October 4, 2023 7:21 pm

Communist Dan has really taken over Victoria now?


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Communist Dan has really taken over Victoria now?

By Jamie McIntyre

Mostly invented cases that mean little from the faulty, falsified testing. They are so desperate to record more cases they are testing over 50,000 people a day to find a few hundred which are mostly false positives or simply coronavirus flu’s around most years that the tests can’t distinguish from. (And why even mention cases recorded when only .26% of these will even show any symptoms. (So report those that are sick only i.e. which is about 1-2 per day )and if they are not already sick and dying there is proven effective treatments to make them better which Dictator Dan is preventing being used as his vaccine sponsors won’t allow him).

Recording cases is simply fraudulent especially when not acknowledging just how many tests they have to do to get any decent amount and done to show increases by deliberately increasing the number of tests being done, and not stating the margin of error is above the amount of new test cases so even without the fact the test kits were never designed for showing accurate cases, the margin of error makes the recorded cases unscientific. In fact, they could showcases everywhere in Australia based on this much over testing and it wouldn’t necessarily mean anyone has anything more than a typical coronavirus flu we have every year).

Then they falsify deaths to deceive those left in society that still take their daily conspiracy theories pushed as news, on mainstream media without even checking or validating the facts.

Elderly deaths that sadly occur every winter that is being made out to be a pandemic. Yes, people are dying, but from what exactly.

Flus are deadly and we have flu deaths every year.

Why the lockdowns again when the vulnerable should have been quarantined some time ago, not the healthy.

Suicide deaths caused by this fraud are hidden, and not reported daily, as it would make the few normal flu deaths, not be considered a major health concern in comparison.

Not to mention the destruction of Victorian jobs and businesses and livelihoods and mental despair that comes from that.

All for a falsified pandemic pushed for blatant obviously fraudulent dangerous agenda’s.

Dictator Dan is a traitor and an incompetent moron.
A dangerous combination.

And is in bed with Clinton’s and China so expect them to play the Democrat’s playbook in the US and keep lockdowns to after the election.

He makes out he cares so much, but they didn’t seem to care enough to not forcibly vaccinate the elderly with flu shots recently despite multiple studies highlighting it increases the chance of dying from the Coronavirus and increase the chance of spreading it.

And force relatives to be vaccinated with a deadly flu to visit them.

Just who do our politicians represent?

Merck or other vaccine makers or Bill Gates our defec to Global Self-appointed Health Minister or the Australian public.

Not to mention Doctors in Italy warned the flu vaccine was causing a spike in deaths in the elderly and being blamed on the Coronavirus.

How many of the Australian alleged Coronavirus deaths were sadly already dying?

And how many had been vaccinated recently with the new Flu vaccine?

And why was it given to patients knowing it will increase their chances of dying?

Not to mention he has had them injected with toxic vaccines that kill but refuse them effective treatments that could keep them alive.

But unfortunately, he is taking his health advice from vaccine cronies, as guess WHO? Sets the guidelines for the Australian Medical Association and Health Ministers to religiously follow enabling the pharmaceutical drug cartel to control Global Health led by Bill Gates.

So the fox guarding the henhouse is setting the policies. Can’t imagine how profit incentives are overriding public health. It isn’t the first time they have tried this scam if you study history.

A motion in the European Parliament warned in 2010 the drugmakers had dangerous levels of influence after being caught trying to hype a normal flu strain into a pandemic.
But they got caught out, so they since 2010 have had the definition of a pandemic changed, so when they tried this scam again it would be easier to get WHO to deem it as a pandemic.

As once, it’s deemed a pandemic Govts around the world has to release billions to drug companies for vaccines, medical supplies, grants,’ research, etc. from preexisting
contracts triggered by a pandemic

So while the masses are still buying the conspiracy theory this is a real pandemic when it’s a falsified one for-profit with reclassification of flu deaths as Coronavirus deaths and effective murder by putting infected patients next to elderly to boost deaths rates in America, they i.e. taxpayers already have been scammed tens of billions and WHO recently demanded another $301 billion from Govts towards the Coronavirus scam.

Yet their big payday will come with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination which will kill and injure the healthy but deaths will be blamed on the Coronavirus to fuel sales further (this is a model vaccine makers always use with current ineffective and faulty vaccines that cause death and injury but cover it up by blaming the disease – plus they have zero liability and can legally kill you as they have exemption – over $4 billion in injuries paid out by the taxpayer not vaccine makers for death and injury – an estimated $1.2 trillion would need to be paid out of all vaccine injury cases were paid out and reported. I can’t imagine why they are so scared of people finding out about the fraud of vaccines. The industry would be bankrupted if it was held liable for its death and injuries to date let alone what a rushed, not properly tested COVID-19 (no vaccine has ever been properly double-blinded placebo tested in human history by the way) vaccine will do to perfectly healthy people who aren’t at risk of a Coronavirus even if it’s been lab adjusted.

Not to mention the Democrats are using the Coronavirus and black lives matter scams funded by George Soros and co to steal the US election (thus the need for a manufactured second wave before November 2020.)

They have tried this scam other times throughout history.

1976 swine flu scam (see youtube 1976 swine flu expose where they forcibly vaccinated Americans killing and injuring many – which led to vaccine companies getting liability exemption in the early 80s under Reagan administration although he opposed it. The industry with no liabilities has since grown from $169 m pa to $59 billion pa (at profit margins up to 40% according to Wall Street analysts)

They also earn another $500 billion pa estimated from the sale of other medical products that treat vaccine injury and illnesses.

Can’t imagine why we are being conned and elderly killed to boost Vaccine Profits (a massive 20 times expected return Billy Gates publicly boasted on tv re his vaccine investments. He stands to make at least $50 billion and spends $1 billion PA on media and PR pushing his deadly vaccine agenda for vaccines we don’t need, don’t work, kill and injure and we don’t want


The evidence is now in.

The weight of medical studies indicates that EARLY use of Hydroxychloroquine saves lives.

International comparisons show that where Hydroxychloroquine has been banned, many more people have died.

Earlier, there may have been an excuse for banning Hydroxychloroquine. However, with the latest evidence, there is none.

To continue to ban this drug with the evidence now available is criminal negligence.

Dan Andrews has got every decision regarding Covid wrong creating a disaster for Victoria and the nation. He can redeem himself by immediately lifting the ban on this drug.

As those that ignore the latest evidence and continue to ban its use, risk being charged with negligent manslaughter.

Copied from @Craig Kelly

How Bill Gates Monopolised Global Health

So here’s a little weekend project for you … FACT OR FICTION?

Big Pharma USA – Moderna is in stage 3 of their vaccine testing. If all goes to their plan, it’ll become federal law to get the vaccine.

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