said nothing about it to the American public because it would have caused vaccine hesitancy. Signals like pulmonary embolism were off the charts, for example.

So you don’t need to be a rocket scientist on data to figure this out. When 770 alarms are going off when there are normally 0 and the CDC completely hides this from the American people, all trust should be destroyed. Americans should never trust the CDC again for anything.

What are the implications of this?

  1. Americas doctors who promoted these deadly vaccines which have no benefit have blood on their hands. The very least they should be doing now is apologizing, asking for forgiveness, demanding data transparency of public health data, refusing to give any more vaccines of any type until the public health data is made public, and so on. What will they do? Nothing.
  2. The mainstream media is in a similar spot. See #1.
  3. President, White House, Congress, the FDA, CDC, NIH, state lawmakers, public health authorities, etc: see #1
  4. Mainstream academic scientists should be outraged. The “peer reviewed literature” is complete bullshit that they could allow nonsense that cost lives to be published. The papers claiming the vaccine worked should be retracted. The authors of those papers should publicly apologize and write papers on how they were duped suggesting ways
  5. The White House needs to revoke their Disinformation Dozen list, replace it with a new list with people like Joe Biden, Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, Ashish Jha, Paul Offit, Peter Hotez, Peter Marks, Mandy Cohen, Eric Topol, Albert Bourla, Neil deGrasse Tyson, The New York Times.
  6. Jake Tapper needs to apologize publicly to RFK Jr. for thoroughly screwing him over.
  7. Biden need to apologize to RFK Jr. and give him the Secret Service protection he deserves.
  8. Paul Offit and Eric Topol need to agree to a public debate on vaccine safety. Both need to have a come to Jesus moment where they atone for their sins, explain why this happened, how they are going to fix it and the countless lives they have destroyed.
  9. ACIP chair Stanford Professor Grace Lee needs to resign immediately and apologize. Lee put her head in the sand when I tried to show her the data. She literally called the cops on me so she would not have to look at the data. She should stop being a scientist. Scientists don’t run from data. She should be ashamed of herself.
  10. MIT needs to issue a public apology for calling me a misinformation spreader.
  11. State medical boards need to reinstate doctors they have revoked the licenses of. They should revoke the licenses of doctors who promoted these deadly vaccines. In short, they should fix their mistake. They should publicly apologize to the doctors they injured.
  12. LinkedIn permanently banned me. They should reinstate my account and publicly apologize.
  13. Medium permanently banned me. They should reinstate my account and publicly apologize.
  14. The members of the CETF Science Advisory Board should all issue a public apology and explain what they will be doing to correct the problem.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, here are a few more things you need to know about the flu and COVID vaccines

  1. The flu vaccine is completely ineffective. It can kill you (I have the Medicare data to prove this) and it will NOT protect you from hospitalization or death. Bottom line: all risk and no net benefit whatsoever.
  2. The COVID vaccine will make it more likely for you to be infected, it will have no benefit on hospitalization, and it will make you more likely to die if you get COVID, and it increases non-COVID all-cause mortality. I’ll be publishing a paper in the peer-reviewed medical literature on this soon. Bottom line: all risk and no net benefit whatsoever.

Why am I not on John Campbell’s show?

Because if I appeared, YouTube will delete his channel.

Nothing like free speech, is there?

MedCram founder Roger Seheult could replicate this survey in a heartbeat but he won’t even try

He’s not a real scientist. He spreads propaganda.

He won’t dare try to replicate my survey. No chance. He does the opposite taking great lengths to create a YouTube video to try to gaslight people into believing there is no signal in VAERS.

I just talked to him on the phone. He demanded to know how I got his number and then he hung up on me.

He could easily do the same survey, tell his listeners to fill it out honestly and it would prove the vaccines are safe. But he doesn’t want to do the survey because he knows he’s defending a false narrative and the survey would expose his misinformation.

And that is precisely the problem. Nobody on their side wants to gather the data to confirm what they are being told is the truth or not.

Secondly, Roger isn’t calling for data transparency of public health data. Do we get better health outcomes by hiding the data Roger? Why don’t you do a YouTube video on why public health data should be hidden.

You can profit from this article but I cannot

If you think I’m lying, go purchase Moderna and Pfizer stock.

If you think I’m telling the truth, short these stocks.

Let’s see who the smart money believes, shall we?

Full Disclosure: I was short Moderna stock, but I just covered my short position as of 12:10pm 10/31/23 so I cannot profit from a drop.

Therefore, I have no conflicts of interest. I am doing this so nobody can accuse me of profiting from this article.

If you like the work I’m doing, please consider becoming a paid subscriber so I can keep doing this and afford to get the word out to people

Today, I spend about 3X as many dollars as I receive from Substack subscriptions. This is not sustainable for me. It’s only $5/mo or $50/yr.

I’d like to have the funds to make my work more visible outside of my subscriber base.

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