$1 million challenge that life expectancy of taking a Bs19 vaxx is 5-10 yrs

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$1 million challenge that life expectancy of taking a Bs19 vaxx is 5-10 yrs.

By Jamie McIntyre

I’m putting up $1 million (cash property or Bitcoin or even Bitcoin 2.0) to challenge any politician or mainstream media pressitute, or dodgy Bs 19 fraudsters that if anyone takes the Bs 19 vaxx (any of them) they’ll have an average life expectancy of less than 5-10 years (scientists included ex Pfizer scientists saying 2-3 years). The bs 19 vaxx offer’s zero upside, but deadly side effects – take one, and you are effectively committing suicide- trust Bill Gates and other over population enthusiasts, and you’re as good as dead – I challenge anyone pushing the Bs 19 fraud especially our gutless politicians – put up or shut up if you think I’m wrong – I’m calling bs on the Bs 19 vaxx’s – memo to Australian politicians – publicly state that the roll-out should be suspended and do the right thing – don’t and apart from legal cases we are mounting against you fraudsters – it’s you who won’t be participating in society in the future as when people find out they lost family members because you pushed and co erced and bullied them and lied to their loved ones “it’s safe and effective” and killed their loved ones – my prediction – you’ll be hunted down and held to account – ask this question ?
How many Australians have died of the Bs 19 under age 65 that didn’t have any other co morbitities ? Mmmm something to think about – pretty much a big fat donut – totally worth killing tens of millions of Australians by forcing them to participate in this vaxx cult and a deadly global medical experiment where they can’t guarantee anyone taking it won’t be dead in 5-10 years or sadly far less – rest will wish they were dead as the agonising medical issues and 24 hours full time medical care – and there be hardly any doctors or nurses to help them – we are facing the biggest loss of human life and collapse of modern society and only 6-12 months away from being too late to avert this total disaster – and most are asleep with no idea what’s coming despite it being so obvious – who would ever thought so many would support a stupid deadly and unnecessary Global Medical Experiment.


Here’s what others had to say:


Keep up the good work 👏👏👏👏👏👏


Oh this is fabulous! 💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻✌🏻👌🏻 100% love your work.


Onya Jamie. Every word. Even the f-bombs!


Really enjoy hearing you fire up. 💯 with you although I’ve given up trying to get through to anyone. The backlash from speaking any truth is just beyond me.


A public debate… I’d pay to see that! Man you can deliver a spray😂


Love ya mate


Go Jamie….👏 love it ❤️


👏👏well said keep it up !!


Exactly ☀️💯 Thx Jamie.💪🏻💯


I’ve said that from the start – we can’t be in a pandemic cos if we were people would be dropping dead in the streets like the movie Contagion- if you haven’t watched that go watch the trailer… it’s very eeeery to what we’ve been told… @mcintyrejamie


Love …love ….love you passion. Always always keeps me going. 👏👏👏your a legend. Would love to have dinner with you for more inspiration. My shout. ✊


Love your passion ❤ keep being you ❤


@kferg01 please listen to this…..even if you only listen from about 9 mins in. Thank you.


Love your passion Jamie 👏🔥Unfortunately our government is run by the globalists.


You are awesome 👏👏👏👏


Love listening to your passionate rants… I also can’t believe how many people are falling for this BS.


Why then were deaths recorded as Kovid when clearly the elderly were dying because of other underlying medical issues, that was ok to steer the death rates up!!


News media is scrambling to secure public confidence in the vaccine in time the mass injection program warned at the end of year.


NBC, which I never watch but I saw @takenaps livestream the BS propaganda, was the dumbest thing I’ve seen in my life. Stupid celebrities @shaq @ddlovato @cierarogers @joejonas @johnlegend @officialcharlesbarkley and more making complete fools of themselves. Paid to peddle drugs to kids and anyone stupid enough to listen to a celebrity. They will have blood on their hands.


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