September 26, 2023 8:40 am

Peter Malinauskas Bullying South Australians To Submit to C0V-19 ‘Leaky Vaxxines’


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Peter Malinauskas Bullying South Australians To Submit to C0V-19 ‘Leaky Vaxxines’

By Elizabeth Hart

For the attention of:
Peter Malinauskas
Leader of the SA Labor Party
Premier of South Australia

Peter Malinauskas, in The Advertiser yesterday, you said: “We know if you choose not to be vaccinated you areat far greater risk of being hospitalised…We don’t want to go back to a situation where South Australians have to go back to tougher restrictions.” Premier reverses Liberal government decision to close Covid vaccination clinics.

The Advertiser reports you said the government was “limited to relieve restrictions” when people didn’t get vaccinations.

Are you threatening South Australians to submit to the Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ Peter Malinauskas, otherwise you won’t relieve restrictions?

It sounds to me like you are pressuring, coercing and manipulating South Australians to submit to the Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ which don’t prevent infection nor transmission, which purportedly provide ‘protection’ of very limited duration against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people. This bullying of people to submit to a medical intervention is in contravention of the principle of ‘valid voluntary consent’, see The Australian Immunisation Handbook, under Valid consent.

What is the evidence to support your statement: “We know if you choose not to be vaccinated you are at far greater risk of being hospitalised”.

Who exactly is at “far greater risk of being hospitalised”?

How many hospitalised people have been Covid jabbed Peter Malinauskas? And on what basis have they been hospitalised? Because of Covid or with Covid?

How many people without any Covid jabs have been hospitalised Peter Malinauskas? Can you provide some details on these cases, e.g. their age and health status? And again, have they been hospitalised because of Covid or with Covid? How serious are their symptoms?

Please also advise whether all-cause mortality data demonstrates that Covid-19 jabs have a net benefit for South Australians?

Peter Malinauskas, the Covid jab rollout around the world is a disaster. This is a massive experiment underway, without informed consent. In Australia it started off with two doses, then three, and soon up to four – ‘the winter dose’. The Morrison government has announced that “More than 280 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines h ave now been secured to support the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out” – that’s more than 10 doses for every one of the nearly 26 million Australians. This is quite a lucrative windfall for the vaccine industry.

How many people understood they were being lined up for multiple jabs when they took their first shot?

Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine trials, is very ‘pro vaccine’, but even he has to admit “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It’s not sustainable or affordable”.

Bloomberg also reports “European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could dversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people according to the European Medicines Agency.”

Wow! What a mess… Now millions of people in Australia, including children who are at negligible risk, have been set up with these shots, and we have no idea what lies ahead, and what these jabs might do to their natural immune response going forward. In regards to the natural immune response, I raised this in March 2020, in my rapid response published on The BMJ (aka The British Medical Journal), see: Is it ethical to impede access to natural immunity? The case of SARS-CoV2. I also raised this in regard to Covid vaccination and children, see my BMJ rapid response: Is it ethical to vaccinate children to protect the elderly? August 2020. Also see my other BMJ rapid responses relevant to Covid-19.

It’s very serious that people’s natural immune response may be damaged by the Covid jabs, it’s highly likely natural immunity will be best, see for example: 150 Plus Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted. Paul Elias Alexander. Brownstone Institute, 17 October 2021.

The Covid-19 jab rollout across mass populations in Australia is unprecedented, particularly with millions of people being mandated to submit to the jabs to maintain their livelihoods, i.e. No Jab, No Job, and to participate in civil society, e.g. No Jab, No Restaurant; No Jab, No Travel; No Jab, No Theatre; No Jab, No Sport etc. Australians are clearly being discriminated against on the basis of ‘jab status’.

Critical thinking people who refuse to consent to the defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ are being excluded from society, while jabbed people who have rapidly waning, ineffective ‘immunity’, are privileged with access everywhere, despite the fact they can be infected and transmit the virus. People like health minister Chris Picton for instance, who is presumably Covid jabbed, but tested positive to Covid-19 on Friday.

It’s incredible this discrimination and segregation is occurring in our liberal democracy, what a disgraceful period in Australia’s history. And it’s the states and territories that are driving this prejudice against the ‘unjabbed’, because the federal government declares “Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary – as are all vaccinations in Australia – and people maintain the option to choose”.

During a recent press conference, federal health minister Greg Hunt was asked “Do you back calls by the Queensland Government to enforce a mandate on booster shots? Greg Hunt replied: “Look, the Prime Minister was very clear yesterday and this has been our position throughout. We support voluntary vaccination.

We’ve achieved 95 per cent double dosing through voluntary vaccination other than in critical healthcare areas such as aged care and our hospitals.”

Greg Hunt is telling a lie, because “95 per cent double dosing” has not been achieved through voluntary vaccination, because so many people have been mandated to have the jabs via state and territory edicts, plus others have jumped on the mandate bandwagon, including employers such as BHP, Qantas, SPC, Westpac, CBA, Suncorp, Coles, Woolworths, Channels Nine, Seven and Ten and others. Venues which have likely benefited from taxpayer funding such as the Adelaide Oval, Festival Theatre, the Adelaide Zoo, and Adelaide Convention Centre have also set Covid jab mandates and discriminate and exclude people based on jab status. Football clubs such as the Crows, and golf clubs such as Grange have also demanded that people be Covid jabbed.

It’s taken for granted that people working in healthcare areas will be jabbed, but what is not being considered is these people’s right to consider the risks and benefits of vaccination in their own situation, particularly if they will be better served by natural immunity.

So much for the ‘option to choose’ – at the moment it’s either submit to the Covid jabs or you’re cancelled out of society.

Are you giving South Australians the option to choose Peter Malinauskas, to make their own voluntary decision about the jabs in regard to their own health situation? Or are you just blindly following in the footsteps of the Marshall government, and continuing to trash the rights of the South Australian people by bullying them into submission – pressuring, coercing and manipulating them to take these experimental jabs over and over again, with no idea of the future outcome? Along with squandering millions of dollars on these defective jabs that would be better spent on improving the health system.

On what evidence are you bullying people to have the Covid jabs, interfering with bodily autonomy and bodily integrity, and denying the principle of ‘valid voluntary consent’?

It’s notable also that ATAGI has backed away from taking responsibility for mandates, with then co-chair Chris Blyth saying “Atagi has not provided a recommendation for mandates at any time point”, as reported on The Guardian in December 2021, see: Liberal MP Andrew Laming confronts Atagi on ‘farrago’ of Australian vaccine mandates. (See article attached.) Where did the state and territory government mandates come from, who initiated these mandates?

In conclusion Peter Malinauskas, I suggest there could be interesting times ahead when people discover they have not genuinely given their ‘valid voluntary consent’ to these medical interventions. This may become a matter of concern to them when they discover they’re being pressured, coerced and manipulated to have the Covid jabs over and over again, with who knows what consequences for their health, including the health of their children.

You are personally bullying South Australians to submit to the defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ Peter Malinauskas, denying ‘valid voluntary consent’. The buck stops with you.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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