September 23, 2023 10:38 am

Are Lockdowns for Safety or To Boost Vaxx Sales?


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Are Lockdowns for Safety or To Boost Vaxx Sales?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

See my response below to this post

So dangerous what you preach Jamie.

What would you say to:
*My close friend- professor head of disease research in prevention who has studied disease for 20 years. A world respected expert Tells me covid is very real.
*My best mate’s sister- dr and deputy health minister. Looks under microscopes every day. Tells me it’s very real.
*my other close friend – emergency doctor seeing very sick people admitted daily. Clearly showed me the duffference between covid and flu.
*my cousin – headed up team to test and develop vaccine in Australia. Tells me the stringent steps taken to declare the vaccine safe.
*my wife’s close friend in the UK who’s entire family caught the disease and are still suffering months later. An academic who has studied everything there is to know about the disease.

Are you telling me all these incredible people are in on the conspiracy?!

What you spread is dangerous and slanderous. Unless you can tell me you are highly qualified in this area, maybe stop posting things that you read and speak to people in the know. It is naive to keep posting propaganda.


Maybe listen to Doctors and Scientist not paid to spruik vaccine extremism or hopelessly misled by the vaccine propaganda
How are they testing anyone for Covid ?

Why are they counting all flu deaths as Covid deaths, if Covid is just a specific strain?

If it’s a specific strain, show the isolation of it ?

Remove all deaths that weren’t from it, and we don’t have a pandemic as the death rate is to low.

Sure people die.

Did they have co morbitities ?
What age were they ?

We’re they wrongly put on ventilators or deadly drugs to hasten their death and then falsely listed as Covid to boost numbers ( which is evidenced in many cases )

Instead of safe proven cheap treatments like ivermectin ?

Why is ivermectin banned and only a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective,untested,insane ,global medical Experiment that’s killing an injury on mass already ?

How can it be properly safety tested when the TGA admits they did no testing , only took Pfizer’s word for it ?

And the so called regulators are spruiking the companies products they are meant to regulate ??????

Why aren’t the conflicts of interest disclosed ?

Why are Doctors and Scientists being censored

Why won’t half take the jab ?

How can they say adverse reactions are rare ?
When there is no short term , medium or long term safety studies yet?

And are safe effective and necessary when try are none of those things ?
Why force vaccinations on them?

You have more chance of dying from a lightening strike

So why didn’t we lock the world down after the first lightening strike killed someone and live like cowards like we do with lockdowns

Are lockdowns for safety or to boost vaccine sales ?

How can they say scientifically vaccine adverse reactions are rare when there is zero science to say that?
Please have them send me the 12-24-36-48 month safely studies

Why aren’t all deaths and vaccine injuries being reported and many deliberately hidden ?

How come the vaccinated are not protected?

Why are they spreading spike proteins to others which is deadly?

Why are most cases now from the vaccinated ?

Variants are cover ups for vaccine death and injuries ?

People die of the flu’s every year ?
Why is this one so special when it’s death rate isn’t special ?

Either way,
It isn’t a global pandemic.
A real pandemic doesn’t need to invent cases of healthy people who aren’t sick

So deadly – seen anyone drop dead in the street from Covid ?

Yet we all know dead and sick from the vaccine.

Where’s the 4.2 m autopsies proving Covid killed them?
Why did the CDC admit only 6% actually died of Covid?
Others had 2-3 or more serious co morbitities ?

And their is plenty of cheap alternative treatments

If they knew so much how come they never noticed the genome sequencing used to claim it’s the virus is a fraud ?

PCR test kits used above 35 cycle can’t detect Covid let alone delta variant ?

Not one person would die if they listen my suggestion to not to take a deadly rushed to market drug disguised as a vaccine.

As it doesn’t stop shit.

Reduces symptoms – wow so does f.. a cold and flu tablets

But how many will die by taking it?
No one knows yet do we but wait to xmas and see.

If they know so much

Take up my many million dollar challenges ,or I’ll happily do a zoom interview with them on my show and they can try and put up a valid argument


1 . It’s a real global pandemic

2. It requires the deadly global medical Experiment

Maybe get educated on the facts and come out of your mass pyschosis,and mass hypnosis ,half the worlds population that take their conspiracy theories from the idiot box,and idiot box presenters and idiot Health Ministers and paid of doctors are under.

Any doctor who isn’t denouncing the global medical Experiment is a fraud or naive.

Are you saying they are in on the conspiracy theory ?

They are like most people.
They simply follow orders.
They instead believe the conspiracies sold to them by the idiot box.
Fail to critically think,and fail to ask the tough questions.
Also they’d lose their jobs if they did speak out.

People rarely seek the truth if it means their career may end.

Covid isn’t the main problem.
Sure people die
They die every flu season. We just don’t normal hype the shit out of it to drive hundreds of billions in sales of dodgy products and introduce Global Communism

The vaccines will kill and injure millions more then Covid could dream of.

But hey.

Stick around and watch the show.

They’ll blame it on variants ( that’s right they already are )

As they always cover it up.

People are dying from the jab and they’ll list it as Covid or delta to sell more jabs

It’s how the industry has worked for decades
By the way I have investigated the fraud in the industry for 8 years
Wrote a book on it
Doctors invited me for years to speak at conferences
And my advice comes from Independent Doctors and Scientists

By all means take the jab.

If you trust the paid for science by the drug cartel
I wouldn’t for a billion dollars.
I can’t be bought. Neither can independent media.
Australian National Review

News that asks the tough questions.

Here’s what others had to say:

Deborah Jayne
Bring on 5 million challenge if she’s got the facts! Common sense really!

Brine Susan
Exactly I feel people don’t look at two sides of the same coin. Question everything even your own existence. Why am I here. So many r not truly seeking too know Thy Self. I Am . What?????

Pamela Close
How bad is it, when you can have it and not know it??

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