Brief Opening Up by Sydney and Melbourne, Then They Will Be in Lockdowns to March 2025

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Brief Opening Up by Sydney and Melbourne, Then They Will Be in Lockdowns to March 2025

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Brief opening up by Sydney and Melbourne, then they will be in lockdowns to March 2025, as it takes on average 3 years to die of the deadly jabs and Sydney and Melbourne are two chosen Rockefeller cities ie 100 Global Resilient city .

Martial law is coming – more and more jabs and vaccine deaths are and will be covered up by saying they died of Covid or variants ( a cover for vaccine death and injury – I’ve studied the fraud of this industry for almost a decade , and tens of millions of bribes will be paid ongoing by AstraZeneca and Pfizer etc $65 million bribes by AstraZeneca toGladys dodgy Government. )

Report them to Australian National Review and send more evidence of corruption for us to continue to expose and pursue our Globalist sell out politicians condemning innocents to death by dodgy experimental drugs.

Ask them for the state risk assessment of these experimental drugs and the 12 , 24,36,48 month safety trials . How come hospitals and ambulances are now filling up from vaccine death and injury . Ever seen anyone drop down sick or dying from Covid – no because a flu isn’t a serious health threat unless your old and sick and killed on aged care home by deliberate medical malpractice.

Here’s what others had to say:

Andrew Wass
I’d welcome intelligent debate.
Let me start with this.
1) The jabs are going to kill people in 3 years? Please explain how and your sources? You cannot use Dr Robert Malone who went and got Moderna MRNA. You
cannot use Mike Yeardon equally as much as you would not be surprised to hear somebody now working at Telstra talking about Optus. You cannot use the latest Project Veritas release as everyone of them said that once your immunity went down (even if you had Covid infection immunity) go get the Jab. You cannot use Dr Jane Ruby (who is not a medical doctor and has been campaigning against Vaccines for many years).
You cannot use many of the American media including Stew Peters as their views / fundamentals or prolife.
2) You state “3 years to die of the deadly jabs”. You then state “these experimental drugs”. So, which one is it? It can’t be both. If the premise is they will kill people in 3 years (Mike Yeardon said 6 months for 5% so that means about 100 million deaths so far…) how do they know if they are experimental? So the thousands of scientists that developed and trialled them don’t know as they are experimental but the people that didn’t develop them and or test them do know?
And if those that didn’t make them are so incredibly more scientifically gifted why don’t they manufacture something better.
Extending on to that and again I’m raising these concepts to unpick this stuff.
I’m very interested in this but there is so much BS on both sides.

Jamie McIntyre
Andrew Wass maybe 3 years maybe 5 or 10
Who knows
Many didn’t last a month
Or worse many wished they were dead or will wish from the injuries
It isn’t my job to do your research
I’ve done ten years of research into this industry
Authored books with brave doctors and scientists and own a global news network
So I see the data and evidence.
I wouldn’t take a jab for $10 billion in cash
But less educated folks
Will for 2 Krispy kreme donuts and a Bunnings sausage and bonus 2 free blood clots
It should be a choice to take a experimental drug disguised as a vaccine that has the side effect of death
But by all means take one
Your body your choice
But no rational thinking person would
Only those in Hypnosis from the lies and propaganda scared over a pretty uneventful flu
And in case you didn’t know Pfizer alike is more powerful then countries
If they want something they get it
$5-10 billion net profits they’ll make from Covid vaccine first year
Already $1 billion a quarter and rising
Regulators that are meant to ensure products are safe are spruiking them
That’s a serious conflict of interest
The time people figure it out they’ll have lost many family and friends to the backs

Phil Brown
Hey Jamie,
Has this not already ended?

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